Technology Transfer

Moving Research Forward

Colorado’s research institutions are among the leaders in the nation for both innovation and developing new bioscience companies. The state’s academic medical research and development grew more than 72% from 2002-2006, which nearly doubles the national rate, spinning out on average 25 companies each year. Colorado ranks eighth in the nation in science and engineering doctorate holders as a percent of the workforce, according to the National Science Foundation.

To continue this exciting momentum, the CBSA advocates for programs that catalyze the technology transfer and sponsored research partnerships within the Colorado research institutions, as well as with the private industry companies.

Technology Transfer Mission

To enhance Colorado’s bioscience business community through the creation and support of new biotechnology, pharmaceutical, medical device and diagnostic companies while encouraging the development of established companies by catalyzing technology transfer and sponsored research in partnership with Colorado research institutions.

Supporting higher education and promoting university research and technology transfer activities is a top priority for the Colorado BioScience Association.

Agreement Templates

To facilitate the execution of research and development agreements between bioscience companies and Colorado State University, the CBSA has created a template agreement in coordination with CSU. Companies who utilize the template agreement will receive expedited review and approval. The following templates have been approved to date:

CSU Non-Disclosure Agreement CSU Non-Disclosure Agreement (37 KB)

CSU Materials Transfer Agreement CSU Materials Transfer Agreement (32 KB)

CSU Services Agreement CSU Services Agreement (71 KB)

Colorado Technology Transfer Offices

Colorado School of Mines Technology Transfer Office
The Office of Technology Transfer (OTT) at Colorado School of Mines works to serve the citizens of Colorado and the United States by commercializing the inventions resulting from research

Colorado State University Ventures (CSUV) & The Colorado State University Research Foundation (CSURF)
CSU has developed a new model for public-private partnerships and technology transfer called the Supercluster™, with a unique multidisciplinary structure, focused on meeting real-world needs and enabling groundbreaking research to move to market more quickly by mirroring business practices.

Each Supercluster™ is organized around a major global issue in which Colorado State University has demonstrated international research prominence and where potential for impact is evident.

The Supercluster™ enterprises are governed by CSU Ventures, a not-for-profit corporation that serves as a business-development ally for the academic researchers and is a subsidiary corporation of the Colorado State University Research Foundation.

National Jewish Technology Transfer Office
The Technology Transfer Office embodies the spirit of the National Jewish Health brand promise, Science Transforming Life®.

University of Colorado Technology Transfer Office
The mission of the CU Technology Transfer Office is to aggressively pursue, protect, package, and license to business the intellectual property generated from the research enterprise and to serve faculty, staff, and students seeking to create such intellectual property.

University of Denver Technology Transfer Office
The Office of Technology Transfer at the University of Denver is devoted to serving University of Denver inventors, encouraging innovation, facilitating the development of patents and licenses and transferring DU technology to the commercial marketplace. The Eleanor Roosevelt Institute (ERI) at the University of Denver (DU) conducts biomedical research.