Ag Innovators of Northern Colorado

Ag Innovators of Northern Colorado, a collaboration of Rocky Mountain Innosphere, Colorado BioScience Association, Colorado State University Ventures, Colorado State University, local entrepreneurs, producers and agricultural businesses, is an Agricultural Research Partner (ARP) Network member.  See Downstream Outcomes Report highlighting a fraction of ARP research projects.  The abstracts are organized by our National Program topic areas:

  • Nutrition, Food Safety, Quality
  • Crop Production and Protection
  • Animal Production and Protection
  • Environmental Stewardship
  • Library and Information Service
SBIR-ARS Collaboration

A new collaboration between the USDA’s National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA) Small Business Innovation Research Program (SBIR) and the USDA’s Agricultural Research Service (ARS) encourages SBIR applicants to license ARS technologies and be considered for a SBIR grant. 

The relevant language in the SBIR’s “Request for Application” states: "Additional factors that will be considered in the review process include whether an application involves a CRADA with a USDA laboratory, or a license to a USDA technology, or is a re-submission.  In the event that two or more applications are of approximately equal merit, the existence of a CRADA with a USDA laboratory or a license to a USDA technology will be an important consideration.  If one application is a re-submission, this will also be an important consideration.”
Click here to visit the SBIR website.

A list of available technologies for licensing and CRADAs that may be considered as projects under the SBIR program can be found at the USDA Office of Technology Transfer.  Each of these technologies would be appropriate for one of the topic areas in section 8.0 of this program solicitation.  If an applicant is interested in proposing a research project that addresses one of these technologies, the applicant should contact the OTT office at 301-504-6905 or visit their website to discuss the possibility of signing a licensing agreement and possibly also a CRADA agreement prior to submitting the proposal to the SBIR program.

Learn about all of the resources available to agricultural tech via ARP here.  Contact CBSA if you have specific questions for how this might benefit your research, company, production or commercialization efforts.  

ARS Downstream Outcomes 
ARS Downstream Outcomes