b'100% to what I needed to finish at work whileher to follow. Thats why she embraces thewho I would chat with from time to time just to I was in labor, she said.notion of becoming a role model for otherupdate her on my career or run ideas by her. young girls interested in STEM or research.Since 2010, the Boettcher More women areHui-Beckman noted that as she navigates herFoundations Webb-WaringI have found that having a Women in Medicine career as a new mom, it can be easy to feelI would love to become a source of encour- QUICKpeer mentorship group has been very pow-entering STEM fields.isolated. A major factor in the loneliness isagement forothers by speaking aboutBiomedical Research Awardserful, saidDavis. We meet periodically, get Its exciting to seethe dearth of examples of people striking thethe vulnerability of the human condition;FACTS have supported each others advice, and hear our diverse right balance between their careers and theby embracing being a mom and a working90 Investigatorsexperiences in designing and implementing them advance in theirother elements of their lives.professional, she said. research, seeking grants, and connecting with careers, especiallyBeing a woman in the biosciences meansShanlee Davis, M.D., Ph.D., who studies patho- with nearlyother mentors/ees.feeling like you have to prove yourself in aphysiology of cardiometabolic dysfunction in$20 millionStephens also uses the support of a peer securing fundingmale-dominated sphere, when that absolutelyKlinefelter Syndrome, says the experience ofin grants to accelerate the studynetwork of all-female, early-career occupational that supports theirshouldnt be the case, she said.seeing other women make an impact in theof causes and treatments oftherapy scientists from across the country. promising work andElevating role models, promoting diversitysciences was the catalyst for her career choice.disease, injury, and more.Wetalkaboutallofthechallengesof in leadership of private and public entitiesWhen you are figuring out what you want toresearch, but we also talk about family and growth as leadersthroughout the industry, and championingdo with your life and where you want to go,finances and children and COVID, and it is so in our ecosystem. mentorship by women advanced in their careersit is almost impossible to imagine what thatThe researchers havegood to have a group of women who have these and by peers, are important components inwould look like without looking at someoneattracted more thanshared experiences and who understand these E LYSE BLAZEVICH, PRESIDENT AND CEO, COLORADO BIOSCIENCE ASSOCIATION addressing these disparate experiences.who is already in that role, she said, while$110 million demands and pressures.As a child, Hui-Beckman admired her pedia- describing her early years as a volunteerLeadershiptrician. She watched as her mom and sisterresearch assistant.in additional research pursued successful careers in bioscience.Davis research program studies the rolefunding, have publishedFour out It can often be the case that in public and private more than 100 articles,bioscience organizations, there is a lack of female Family friends and colleagues were there forthat fatty acid metabolism and mitochondrialand registered eightof the six representation in leadership positions. patent applications. of Boettchers COVIDAccording to a 2021 Biotechnology Innovation MEET THE 2022 CLASS OF Biomedical ResearchOrganization (BIO) report, Measuring Diversity Innovation Fund recipientsin the Biotech Industry, women made up 47% BOETTCHER INVESTIGATORS in 2020 were women.of total employees at respondent biotech companies, but only 31% of executive teams COLORADO STATE UNIVERSITY and 23% of CEOs.Jaclyn A. Stephens, Ph.D., OTR/LAllison Vilander, D.V.M., Ph.D.Research shows that more diverse leader-Evaluating yoga intervention-induced changes in performanceCharacterization of immune response to oral rotavirus vaccinationship leads to more effective organizations, and neurophysiology in adults with chronic brain injury. in a murine model of environmental enteric dysfunction. oxidation play in the clinical manifestation andI am passionate about helping people returnhigher profits, and more fulfilled employees. health consequences of the sex chromosometo who they are and see them re-engage in theOrganizations become more efficient through aneuploidy, Klinefelter Syndrome. Based oncommunities and the activities they care about. a variety of leadership, thinking, and mentoring UNIVERSITY OF COLORADO ANSCHUTZ MEDICAL CAMPUSthe findings, she will investigate the use of aMentorship styles. According to the Wall Street Journal, potential new therapy that targets the per- the most gender-diverse companies signifi-Martin W. Breuss, Ph.D.Michael S. Leibowitz, M.D., Ph.D.oxisome proliferator-activated receptor alphaDiverse mentorship has also been key in thesecantly outperformed peer companies. Elucidation of the features of germ cell Altering the tumor microenvironment to increase epitope(PPAR-) metabolic pathway. Boettcher Investigators journeys. From mentors mosaicism and its impact on human health.spreading and augment chimeric antigen receptorNot only do diverse perspectives allow for T cell therapy for metastatic osteosarcoma. You take parts from each of them, said Jaclynfar advanced in their careers to peer mentors, a diverse set of colleagues is an importantdeeper collaboration, but they also create a Stephens, Ph.D., OTR/L, when discussing howstronger sense of belonging for individuals. Shanlee Davis, M.D., Ph.D.Andrew C. Smith, P.T., D.P.T., Ph.D.she has benefited from role models in hersupport mechanism to address systemic dis-parities faced by women in bioscience. Having more women in leadership roles Pathophysiology of cardiometabolicSpinal cord lesion determinants of optimalcareer thus far.brings diversity to the perspective of being dysfunction in Klinefelter Syndrome. responsiveness to spinal cord stimulation. Stephens researches the potential role ofA key early role model for Hui-Beckmana whole person at work, Hui-Beckman said. yoga-based interventions on improvements indeveloped into a strong mentor for her asThis, in turn, makes employees happier and balance, autonomic nervous system function,well. She really took me under her wing, andteams stronger.UNIVERSITY OF COLORADO BOULDER NATIONAL JEWISH HEALTH intrinsic functional connectivity, task-dependenttaught me about lab experiments, let me mess up, and let me come up with questions andI think some of the falsely gendered lines of Aaron T. Whiteley, Ph.D.Jessica W. Hui-Beckman, M.D.neural activation, and other brain functionlearning, leadership, and mentorship styles are Novel mechanisms of STING signaling in disease. The role of temperature on the atopic march. changes in patients with chronic brain injury.answer them. To this day she is still someone getting more comfortably blurred, said Davis.12 BIOSCIENCECOLORADO 2022-2023 2022-2023 BIOSCIENCECOLORADO 13'