HemoGenix Licenses Assays and Reagents to Preferred Cell Systems

Colorado Springs, CO – HemoGenix, Inc. is pleased to announce that it has licensed the manufacturing, sales and marketing of its proprietary reagents and in vitro assay kits to Preferred Cell Systems.

HemoGenix is a privately-owned biotech company that has revolutionized the life science community by developing some of the most advanced in vitro assay platforms and reagents for stem cell, basic and veterinary research, cellular therapy, immunotherapy, regenerative medicine and in vitro toxicology. Many of these products are used extensively for contract research services, which will now be at the forefront of their business. With an increase in demand, HemoGenix plans to focus all its efforts on the continuous growth of their contract services. CEO and President of HemoGenix, Dr. Ivan Rich said: “We are fully committed to providing our current and future clients with the most sophisticated, highest quality and time efficient services. Licensing our products to Preferred Cell Systems will mean that we can focus entirely on the high demand for contract studies.”

Preferred Cell Systems plans to not only manufacture and market all current HemoGenix products, but will also develop new products to further advance the research community. All products will continue to be sold domestically and internationally through existing and new distributor agreements.

About HemoGenix, Inc.

HemoGenix is a privately-held bioscience company in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Specializing in predictive, high throughput in vitro toxicity screening. HemoGenix provides its services to small, medium and half of the top 50 biopharmaceutical companies world-wide. HemoGenix also offers services for the cellular therapy and regenerative medicine community by offering quality control and potency testing. For more information, visit:

About Preferred Cell Systems

Preferred Cell Systems is a privately-held bioscience company dedicated to the development, manufacturing and commercialization of emerging technologies in stem cell research and general life science community. For more information, visit:

Ivan N. Rich
Founder, Chairman & CEO

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