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WestminsterBoulderBoulderWestminsterCaliforniaAurora cemvitafactory.comwww.clovisoncology.comedgewisetx.comwww.flagshipbio.comgrail.comResearch and development A biotech start-up which aims to engineerFocused on acquiring, developing,Edgewise Therapeutics is a biotechnologyFlagship Biosciences, Inc. is a leading data- GRAIL is a healthcare company whosefor orphan diseases.microorganisms, including extremophiles,and commercializing innovative anti- company focused on developing novelcentric pathology diagnostic and clinical trialmission is to detect cancer early, when it can to make heavy industries (oil & gas, mining)cancer agents in the US, Europe andtherapies for diseases involving skeletal muscle.services company delivering the most accuratebe cured.GRAIL is focused on alleviating InVitriamore environmentally friendly and loweradditional international markets. and informative data available. Our servicesthe global burden of cancer by developingAurora their carbon footprint. The new branch and Editas Medicineand technology dramatically improve onpioneering technology to detect and identifywww.invitria.comlab space in the Denver area is focused Cogent BiosciencesBoulder/Massachusettstraditional methods, eliminating variability,multiple deadly cancer types early. Develops, manufactures, and markets aon mining with chemolithotrophs. Boulder/Massachusettswww.editasmedicine.comand bring new insights to tissue analysis. Weportfolio of high performance and well www.cogentbiosciences.comEditas Medicine is building the leadingprovide expert scientific consultation for everyGreffex, Inc.defined cell culture products and reagentsCerebral TherapeuticsCogent Biosciences is a biotechnologygenome editing company dedicated to treatingclient and identify the best course for success.Auroraused in bioprocessing, biopharmaceuticalAuroracompany developing real solutions to treatpatients with genetically defined diseases. www.greffex.comformulation, stem cell & regenerative medicine, www.cerebraltherapeutics.comgenetically driven diseases. With a focus on FluoroFinder, LLC. Global leader in the delivery of acceleratedlife science research, and diagnostics. Combines advanced micro-dosing technologythe design of rational precision therapies, Eli LillyBroomfieldpandemic and bio-terror vaccines usingwith proprietary medications to precisely deliverwe are leveraging validated biology toIndianawww.fluorofinder.comthe worlds first universal platform, KBI Biopharmatreatments to the other side of the blood- address the true underlying drivers ofwww.lilly.comOur tools simplify complex experimentthe GREVAX Vaccine Platform. Boulder brain barrier to improve the lives of patientsdisease and provide real hope for patients. Lillyis a global healthcare leader thatdesign. With comprehensive multi-supplierwww.kbibiopharma.com with uncontrolled neurological diseases. unites caring with discovery to make lifeantibody search combined with interactive Horizon TherapeuticsKBI Biopharma is an award-winningColorado Research Partnersbetter for people around the world. instrument configurations and spectraIllinoisbiopharmaceutical contract services Cerecin Auroraviewers, researchers can save time, reducewww.horizontherapeutics.comorganization providing fully-integrated, Denver/SingaporeDeveloping novel drugs that block Enliven Therapeuticserrors, and design better experiments. Horizon Therapeutics is a biopharmaceuticalaccelerated drug development andwww.cerecin.comthe effects of sugar, including sugarBouldercompany focused on improving patientsbiomanufacturing services to pharmaceutical Cerecin is a global healthcare company withcraving, and sugar-induced obesity,www.enliventherapeutics.com Gates Biomanufacturing Facilitylives by identifying, developing, acquiringand biotechnology companies globally. almost 20 years of innovation and leadership inhypertension, fatty liver, and diabetes. EnLiven Therapeutics focuses on theAuroraand commercializing differentiated andbrain health and target conditions ranging fromdiscovery and development of next generationHelps clients accelerate the translation ofaccessible medicines that address unmet KromaTid, Inc. memory impairment to neurological diseasesCordenPharmasmall molecule treatments for cancer. their discoveries into human clinical trials asmedical needs. We market 11 medicinesLongmontBoulderefficiently and cost effectively as possible. through our rare disease, rheumatology,www.kromatid.com Ceria Therapeuticswww.cordenpharma.com Enveda Biosciencesand primary care business units. Develops a method and kit usingAuroraCordenPharma Colorado is the small toBoulderGenapsyschromatid paints to improve detection of ceriatherapeutics.comlargescale resource for peptides manufacturing. www.envedabio.comWestminster/CaliforniaIM Therapeuticschromosomal inversions. The improvement We are a preclinical biotechnology companyAt Enveda, were harnessing the complexitygenapsys.comAurora/Bostonis important to medical applications focused on developing innovative and novel Crestone, Inc.of the natural world to tackle todaysGenapsys is focused on the advancementwww.imtherapeutics.comsuch as cancer and birth defects. therapies to treat overactive and nonproductiveBoulderbiggest healthcare challenges. Withof universal access to genomic informationImmunoMolecular Therapeutics is a inflammation to promote healing. www.crestonepharma.combreakthrough advancements in machineby delivering an affordable, scalable, andprivate clinical stage biotech companyLab79 Technologies, Inc. Drug discovery and development companylearning, computational metabolomics, andaccurate genomic sequencing ecosystemdeveloping a therapeutic approach forBoulderCetya Therapeutics, Inc.focused on developing novel treatmentsknowledge graphs, were discovering the nextthat empowers both academic and clinicalthe treatment of Type I Diabetes. Developing a method to sequenceFort Collinsfor serious bacterial infections. generation of small molecule therapeutics.research applications. Its system leverages aDNA by monitoring the changes in www.cetyatherapeutics.comproprietary electrical microfluidic sequencingImmunoah Therapeuticsforce as a piece of single-stranded Commercializes analogs of the class I isoform CSL Behring Essent Biologicschip with a scalable number of detectors,AuroraDNA is pulled through an interface. selective histone deacetylase inhibitor (HDACi)PennsylvaniaCentennialallowing for a wide range of applications. www.immunoah.com largazole, targeting unmet medical needs,www.cslbehring.comessentbiologics.orgFocuses on researching and developingLaporte Immunotherapeutics especially in oncology, neurodegeneration,CSL Behring is a leading global biotechStarting with the donor, Essent Biologics acts asGENASSIST, Inc.proprietary antibodies in the fieldFort Collins autoimmunity, and hemoglobinopathies. company driven by its promise to savethe catalyst to advance regenerative medicine,Greenwood Villageof cancer immunotherapy. www.laporteimmuno.com and improve lives. We manufacturebiopharmaceutical and cell therapy researchwww.genassist.comTopical immunotherapy for prevention Cirque Cryotechremedies for serious and rare diseases. from benchtop to bedside. The companyA preconceptional, prenatal andIngenoVaxand control of respiratory and ocular Bouldersupplies products in small or large volumespediatric service business that providesBroomfieldviral and bacterial infectionscirquecryotech.comCytoskeleton, Inc.and serves as a manufacturing partner byconsulting services to patients referredwww.ingenovax.com Theres increasing demand for the efficientDenvercreating master cell banks and an inventory ofby healthcare providers to help theDeveloping two novel immunotherapies forLegacy BioDesign, LLC.cryopreservation of cells, tissues, andwww.cytoskeleton.comcustom products within a tailored specification. patient interpret laboratory test resultsmedullary thyroid cancer and one prescriptionJohnstown even whole organs. The compoundsOffers kits for drug screening, signaland develop a management plan. eye-drop for ocular surface neoplasms. www.legacybiodesign.com currently used to protect cells against icetransduction, and cytoskeletal researchExxel Pharma, Inc.Conducts peptide and protein formulation crystal formation are themselves toxic,specializing in the production of purifiedAurora Genentech Inscriptaand assay development work for biopharmawhich reduces efficient recovery.Cirqueproteins and easy-to-use kits to studyexxelpharma.comCaliforniaBoulder/Californiacompanies. The company also specializes Cryotech can identify drugs that reducebiochemical and cellular processes. The company is focused on the developmentwww.gene.comwww.inscripta.comin drug delivery and process development that toxicity and improve recovery rates.of small-molecule therapeutics for safe,Using human genetic information to discover,Inscripta is a gene editing technology companyof biotechnology-based products.Dicerna Pharmaceuticalsnon-addictive treatment of a pain, PTSD, anddevelop, manufacture, and commercializededicated to creating the tools needed to Click Nucleic Acids, Inc.Bouldersubstance (e.g. opioid) use disorders. Exxelmedicines to treat patients with seriousrevolutionize how we feed, fuel, and healLevana Biologics Boulderdicerna.comis specifically targeting disease areas withor life-threatening medical conditions. humanity. This includes developing a family ofDenver www.clicknainc.comDicerna Pharmaceuticals, Inc., is asignificant unmet medical needs and aims toCRISPR enzymes (called MADzymes), bespokewww.levanabiologics.com Combining thiol-ene based click chemistrybiopharmaceutical company focusedbecome the leader in therapeutics that enhance Gilead Sciencesnucleases for researchers and commercialLevana Biologics is a biotechnology companyand oligonucleotide synthesis toon the discovery and development ofendocannabinoid signalling by FAAH inhibition. Californiapartners, and a full suite of gene editingthat provides safe, high-quality bioengineered produce a new class of oligonucleotideRNAi-based therapeutics for diseaseswww.gilead.comtools (software, instruments, and reagents)birth tissues and biomaterials to the and polynucleotide derivatives. involving the liver, including rare diseases, FirebreakGilead Sciences, Inc. is a research-basedthat will significantly increase the speedhealthcare community nationally. Theseviral infectious diseases, chronic liverfirebreakbio.combiopharmaceutical company focusedand efficiency of precision gene editing.smart metabolically active biomaterialsClinImmune Labsdiseases, and cardiovascular diseases. Firebreak, Inc. is a Colorado start up developingon the discovery, development, andsupercharge the patients own stemAuroraa breakthrough IgY antibody platformcommercialization of innovative medicines.Intra-Cellular Therapiescells to enhance, promote, and stimulatewww.clinimmune.com DMC(Polymmune), that enables multiple high- New Yorkthe bodys natural healing process. Comprises five laboratories to provideBoulderimpact health and wellness products. GlobeImmune, Inc.www.intracellulartherapies.com services to kidney, heart, lung, pancreas,www.dmcbio.comLouisvilleOur Mission is to develop innovative and hematopoietic stem cell transplantDMC engineers microbes for the production ofwww.globeimmune.comtreatments to improve the lives of individuals programs around the world. a broad diversity of high-value products withGlobeImmune is developing Tarmogensuffering from neuropsychiatric and development costs and timelines that are moreproduct candidates to treat cancerneurologic disorders in order to reduce the than 100x improved over the state of the art. and infectious diseases. burden on patients and their caregivers.50 BIOSCIENCECOLORADO 2022-2023 2022-2023 BIOSCIENCECOLORADO 51'