b'EARLY-STAGE CAPITALCompanies receive up to AND RETENTION$250,000 to create or manufacture viable products in GRANT RECIPIENTS Colorado to export globally.Aurora Oncology, Inc.Aurora EZaLife, LLC.Cherry Hills VillageLink to LearnDenver Mosaic Biosciences, Inc.BoulderSurgiReal Products, Inc.LovelandOrbit Genomics, Inc.BoulderAurora Oncology is an early clinical stageEZaLife, LLC. is a University of ColoradoL2Ls primary objective is to improveMosaic provides experienced biopharmaSurgiReal Products has developed aOrbit Genomics game-changing OrbiSeq biopharmaceutical company developingAnschutz Medical Campus startup company.access, reduce costs, and enhanceteams to advance challenging proteinlifelike suture pad that responds thetechnology platform analyzes novel targeted therapeutics to image and treatThe company works to improve the overallknowledge retention for advanced criticaltherapeutic programs from discoveryway real tissue does, providing realisticgenomic markers, repetitive DNA called non-muscle invasive bladder cancer, thehealth and safety of those with simple tocare skills. The company has created athrough preclinical development. Whilesuturing experience for healthcaremicrosatellites, that uniquely reflect not most common and insidious form ofcomplex or short- to long-term medicalMobile Cadaveric Lab and Training Supportthe use of CROs to carry out research andstudents. This suture pad is a six-layeronly inherited disease risk, but also risk bladder cancer. These therapeutics areissues, by developing devices that simplifyTeam that delivers advanced emergencydevelopment activities has substantiallysimulated body-wall that mimics theacquired from lifestyle and environmental highly efficacious and have low toxicitytheir lives, in a way that will allow them tomedical training anywhere within theincreased over the past 10 years, thisfirst six layers of the abdominal tissueexposures. OrbiSeq can be applied to compared to the two other therapieslive with dignity and greater independence. U.S. They are also developing REAL-X;approach is limited by traditional CROsof the human body. It is reusable anddiagnose, treat and ultimately help prevent that are currently approved by the FDA. FieldLine, Inc.Boulderan immersive AR/VR learning ecosystemthat are only capable of carrying outbuilt for sustained use over time.complex diseases including cancer, heart Boulder SterilizationBoulderFieldLine is developing a new brainwith challenging scenarios and machinediscrete tasks. Mosaics research andOp-T, LLC.Denverdisease and neurological diseases.Boulder Sterilization Services (BSS)imaging device called HEDscan usinglearning-powered assessment tools thatdevelopment teams provide an integratedOp-T, LLC. is a startup biotech companyVona Oncology, LLC. Aurorais solving the healthcare sterilizationquantum sensors. HEDscan is a compactbring cadavers to life with interactiveapproach to therapeutic development. that is developing therapeutics to controlVona Oncology is an early clinical-backlog and saving customers time andwearable device with better performancesigns, symptoms, and physiology. Rock Immune, LLC.Denverautoimmune inflammation across astage biopharmaceutical company money using state-of-the-art equipmentbut at a fraction of the cost. HEDscanMBC Pharma, Inc.AuroraRock Immune is a biopharmaceuticalrange of diseases, the primary focus isdeveloping targeted therapeutics to to provide Quick Turn sterilizationcan transform MEG from a powerful yetMBC Pharma is an early-clinical stagecompany focused on the development andtype 1 diabetes (T1D), with later indica- treat aggressive cancers such as triple-services for medical device companies. obscure imaging modality to a mobilepharmaceutical company developingcommercialization of diphtheria toxin-basedtions to include multiple sclerosis (MS),negative breast cancer (TNBC).CardioScout Innovations, Inc.Boulder and versatile tool that is found in nearlybone-targeted therapeutics to treatrecombinant immunotoxins as therapeuticand atherosclerosis. The drug product CardioScout is a minimally invasive plat- every hospital or clinic around the world. cancer induced bone disease. They havedrugs for cancer treatment. Our long-termwas developed in the laboratory of form for the visually directed treatment ofGelSana Therapeutics, Inc.Aurorademonstrated the first human proof ofgoal is to grow Rock Immune into a leadingOp-T Co-Founder, Dr. David Wagner, in life-threatening conditions on the surfaceGelSana Therapeutics novel hydrogelsconcept efficacy in patients with breast ordiphtheria toxin-based immunotoxin drugconjunction with CEO Charlie Henry.of the beating heart. This allows for cardiacaccelerate wound healing, particularlyprostate cancer induced bone lesions.discovery and development company.interventions that are safer, faster andin chronic wounds where inflammationPoint Designs, LLC.LafayetteSnapDNA CorporationLafayette more effective than current techniques. is a problem. The hydrogels acceleratePoint Designs mission is to restoreSnapDNA has developed a transformative Ceria Therapeutics, Inc.Aurorawound closure with a moist, protected,independence to people with limbmolecular detection technology for food CTx is developing a pipeline of druganti-inflammatory environment. Theydifference by providing intuitive,safety. This rapid, automated system products based on a single active agent toare easy to apply and remain stable indurable, and reliable prostheticenables onsite detection of critical food-treat inflammatory diseases with severethe wound for an extended period.devices. Point Designs leveragesborne pathogens such as Listeria, E. coli, and morbidity such as nonhealing wounds,FluoroFinder, LLC.Broomfieldadvanced 3D-printing technology toSalmonella in as little as 20 minutes, saving acute lung inflammation, and severeFluoroFinder seeks to revolutionize themanufacture high-strength titaniummillions of dollars for food companies and intestinal distress. The companys coreexperiment design process for flowcomponents for patented mechanismsenabling fresher, safer food for consumers. technology addresses these conditionscytometry and other critical biotechnologywithin novel prosthetic devices. Snoasis Medical, LLC.Golden with single-administration drug productsresearch applications. FluoroFinderSnoasis Medical is the countrys leading that block the underlying cause to rapidlyis an intelligent antibody search andseller of placental allograft tissues for resolve each condition. Patient benefitsexperiment design platform that bringsuse in dental and maxillofacial surgeries. include the prevention of long-terminnovative solutions to cancer biologists,Placental membranes are tough but drug therapy, surgery and even death. immunologists and other researchersflexible and serve as natural tissue around the world who use fluorescentlybarriers, making them ideally suited conjugated antibody-based experiments.for dental regenerative procedures.A Leading, Global CDMO with Proven Processes & Capabilities26 BIOSCIENCECOLORADO 2022-2023 2022-2023 BIOSCIENCECOLORADO 27'