RD Workshop: Usability and Human Factors

Wednesday, September 28
7:30am - Registration and Breakfast
8:00-9:30am - Program

Location: NITA Training Center
1685 38th Street Suite 200
Boulder, CO 80301

Yes, Usability Design Verification is needed, but is your design ready for testing?
Elizabeth Roche, Director of Research & Strategy, Ximedica
Rebecca Miron, Sr. Human Factors Engineer, Ximedica 

The application of sound Human Factors can, and does, solve problems without the need for testing. Early evaluation methodologies are powerful tools that allow Human Factors professionals to perform relatively quick evaluations of a product prototype prior to more rigorous simulated use testing. The advantage to this approach is the time and cost savings it provides through early identification of design aspects that are certain, or almost certain, to be problematic for users within the context of intended use. Moreover, it allows design and development teams the opportunity to confirm that the product prototype is performing as intended for the use tasks before spending valuable time and money on in-depth simulated use testing.

Methodologies including user experience vision, task analysis, perception cognition action analysis, heuristic evaluation, expert review, cognitive walk through, and rapid prototyping/collaborative prototyping are a few of these tools that are being underutilized by the medical product developers.
This presentation will touch on several of these early evaluation methodologies mentioned. Practical application, expert advice and real-world experiences will be provided for professionals involved with medical device design and development who want, and need, to learn more about how to prepare and navigate the landscape between early concept exploration and definition to the decision point for executing a formative simulated use study.

Key Takeaways:
•Address the gap between upfront research and first simulated use testing
•Identify the benefits of addressing the gap in the attendees’ own design and testing process.
•Learn the 3 methodologies
•Explain a practical application of the methodologies (tips and tricks).
•Understand the value of each method.
•Gain the ability to present a positive argument for addressing the gap in their organization


Course Fee: $45 | Registration fee transferable within company, non-refundable

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