b'=MEMBER ACTArthroventionsBioVision Technologies EdwardsDenverGolden www.altitudect.comwww.arthroventions.comwww.biovisiontech.com Choose ACT for precise altitude simulation,Developing a family of devices thatDevelops and manufactures micro-visualization DIRECTORY automatic operation, and absolutedistend the synovial fluid to improvesolutions that enable endoluminal and air quality control so experiments runthe accuracy of aspirating and injectingminimally invasive medical procedures effortlessly and reliably. Our altitudemedication into the joint space. in both human and veterinary medicine. simulation system is compatible withThe imaging technologies and customized environmental chambers, metabolic carts,ASI Dentalmicro-endoscope solutions are integrated blood analysis, and other test equipment. Englewoodto reduce incision size and speed healing.asidental.comAgilent TechnologiesDeveloper of specialized mobile and integrated Blankenship ResearchBoulder/Frederickdental carts, as well as unique dentalLongmont www.agilent.cominstruments for the modern dental office. www.blankenshipresearch.com Provides core electronic and bio-analyticalBlankenship Research offers Medical measurement tools to advance life science Aspero MedicalDevice Development Consulting forresearch. Commercial manufacturing of nucleicBoulderIdeation, Innovation, Product R&D, acid active pharmaceutical ingredients. www.asperomedical.comDesign Controls, and moreDeveloping an endoscopic device that MEDTECHAllison Medicalcan be used by doctors treating patientsBoulder Innovation GroupFORT COLLINS Littletonwith gastrointestinal diseases. Louisville www.allisonmedical.comwww.boulderinnovators.com 3D Systems - HealthcareDevelops a variety of disposable products whichAspire Biotech, Inc.Develops and manufactures image-guided Littletonserve the healthcare needs of retail/pharmacy,Colorado Springssurgical navigation digitizers and industrial www.3dsystems.comacute, alternate, and home care markets. www.aspirebiotech.com3D capture and modeling equipment.BOULDERProduces highly accurate 3-D physicalProvides contract services for all phases models of human bone structure AlloSourceof product development from concept Boulder iQDENVER AURORA from imaging such as CT or MRI. Centennialto launch, and produces its own skinBoulder VAIL www.allosource.orgsealant and wound-closure adhesives. www.boulderiq.com 5280 ProstheticsDevelops, processes, and distributes life- We get medical devices done! We design Littletonenhancing bone and tissue allograftsATDevem, build em, package em & sterilize em! www.5280prosthetics.comto the medical community. assistivetech.devFull service for electromechanical products GRAND JUNCTION 5280 hypobarric socket technologyAssistive Technology Development,& disposables. With the only in-house, increases tissue profusion, physiologicallyAmpVisionInc. is developing scalable, user- quick-turnaround EO sterilizer in Colorado, COLORADO SPRINGS improving limb health. Auroraspecific assistive technology. let Boulder iQ get it done for you!There is a billion dollar industry that hinges on MONTROSE Ablaconpatients receiving a needle injection in theirBeckman Coulter Burst DiagnosticsWheat Ridgeeye every month. AmpVisions technologyLovelandFort Collins PUEBLO www.ablacon.comcan be implanted once and provideswww.beckmancoulter.comburst-dx.com Ablacon works to improve catheterprotection equivalent to 40 injections. Develops and produces instrumentsBURST technology is the culmination of years TELLURIDE technologies in order to make the AFib ablationfor the diagnostic industry. Specializesof research in paper-based diagnostic assays procedures safer and more efficient: Sensing Anthropo, LLC. in the fields of immunocytochemistry,by a leading group of chemists, virologists,catheters allow to better control the catheterLongmontflow cytometry, and microbiology. and biomedical scientists from Colorado positioning and intensity of the ablation.anthropo.llc State University. We are developing a first-in-Anthropo makes pathogen reduced,Bell Dental Products, LLC. class at-home and point-of-care diagnostics Access Sensor Technologiesshelf stable blood products andEnglewoodplatform to expand access to care.Fort Collinsblood derived cellular therapies. www.belldental.com accsensors.comDesigns, develops, and manufactures CaliberMRIPaper-based diagnostics for industrial andApdyne Medical Companyprecision dental equipment basedBoulder personal environmental monitoring. Denveron electric motor technology. qmri.com www.apdyne.comCaliberMRI is manifesting the true power ofAccure AcneCONTENTS BoulderManufacturer and distributor of the Biodesix, Inc.quantitative MRI (qMRI) for better precision Apdyne Phenol Applicator Kit used toBouldermedicine. We proudly sell highly accurate www.accureacne.comanesthetize the tympanic membrane duringwww.biodesix.comand precise qMRI imaging phantoms to At Accure, we are wholly committed toin-office myringotomy procedures. Develops and commercializes blood-basedresearch institutions, clinics, and hospitals.developing revolutionary solutions totests that advance the speed and standard eliminate acne. We know that acne can haveARC Group Worldwide, Inc.of care in oncology. Its diagnostics helpCardioNXT P40MEDTECH a devastating social, psychological, physical,Longmontpatients and their doctors make moreDenver and economic impact on patients aroundwww.arcw.cominformed decisions about treatment basedcardionxt.com the world. We are pioneering transformativeARC Group Worldwide, Inc. is a global advancedon a patients unique molecular profile. Developing a portfolio of technologies that P49BIOTECHNOLOGY, PHARMACEUTICAL AND RELATED solutions that will answer this unmet needmanufacturing service provider focused onenable the delivery of therapy more accuratelyand have a positive and profound impactaccelerating speed to market for its customers.BioIntellisenseand cost effectively in catheter ablation P54AG BIO AND ANIMAL HEALTH on patients and providers worldwide. Goldenprocedures to treat cardiac arrhythmia.ArcScan, Inc.biointellisense.com Acertara Acoustic Laboratories, LLC. GoldenThe BioIntelliSense Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) P57DIGITAL HEALTH Longmontwww.arcscan.complatform and FDA-cleared BioSticker www.acertaralabs.comDeveloping VHF Ultrasound foron-body sensor are bringing medical P59ACADEMIC AND RESEARCH INSTITUTIONS Independent ISO/IEC accredited medicalcomprehensive ophthalmic imaging. grade monitoring and management to ultrasound acoustic measurementthe home for scalable remote care.and testing laboratory. Arcturus Star Products LLP P62MEMBER SERVICE PROVIDERS Cortezwww.lymphstarpro.com Pioneering Vibrational Energy Therapy for the wellness and beauty professions. Therapeutic specialty is in the area of lymphatic health.40 BIOSCIENCECOLORADO 2022-2023 2022-2023 BIOSCIENCECOLORADO 41'