2017 Prime Health Challenge Semi-Finalists Announced


After an in-depth review by over thirty business and healthcare leaders, Prime Health, the country’s leading health innovation ecosystem, is excited to announce that twelve companies have been selected to move forward in the largest funded pitch competition of its kind in the nation, The Prime Health Challenge.

The Annual Challenge and evaluation process is helping to develop standards and best practices in identifying and integrating health innovations into the healthcare system – something that does not currently exist. With support from the Colorado Health Foundation, the community is in a unique position to improve healthcare not only in Colorado but across the country.

The 3-month process of mentorship will culminate in a live, shark-tank style event where finalists will get a chance to pitch their products in front of an audience of healthcare leaders and potential customers on October 19th at the Exdo Event Center in RiNo Denver. Winners will be rewarded with a share of the $150,000 prize and the opportunity to pilot their solutions with Colorado’s leading healthcare systems, payors, and provider networks.

As Christine Spraker, President of Matrix Analytics, a past Challenge winner, said, "Every startup must be able to communicate expectation of results and it's differentiated solution to solving a problem. The mentorship provided by the host institutions allowed us to target our message and become laser focused. Winning $50,000 was excellent, but even more important is what we gained in insight, perfecting our pitch, and the pilot opportunity, which we've successfully executed with our SCL Health partners."

"Every year, the need for health care innovation challenges all who are a part of that process, particularly the entrepreneurs and startup companies that work feverishly to gain access to various healthcare systems,” explained AJ Cohen, Healthcare Innovation Strategist and Faculty at the University of Denver Center for Professional Development. “Prime Health and its collaborative partners are one of the few groups in the nation rising as one, to address this challenge. Facilitating the dialogue and the process to achieve both clinical pilots and broaden the innovation consciousness. I am exhilarated and fulfilled to help judge and mentor this amazing group of companies.”

This year’s semi-finalists come from all over the country and represent the diversity of opportunity for individuals looking to disrupt the healthcare industry.

AI Health, LLC 

AI Health has created an integrated family of tools that help providers better guide, educate, and motivate patients. From providing 24/7 concierge service for patients to offering remote monitoring and data insights, AI Health is reimaging the patient-provider relationship outside the four-walls of the healthcare system.

Beneath the Ink 

Beneath the Ink has created Pagedip Editor, a cloud based authoring environment clients use to create interactive digital documentation (called "Pagedips") that support the measurement of reader engagement AND improve engagement in a measurable way. The result is over 90% engagement with interactive elements, increased call-to-action, and knowledge retention.

Cliexa platforms enable patients to track their chronic disease activity with scientifically-proven and clinically-validated scoring models, and assists clinicians in making more informed decisions about treatment plans, and enables providers to respond more quickly to new data so their patients will have fewer complications or side effects.

Hippo Health 

Hippo Health is a new approach to expert, local, on-demand healthcare. The company offers direct access for patients to a local, board certified ED physician.


Life365 is bringing the efficacy of Mobile Health together with the flexibility of SaaS Platforms to integrate and scale effective Digital Solutions to more people.  


Listen.MD is focused on relieving providers of the burdensome tasks associated with data entry. The company has created an intelligent Digital Scribe™ that allows providers to focus on personal interactions with patients.

Nymbl Science 

Nymbl has developed a comprehensive system for measuring, tracking and, most importantly, improving balance. The company offers a range of balance tools for health providers, including fall risk assessments, digital balance evaluations and balance training interventions that can be used in a clinical setting or at home.


Redox provides health systems with a platform that acts as a single access point for all cloud-based applications, providing access controls and monitoring while eliminating integrations. Through this, the company hopes to empowers innovation and ease the burden of EHR interoperability.

Ride Health 

Ride Health’s mission is to improve access to care for vulnerable patients and help providers and insurers who manage population health. By providing a solution to assist healthcare providers in coordinating transportation for patients who face barriers to care have expanded options thanks to a new government rule that was introduced just a few months ago.

Spinal Surgical Strategies, LLC 

Spinal Surgical Strategies allows spinal surgeons to have consistently excellentresults by providing techniques and tools that solve problems. Their medical device allows the application of autograft and/or bone graft substitute smoothly and efficiently, cutting the time to fill the prepared disk space to several minutes or less. 

VisibleHand, Inc. VisibleHand has created Foresight, a behavioral health delivery and tracking tool aimed at assisting care givers in psychiatric and long-term care settings.


Yosi’s cloud-based patient engagement and communication platform lets patients complete registration and check-in for their appointment via email or text on a mobile web-app before they go to the doctor’s office. Removing paper-based registration process not only improves patient access and satisfaction but also streamlines a paper-based provider workflow.

Steve Adams, CEO of Prime Health said, “I have been founder and CEO of several digital health companies,” says Adams, “and can tell you from experience that there is huge value for early-stage companies to have access to customers with a desire to pilot these solutions.”


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