b'gaugewear, Inc.Medecipher ProovSkywriter MDStrideTechACADEMIC ANDBoulderDenverBoulderGreenwood VillageWestminster www.gaugewear.comwww.medeciphersolutions.comproovtest.comwww.skywritermd.comwww.stridetechgo.comRESEARCH INSTITUTIONSDeveloping the first wearable, wireless, non- Medecipher helps hospitals improve the qualityProov rapid response test stripsProvides real-time, virtual medical scribeStrideTech Go is a technology embedded invasive core body temperature sensor. of care for patients, improve the quality ofempower women to know more aboutservices that navigate the EMR and enter data,walker attachment that provides real-timeBioFrontiers Institute the work environment for staff, and reducetheir mentrual cycles and progesteroneexecute tasks and write orders as directed. haptic feedback when incorrect walker use isBoulder Global Healthcare Exchange (GHX)operating costs with a suite of proactivelevels in five minutes, at home. detected, empowering aging adults to learnwww.biofrontiers.colorado.edu Louisvilleplanning and EMR-integrated real-time decisionSleep Imageand maintain correct mobility device use. State-of-the art research and education facility www.ghx.comsupport tools for optimizing clinical operations.Recovery Partners, Inc.Denverthat links the basic sciences, engineering, Help healthcare providers reduce costs byDenverwww.sleepimage.comTech-X Corporationclinical practice, and industry at the automating the supply chain and providingMindful Labsrecoverypartnersinc.comDevelops a system to measure sleep, receive aBoulderUniversity of Colorados Boulder campus.business intelligence tools to help themAuroraRecovery Partners, Inc., is an informationclinically-validated indicator of sleep health andwww.txcorp.com make smarter and faster decisions. www.getmindful.cotechnology company focusing on the druglearn how behavioral changes can impact sleep. Specializes in scientific and engineering Boettcher Foundation Webb-Waring Collects monthly hair samples from userstreatment industry. Our goal is to improve thesoftware, including visualizationBiomedical Research Program Health Scholarsthrough the mail. A CLIA certified lablives of individuals going through recovery andSleep Shepherdand algorithm development. Denver Westminstertranslates this into the average monthlyincrease the information and efficacy ratesColorado Springswww.boettcherfoundation.org healthscholars.comcortisol levels viewable on a mobile phone,for the treatment centers. We always aim towww.sleepshepherd.comTRIDENT XIThe Boettcher Foundation invests in the promise Improve patient safety with Healthallowing customers to monitor cortisolimprove a persons experience and longevityDeveloped a device to improve sleep inDenverof Colorado and the potential of Coloradans. Scholars One learning software,levels and take corrective action. through recovery by utilizing our digital toolspeople with sleeping disorders or people whowww.tridentxi.comIts Webb-Waring Biomedical Research Awards simulation management, andand data to transform the recovery industrysimply want to improve the quality of theirWe specialize in proven technologiesprovide biomedical research funding for early virtual reality medical training. MuscleSound, LLC. and help the very next person who is struggling. sleep, using EEG brainwave monitoring and athat save and improve lives incareer investigators at Colorados research Denverbin - aural beat system to slow the brain ratepublic safety and healthcare. institutions. Our biomedical research institution Health Sqyrewww.musclesound.comRxRevufrom an awake state to a sleeping state. partners manage their own internal, competitive DenverMuscleSound is a software technologyDenverValidCare, LLC. and peer-reviewed application processes.www.healthsqyre.comthat automates the analysis ofwww.rxrevu.com SmartTabDenverDigital health e-commerce platform thatmusculoskeletal ultrasound images, weRxRevu has created the industrys mostDenverwww.validcare.comBSCS Science Learning empowers patients with tools that alloware the MuscleHealth company. accurate price transparency network. Ourwww.smarttab.coCreates value-based surgical care modelsColorado Springs them to price compare and use theirsolutions allow providers to view patient-specificSmartTab is a digital medicine company on athrough collection and use of real-time,www.bscs.org insurance to buy medical supplies online. myStrengthcost and coverage information at the point-of- mission to provide novel, effective therapiespatient-reported data. Providers use the dataA nonprofit corporation that endeavors Denvercare, removing administrative hurdles, reducingthat improve patient outcomes. SmartTabto power care navigation and measure andto improve all students understanding Hippo Healthwww.mystrength.compatient costs, and improving health outcomes. has developed a personalized wireless drugimprove cost and quality of care delivered. of science and technology by developing BoulderCreated a platform to help healthcaredelivery platform comprised of an ingestibleexemplary curricular materials, supporting www.hippohealth.compayers and providers extend accessSafeImageMDcapsule with a microprocessor, proprietaryVisible Handtheir widespread and effective use, providing Communication platform for cliniciansto evidence-based resources to helpDenversmart polymer actuator, and active ingredients. Denverprofessional development, and conducting and patients.Easy care collaborationconsumers better manage depression,www.safeimagemd.comwww.visiblehand.comresearch and evaluation studies.for your entire care team. anxiety and substance abuse disorders. Created a secure transfer and storage SomaLogic, Inc.The Foresight app from VisibleHand providestechnology allowing providers toBoulderreal-time collaborative intelligence forCenters for Disease Control and Prevention IMIDEXNow Vitalsshare critical medical images withwww.somalogic.combehavioral care facilities that helps them- Division of Vector-Borne Infectious DenverAuroracolleagues, patients, physicians andUses proprietary technology and bioinformaticsdocument, share and implement resident data. Disease imidex.comnowvitals.cominstitutions anywhere in the world. capabilities to discover disease-specific proteinFort Collins IMIDEX is a leader in clinical decisionPhone case and software that recordssignatures and translates those into actionableVisible Network Labswww.cdc.gov support solutions in healthcare.vital signs, teling you when youre off-Sana Healthdiagnostic and prognostic health information.DenverThe Division of Vector-Borne Infectiousbaseline or starting to get sick. Boulderwww.visiblenetworklabs.comDiseases (DVBID) is part of the U.S. Centers Link To Learnwww.sana.ioSonaura, LLC. Visible Network Labs is a network data sciencefor Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). DenverNymbl ScienceSana is the worlds first pain &Fort Collinsand strategy company working to tackle theCDC is the lead federal agency for protecting linktolearn.orgDenversleep management mask, aidingwww.mysonaura.comproblem of adverse social connectedness inthe health and safety of people at home Link to Learns Realistic Enhanced Augmentedwww.nymblscience.compeople around the world. An electronic two way communicationthe way we collaborate and provide care. and abroad. DVBID serves as a national and Learning eXperience (REAL-X) improvesCombines medical science with mobilesystem between patient and doctorinternational reference center for vector-Tactical Combat Casualty Care Trainingtechnology to allow people to easily measureSelf Aware Appsallowing women undergoing IVF treatmentVista LifeSciencesborne viral and bacterial diseases.through hands-on cadaveric skills practicetheir balance, and then recommendsDenverto perform their sonograms at homeParker combined with Augmented Reality in aa program to improve balance. www.selfawareapps.comduring the follicle stimulation cycle. www.vistalifesciences.comCHI Institute for Research and Innovation mobile and interactive learning lab. Creates assistive intelligence enginesInnovative healthcare technology solutions(CIRI) OpiSafethat help people live better lives bySopris Healthfor global healthcare challenges. Englewood Logisens CorporationDenverenabling their mobile device to hear, seeDenverwww.chiresearch.org Fort Collinsopisafe.comand sense the world around them. www.soprishealth.comWellianThe CHI Institute for Research and Innovation www.logisens.comData collection and analysis for unmatchedImproving physician satisfaction byBoulder(CIRI) coordinates research and clinical trial Develops biosensor and software technology,opioid intelligence and solutions. Serenity Appdramatically reducing data entry. wellian.comopportunities across more than 100 CHI enabling a significant breakthrough in realtimeDenverWellian is a wellness platform to correlatehospitals and academic medical center measurement and reduction of stress. PreAcute PHM, Inc.serenityapp.comSpoutyour lifestyles/habits with your healthpartners. The program connects our hospitals, AuroraSerenity brings the family and care teamDenverconditions and symptoms in order to helpphysicians, and research staff with clinicalLumenAstrawww.preacutephm.comtogether on a single, secure messagingsafespout.comyou improve your overall wellness. trials from within CHI and across the nationBoulderHelps lower healthcare expenditures usingplatform, allowing families access toSpout is the most accurate lead test forand brings dedicated private government www.lumenastra.ioits predictive clinical data analytics platformthe care team, and communities toin-home drinking water, accurately detectingWellness Inteland industry partners to the table. LumenAstra is commercializing ato focus on pre-acute clinical interventionsdeliver peace of mind to families. total lead concentrations well below 1 part- Denver patent for a non-invasive, wearableto treat patients in the early stage of theirper-billion. Spout is a subscription-based, IOTDeveloping an application to help patients make core body temperature sensor. illness, when they can often benefit fromSkindroiddevice that utilizes single-use test cartridges.informed decisions about their healthcare.alternative, low-cost point treatments. Aurora MedAware Systemsskindroid.org BroomfieldPredictive RecognitionDeveloped new skin sensor technology to www.medawaresystems.comBoulderdetect key parameters of basic metabolic panel Provides healthcare professionals, payers,Helps hospitals recognize and predictfrom a users sweat. Skindroid is a wearable patients, pharma and medical devicepatient risk and improve quality of care. biosensing hardware device that allows companies with actionable information onremote, non-invasive BMP monitoring via FHIR the efficacy and safety of medical treatmentsAPI integration with health data platforms.to make the best decisions for each patient.58 BIOSCIENCECOLORADO 2022-2023 2022-2023 BIOSCIENCECOLORADO 59'