What is the Colorado BioScience Political Action Committee?
The Colorado BioScience Political Action Committee is a nonpartisan state political action committee established to ensure “Better BioScience in Colorado” by supporting candidates and elected officials who are advocates for the bioscience community’s interests and needs. The Colorado BioScience PAC enables companies and individuals to combine their resources to support state-level candidates who demonstrate a dedication to understanding Colorado’s bioscience industry, encouraging the industry to flourish in the state, and fostering drug, device and diagnostics innovation. 


What is the purpose of the Colorado BioScience PAC?
The purpose of the Colorado BioScience PAC is to elevate awareness of the bioscience industry’s goals through increased education and participation in the political process in Colorado. The Colorado BioScience PAC aims to educate, inform and elect candidates to state office who will support and promote Colorado’s bioscience industry. The Colorado BioScience PAC allows the industry to support candidates for office that share our values and want to help our industry conduct business in Colorado; develop, commercialize and market new medical products; and maintain a highly skilled workforce.


Why contribute to the Colorado BioScience PAC?
The Colorado BioScience PAC allows you and your company the opportunity to unite with other industry leaders to ensure that policy makers hear your views. Elected officials in Colorado have direct influence on how you and your company conduct business in the state and how your products are developed, regulated and marketed in Colorado. By contributing to the Colorado BioScience PAC, you can help ensure that key officials understand and appreciate the unique challenges facing medical innovators.


Who may contribute to the Colorado BioScience PAC?
The campaign finance laws of Colorado permit contributions to the Colorado BioScience PAC of up to $575 per election cycle from both corporations and individuals. Your non-tax deductible contribution may be as much as $575, or at whatever level under $575 you feel comfortable.


How does the Colorado BioScience PAC decide where to direct political contributions?
All members of the Colorado BioScience PAC are involved in decisions on directing political contributions to state-level candidates. In addition, members of the PAC meet with candidates and evaluate the candidates’ positions on key issues of concern to the bioscience industry


More information:

If you have any questions, please contact Melanie Layton at cls@lobby4co.com.  Melanie is the Treasurer of the Colorado Bioscience PAC.