Membership Levels

The only organization in Colorado representing 350 member companies including biotech, pharma, medical device, agricultural-bio, mobile/digital health, and diagnostic, as well as educational institutions, research facilities, and service providers.

Membership Dues Rates (2019)

Life Science Company rates: 

$250 Emerging Company (startup biotech, pharma, digital health & medical device, incorporation two years or less) Year 1
$350 Emerging Company Year 2 
$450 10 or fewer company employees
$800 11 - 20 employees
$1,650 21 - 50 employees
$3,000 51 - 100 employees
$5,000 101 + employees (including research institutions and national companies)

Service Provider rates:

$800 20 or fewer Service Provider company employees (including all small consulting firms)
$1,650 21 - 50 employees
$3,000 51 - 100 employees
$5,000 101 + employees (including national companies)

Membership Application Process

Complete application
Application will be reviewed within 3 business days.  Please ensure you select the correct level and rate according to your business type and employee size. 
If you have questions regarding your applicable level, contact Tracey

Upon application processing and approval you will be sent via email an invoice that can be paid by check or credit card and additional membership log in information to activate benefits.

The CBSA is a fantastic resource for networking with the biotechnology and medical device community. The frequent events are both a valuable source of information and the best way to connect with key players in the industry here in Colorado."

Jim Wilson, Partner
EY, Denver, CO