Cliexa's rheumatoid arthritis app scores as the 2nd best RA app out of more than 900 tested

Cliexa-RA, Cliexa's rheumatoid arthritis app, has been scored as the 2nd best RA app among 19 best apps selected from 900+ apps to NIH research.

A scientific review of mobile apps for tracking rheumatoid arthritis disease activity finds that most apps are either simple calculators for physicians to measure disease activity or tools for patients to track symptoms, most of which do not uniformly collect data using validated instruments or composite disease activity measures.

What’s lacking, according to researchers from the University of Otago Wellington in New Zealand writing in the Feb. 21 issue of JMIR mHealth and uHealth, are “high-quality apps for longitudinal assessment of rheumatoid arthritis disease activity.”

Not all apps are the same and it’s important to understand the function and quality of mobile apps for monitoring disease activity, wrote researchers who were led by Rebecca Grainger, Ph.D. of the University of Otago Wellington. Medical apps in general do not adhere to established treatment guidelines and some are created without input from credentialed medical experts so in assessing app quality, patients have little to go on other than user ratings.

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