b'Lohocla Research Corporation Minovia TherapeuticsNew Iridium, LLC. Pathways Bioscience, Inc.Reven PharmaceuticalsSepanta, Inc.AuroraMassachusettsBoulder AuroraWestminsterFort Collins www.lohocla.comminoviatx.comwww.newiridium.comwww.pathwaysbio.comwww.reven.comsepantainc.com We work towards one goal: developingMinovia Therapeutics is a clinical stageOrganic photocatalyst technologyFocused on discovering and developing newA global healthcare company withSepantas mission is to develop non-products that improve peoples lives.company and the first to use mitochondrialthat empowers the next generation ofagents for modifying gene expression andmore than 10 years of innovationviral therapeutics delivery vectors based Understanding the challenges of chronic paincell therapy approach with the hope topharmaceutical and chemical manufacturing regulating stress response pathways thatand leadership in vascular care. on the proprietary biocompatible and and addiction, we focus on transforming thebring life-changing, meaningful therapiescontribute to cell defense mechanisms. biodegradable smart polymer platform.lives of patients suffering from these conditions.to people affected with mitochondrial Novartis RheumaGen We have developed a first-of-its-kind moleculediseases, through our MitochondrialSwitzerlandPeak Analytical, Inc.Aurora SiVEC Biotechnologies that selectively modulates a discrete set ofAugmentation Therapy (MAT) platform www.novartis.comGoldenwww.rheumagen.comFort Collins receptors involved in the chronic-pain signalNovartis is a global healthcare companywww.peaklab.netRheumaGen is a gene-editing technologywww.sivecbiotechnologies.com pathway in overactive peripheral nerves. Molecular BioSciences, Inc.based in Switzerland that providesSpecializes in materials and chemicalthat permanently haltsnot just managesSiVEC Biotechnologies aims to revolutionize the Bouldersolutions to address the evolvinganalysis. Performs a variety of molecularthe symptoms ofRA. It accomplishesdelivery of nucleic acids and other biologically Loxo @ Lillywww.molbio.comneeds of patients worldwide. and atomic level spectroscopic techniquesthis through the use of stem cells. active cargo to enable the development LouisvilleManufactures products such as water solubleto identify failures and defects. of safer and more effective therapies.loxooncology.combiotinylation reagents, vitamin derivatives, NovoNordiskRock Immune Discovering and developing medicinescrosslinking reagents, lipophilic probes,New Jersey Pfizer, Inc.Aurora STAQ Pharma with the potential to make a meaningfulfluorophores, radioiodination reagents, andwww.novonordisk.comBoulder/New YorkRock Immunes mission is to developDenver difference for people living with cancer. dendritic cores for preparing oligomers. A global healthcare company withwww.pfizer.comand commercialize diphtheria toxinwww.staqpharma.com more than 90 years of innovationDiscovers, develops, manufactures,based recombinant immunotoxins503B Outsourcing facility.Focused Machavert PharmaceuticalsMonImmune Therapeuticsand leadership in diabetes care. and markets prescription medicinesas therapeutic drugs for treatment ofon sterile, pre-filled syringes.AuroraFort Collinsfor humans and animals. cancer and autoimmune diseases.www.machavert.comDeveloping a pipeline of repurposedNucleic Designs Statera BiopharmaDevelops a new class of immunotherapies tocompounds focused on monocyteBoulderPhosphoSolutions, LLC. Rocky Mountain Diagnostics, Inc.Fort Collins help the human body to fight various diseases,regulation as vaccine adjuvants. Commercializing a proprietary methodAuroraColorado Springsstaterabiopharma.com such as cancer or autoimmune disorders. of gene assembly that uses uniquelywww.phosphosolutions.comwww.rmdiagnostics.comStateras drug development focuses onMosaic Biosciencesmodified DNA oligonucleotides. Designs and produces phosphoproteinsProvides immunodiagnostic assays andhealthy today and healthy tomorrow MBC Pharma, Inc.Bouldersolutions using phosphor-specific antibodies.reagents for biogenic amines, researchoutcomes by promoting drugs that bring theAurorawww.mosaicbio.com Omix Technologies, Inc.Phosphoproteins are thought to bereagents, a CLIA certified reference laboratoryimmune system back into homeostasis. www.mbcpharma.comFocused on the development of innovativeAuroracritical elements in neurological diseasesand contract manufacturing services.Biopharmaceutical company focused onmaterials for tissue regeneration and repair. www.omixtech.comsuch as Alzheimers and in cancer. Sudhin Biopharma Company discovering and developing drugs for boneOmix Technologies, Inc. is applying novel, Sachi BioworksSuperiordiseases such as cancer and osteoporosis. Mycobateria Therapeuticsstate-of-the-art mass spectrometry towards PhotonPharma, Inc.Louisvillewww.sudhinbio.comBouldersystem biology analyses that support productFort Collinssachibio.comSudhin Biopharma Co develops MenoGeniXmycotx.comdevelopment in the fields of transfusionphotonpharmaceuticals.comSachi Bioworks is a Genetic Tools andnovel continuous and more efficient AuroraMycobacteria Therapeutics Corporation ismedicine and regenerative medicine. PhotonPharma is an immune oncologyTherapeutics company. Our proprietarybiopharmaceutical manufacturing technologies.www.menogenix.comharnessing the potently anti-inflammatorycompany. Our break-through technology,platform integrates innovations in systems Clinical stage biotech company developingproperties of soil-derived mycobacteriaOnKure TherapeuticsInnocell, stimulates a patients ownand synthetic biology, chemistry, andSuviCa, Inc. MNGX-100, a therapeutic biologic, as athat have developed over millions ofBoulderimmune system to seek out and destroynanotechnology to develop high-precisionBoulder novel, non-hormonal, non-SSRI/SNRI,years of evolution. We specialize in thewww.onkuretherapeutics.comcancer cells. After validating Innocell inhybrid molecules that probe genes inwww.suvica.com alternative to treat hot flashes and relatedcultivation of novel strains of mycobcateriaEngaged in the discovery and developmentanimal studies and a dog trial treatingdiverse organisms. The platform offersDiscovery and development of small vasomotor symptoms in women withand testing of these bacteria for mentalof epigenetic therapies for the treatmentspontaneously forming cancers, we are readyhigh specificity and transport enablingmolecules for the treatment of cancer.natural or surgically-induced menopause. health and stress resilience benefits. of cancer that include selective inhibitorsto proceed to human trials. The therapy isprecise, accelerated, cloning-free genetic of histone deacetylases (HDACs). effective, simple, fast, and inexpensive. tools to manipulate gene expression.Taiga Biotechnologies, Inc. Merck & Co., Inc.Nanoly Bioscience, Inc.AuroraNew JerseyDenverOp-T, LLC.Pyxant Labs, Inc.Saigene Biotech, Inc.www.taigabiotech.comwww.merck.comwww.nanoly.infoAuroraColorado SpringsDenverTaiga Biotechnologies, Inc. is a clinical stage Produces products that cover a broad rangeDeveloping a safe and proprietary polymerop-t.comwww.pyxant.comwww.saigene.comcompany focused on improving blood of areas, including heart and respiratoryencapsulation to stabilize and protectOp-T has developed a diagnosticProvides GLP regulatory bioanalytical supportDeveloping testing processes tostem cell transplantation and harnessing health, infectious diseases, sun care, andtherapeutic biological molecules, such asand therapeutic platform targetingfor non-clinical through clinical developmentidentify harmful algae blooms. the power of the immune system to womens health. Focusing their researchvaccines and enzymes, from below freezingautoimmune diseases. programs. Specialties include rare tissues,fight infectious disease and cancer.on conditions that affect millions of peopleto beyond tropical room temperatures. RNA and oligonucleotide therapeutics, Sanofi Otsuka PharmaceuticalsNew JerseyThe BioCollective, LLC.around the worlddiseases like Alzheimers,nucleoside antivirals, and agricultural diabetes and cancerwhile buildingNanoSphere Health SciencesMarylandand industrial biotech applications. www.sanofi.comDenver strengths in new areas like biologics. Greenwood Villagewww.otsuka-us.comSanofi US is comprised of five business unitswww.thebiocollective.com www.nanospherehealth.comOtsukas pharmaceutical businessRegenexxthat focus on human vaccines, rare diseases,Biobanking company for microbiomeMicropure GenomicsCreated an advanced delivery system platformdevelops and markets products for theWestminstermultiple sclerosis, oncology, immunology,samples. Initial research focus is on epigeneticDenverto change the way people take and benefit fromdiagnosis and treatment of disease inwww.regenexx.cominfectious diseases, diabetes and cardiovascularimpact of microbiome metabolites through micropuregenomics.comnutraceutical supplements and medications. the following areas: central nervousAdvances stem cell therapies throughsolutions, consumer healthcare, establishedtechnology developed by its partner, Topogen, MicroPure Genomics Inc., an early-stagesystem, oncology, gastroenterology,development of Regenexx, anprescription products, and generics.using a topoisomerase reporter system.biotechnology company, is developing theNeurexis Therapeuticsophthalmology, and cardiovascular. injection procedure to treat a wideThermo Fisher Scientificonly end-to-end, rapid automated sampleAuroravariety of painful conditions.Scientific Bioprocessing preparation instrument, the Prep platform.neurexistherapeutics.comPantheryxCastle PinesLafayette The Prep not only automates sampleStroke and cardiac arrest affect millionsBoulderRespirogenscientificbio.comwww.thermofisher.com preparation prior to sequencing but alsoof patients each year. Re-establishmentpantheryx.comBoulderDigitally Simplified Bioprocessing forScientific leadership and innovation in RNAi, reduces the preparation time, burden, and cost.of blood flow to the brainalthough life- PanTheryx is a biotechnology companywww.respirogen.commicrobial and mammalian applicationsGene Expression, qPCR/PCR Detection, and savingdoes not address the substantialcommitted to realizing the potential of novelRespirogen Oxygen Microbubble (OMB)with optical sensors for biomass, DO, andMolecular Biology technologies come together impact on quality of life and healthcareinterventions to address a wide range of serioustechnology will deliver oxygen to patientspH monitoring and automated feeding. with the Thermo Scientific Dharmacon, costs associated with the resulting neuronalGI microbiome related health conditions. suffering from hypoxia and ARDS in lungOpen Biosystems, ABgene, Finnzymes, and death and cognitive impairment. Neurexiscompromise. OMB provide an alternativeFermentas product lines to provide world-is directly addressing this unmet need. therapy to ventilator protocols, deliveringleading solutions for gene analysis.oxygen in critical patients while reducing time and cost of care in the ICU. The company has demonstrated efficacy in large animal lung injury models and is proceeding to human clinical trials.52 BIOSCIENCECOLORADO 2022-2023 2022-2023 BIOSCIENCECOLORADO 53'