b'Think BioscienceVesicle TherapeuticsYewSavin, Inc.Aquatic BioSystemsConcentricGene Check, Inc.BoulderBoulderFort CollinsFort CollinsDenver/MontrealGreeley www.thinkbioscience.comVesicle Therapeutics is a biotechnology startupyewsavin.comwww.aquaticbiosystems.comwww.concentricag.comwww.genecheck.com Think Bioscience uses engineeredcompany focused on developing engineeredDevelops chemical and biochemicalFull-service organism culturing facilityInocucor uses its proprietary microbialGene Check is a diagnostic laboratory microorganisms to discover, evolve,extracellular vesicle therapeutics and vaccines. technologies. Successfully finished multi- specializing in the production and distributionconsortia technology to combine multiplespecializing in veterinary genetics. In and build targeted small-moleculestep syntheses using Bromination,of freshwater and marine organismsbeneficial bacteria and yeasts into powerfuladdition, Gene Check maintains a dynamic therapeutics. We help pharmaceutical Vida Biomedical, LLC.Grignard reaction, Suzuki coupling,for aquatic toxicology, biomonitoringsoil and plant boosters that are economicalbiotech research program, including rarecompanies drug the undruggable. DenverAmidation, and Esterification reactions. and other research activities. for farmers and greenhouse growers, andDNA sequence and SNP detection.vidabiomedical.comsafe for people and the environment. TolmarVida Biomedical, LLC. is an early clinicalyuScience, LLC. Ardent MillsGeneBiologicsFort Collins/Windsorstage biotechnology company that discovers,AuroraDenverDairy AuthorityBoulder www.tolmar.comdevelops, and accelerates treatmentsyuscience.comwww.ardentmills.comGreeleywww.genebiologics.net A fully integrated pharmaceuticalfor serious medical conditions. VidaFocusing on the development ofOffers the industrys broadest rangewww.dairymd.comDeveloping organisms to efficiently convert company focused on the development,works in concert with inventor partnersearly disease biomarkers in patientsof flours, mixes, blends and specialtyA food and animal practice utilizingnitrogen in air or liquid waste streams approval, and commercialization ofto advance life-changing science. with multiple sclerosis (MS). products. More than 40 community millsthe specialties of their veterinarians,into a non-toxic, soluble, concentrated, specialty pharmaceutical products. and mix facilities, along with a specialtymicrobiologists and veterinarian technicians. slow-release sustainable fertilizer; and theViridian TherapeuticsZ Biotech, LLC. bakery and a Mobile Innovation Center. directed evolution of enzymes for biosensorsTopoGEN, Inc.BoulderAuroraDairy Tech, Inc.and renewable energy applications. Buena Vistawww.viridiantherapeutics.comwww.zbiotech.com Bond PetsGreeley www.topogen.comViridian Therapeutics is advancing newCost-effective biochemical analysisAurorawww.dairytechinc.comGenesis Laboratories, Inc. TopoGEN is a proven leader in Mechanistictreatments for patients suffering fromsolutions with a focus to developwww.bondpets.comResearcher and manufacturer focusingWellington Drug Development and Cancer Research,serious diseases but underserved by todaysinnovative microarray and carbohydrateIn a process similar to craft brewing, we starton early calf development. www.genesislabs.com and the Provision of Cell-Context DNAtherapies. In our lead programs, we areproducts and related services. with live cells from an animal (no slaughterGlobal leader in the fields of vector Repair Kits. We also produce qualitydeveloping multiple product candidatesrequired) and feed them a nutrient-richDVM Systemsbiology and wildlife research, focusing topoisomerases and related assay andthat target the insulin-like growth factor-1Zalgen Labs, LLC. broth of vitamins and minerals. The sameGreeleyin disease prevention in humans.drug screening kits as technology transferreceptor (IGF-1R) to treat patients whoAuroraones an animal would eat on farm andwww.dvmsystems.com platforms from our lab to yours. suffer from thyroid eye disease (TED), awww.zalgenlabs.comfield, only without the pharmaceuticals. Technology leader in herd health management. GeneThera, Inc. debilitating auto-immune disease. Specializing in the design and production ofWestminsterUltragenyx Pharmaceuticalssuperior biological molecules critical for theCarboAnalyticsE.I. Medical Imagingwww.genethera.netCaliforniaVisuGen Global, LLC. development and commercialization of reliable,Fort CollinsLovelandDevelops and markets molecular technologies www.ultragenyx.comAurorarapid, and affordable diagnostic platforms,www.carboanalytics.comwww.eimedical.comto eradicate cross over diseases such as Ultragenyx is a biopharmaceutical companyvisugenglobal.comimmunotherapeutics and novel vaccinesDevelops systems that give accurate sugarProvider of portable ultrasounds forJohnes Disease, Mad Cow Disease, Chronic committed to bringing to patients novelAdvancing a new approach to concentratetargeting neglected and underrepresentedanalysis for the brewing and distilling, foodveterinarian and livestock proceduresWasting Disease and E.coli. Develops assay products for the treatment of rare andand detect gene targets in a method thathuman infectious diseases.processing and pharmaceuticals industries. to create positive business impacts. tests and vaccines to eradicate the threat ultra-rare diseases, with a focus on serious,is simple to perform anywhere needed. to humans of diseases transmitted up debilitating genetic diseases. UltragenyxsCargill ResearchEmergy Foodsthe food chain by cattle, elk and deer.strategy is predicated upon time and cost-VitriVax, Inc.AG BIO ANDFort CollinsBoulderefficient drug development, with the goalBoulderwww.cargill.comwww.meati.comGrowcentia of delivering safe and effective therapiesvitrivaxbio.comANIMAL HEALTH Develops, processes and markets science- Whole muscle, plant-based meat alternativeFort Collins to patients with the utmost urgency. A platform technology enabling the preparationbased, health promoting ingredients for foodcompany.Developed a sustainable, proprietarywww.growcentia.com of thermostable, single-shot vaccines. Advanced Regenerative Therapies (ART)and dietary supplement industries worldwide. process to produce food and ingredientsMakes organic soil supplements thatUmoja BiopharmaFort Collinsand finished goods from fungal mycelium. naturally increase nutrient availability toBoulder/Washington Vitro Biopharmawww.art4dvm.comColorado Biofactorysupport healthy and vigorous plants. umoja-biopharma.comGoldenProvides a stem cell isolation and expansionMonumentEurofins BDI Umoja is developing a new approach to cancerwww.vitrobiopharma.comservice for veterinary medicine. www.coloradobiofactory.comLongmontHach Company therapy that retools a patients immune systemDevelops and commercializes adult stemColorado Biofactory designs proteins andwww.eurofinsus.comLoveland in vivo, enhancing the bodys natural capacitycell technology for applications in stem cellAgripro COKERengineers diverse nonconventional microbesProvides technology-based, scientificallywww.hach.com to fight cancer. We envision a world whereresearch, drug discovery & development,Berthoudto improve planetary health. We aim to reducesound services that cover the entire lifeFocused on providing cleaner water to all patients with cancer have access to theand therapeutic products for treatment ofwww.agriprowheat.comour reliance on environmentally degradingcycle from genetics to seed and plant. the world, with improved diagnostics.most advanced immunotherapies and aredisease, injury, and tissue regeneration. Develops and delivers superior wheatpractices and instead regenerate landscapes free from the burdens of traditional cancer. seed genetics in North America. through innovative biological solutions. Evolutionary GenomicsHeskaVivaldi BiosciencesCastle Rock/LongmontFort Collinswww.evolgen.comValidus Cellular TherapeuticsFort CollinsAnimal Health OptionsColorado Genetics, Inc. www.heska.com Aurorawww.vivaldibiosciences.comGoldenLovelandIdentifies genes with a high likelihoodDevelops advanced diagnostics and validustherapeutics.comDeveloping advanced vaccines forwww.animalhealthoptions.comwww.coloradogenetics.comof commercial value for downstreamspecialty products for veterinary practices Validus Cellular Therapeutics areprevention of common seasonal influenzaOffers high quality antioxidants andProvides livestock embryo-transfervalidation through their proprietarythat focus on companion animals.innovating solutions to resistant(flu) and emergent pandemic flu. nutritional supplements that meet orresearch, artificial insemination, embryoAdapted Traits platform.infections using cellular therapies. exceed industry standards and provide acollection, freezing and transfer, andHiveTech SolutionsVona Oncologyinternational import and export services. Fluid Dynamic Siphons, Inc.Westminster noticeable benefit to dogs, cats and horses.Ventria BioscienceAuroraColorado Springswww.hivetechsolutions.com AuroraVona Oncology is an early clinical stageAnimark, Inc.Colorado Quality Research, Inc.www.siphons.comThis woman-owned tech startup is on a mission: www.ventria.combiopharmaceutical company developingAuroraWellingtonGlobal leader in the manufacture andimprove bee health and support beekeepers Develops a protein expression technologytargeted therapeutics to treat aggressivewww.animark.uswww.coloradoqualityresearch.comdistribution of dosing siphons. across the country in their commitment to platform called ExpressTec with a productcancers such as triple-negative breast cancerManufactures and sells ultrasoundLeading innovator in poultry research. protecting our most important pollinators.pipeline in human nutrition and therapeutics. (TNBC), ovarian cancer, and melanoma.pregnancy detectors and ovulationFront Range Biosciences TNBC is our initial indication for our product, Colorado Serum CompanyLafayetteimuTek Laboratories, Inc. predictors for livestock breeding.www.frontrangebio.comVertex Pharmaceuticalsthe small molecule drug, VDX-111. DenverFort Collins MassachusettsAnImmune, LLC. www.thepeakofquality.comProvides industrial-scale tissue culturewww.imutek.com www.vrtx.com Watchmaker GenomicsGoldenSupplies veterinary biologic vaccines,propagation and advanced breedingDevelops and markets bovine colostrumsAims to discover, develop, and commercializeBoulderInfectious disease-centric company focusedinstruments, laboratory reagents andfor plants that will be less susceptiblefor the nutrition and health products innovative medicines so people withwatchmakergenomics.comon enhancing efficacy of animal vaccinesserums for the veterinary industry. to diseases and mold contamination,industry. Indication for colostrum for serious diseases can lead better lives. Watchmaker Genomics combines deep domainusing knowledge accumulated throughreducing the need to use pesticides. the passive transfer of antibodies expertise in protein engineering with enzymedecades of human vaccine technology. (immunoglobulins) in dry powder form.manufacturing to address the demanding quality, performance, and scale requirements of high-growth genomics applications54 BIOSCIENCECOLORADO 2022-2023 2022-2023 BIOSCIENCECOLORADO 55'