b'Childrens Hospital ColoradoCSU STRATA (Formerly CSU Ventures, Inc.)Fitzsimons Innovation Community National Jewish HealthRose Medical CenterUniversity of Colorado Cancer CenterAuroraFort CollinsAuroraDenverDenverAurora www.childrenscolorado.orgwww.csuventures.orgfitzsimonsinnovation.comwww.njhealth.orgwww.rosemed.comwww.uch.edu/colorado-cancer-center Childrens Hospital Colorado has been rankedCSU Ventures, a division of CSURF, buildsAt Fitzsimons Innovation Community,National Jewish Health, the nations #1Has earned a reputation as DenversUniversity of Colorado Cancer Centers experts for more than a decade as one of the bestrelationships between academia, industry, andvisionaries boldly transform science into therespiratory hospital in the US, attractsBaby Hospital while becoming a leader inovercome cancer through innovation, discovery, childrens hospitals nationally in U.S. News &investors seeking to leverage CSU innovationsfuture of health and care. Our communitythousands of adult and pediatric patients eachcomprehensive womens services, internalprevention, early detection, multidisciplinary World Report.Childrens Colorado is hometo foster business formation and enhancepushes boundaries in a unified pursuityear who come to us to team up with ourmedicine, endoscopy, heart and vascular care,care, and education. Our renowned physicians to a number of nationally and internationallyregional economic vitality. CSURF is a 501(c)(3)of health breakthroughs. From conceptexpert physicians and researchers and seekorthopedics and total joint replacement, bariatricand researchers conduct patient-centered recognized medical programs including thenon-profit corporation that provides strategicthrough commercialization, organizationstreatment for respiratory, cardiac, immune andsurgery, sports medicine and aesthetic surgery. research to develop innovative, state-of-Center for Innovation, providing an opportunityreal estate services, corporate financing,choose Fitzsimons for its entrepreneurialrelated conditions. National Jewish Health isthe-art technologies, and treatments. for innovators to come together to developand tech transfer for the CSU System (CSUenvironment, leading-edge facilities, andalso one of the most influential independentScientific Education & Research Foundation groundbreaking ideas that will enrich and saveFort Collins, CSU-Pueblo, CSU-Global). campus-wide support. Visionaries discover,biomedical research centers in the world.ThorntonUniversity of Colorado Denver - Center for lives through better technology and healthcare. develop, and collaborate with direct access toMore than 100 faculty members conducttheserf.orgSurgical InnovationCU Innovationsthe renowned clinicians and researchers atbasic, translational, and clinical research inWorld class medical facility,AuroraColorado School of MinesAurorathe University of Colorado Anschutz Medicalimmunology, respiratory medicine, allergy,amphitheater and bioskills lab www.ucdenver.edu/csi Goldenwww.cuanschutz.edu/cu-innovationsCampus. We are united to advance health. cancer, and cell and molecular biology. A multidisciplinary surgical training center www.mines.eduBrings together industry partners,Steadman Philippon Research Institutededicated to promoting educational A public research university internationallyentrepreneurs, and investors to help CUFront Range Community CollegeNational Jewish Health AdvancedVailcourses and development of leading edge recognized for its leadership in engineering,researchers solve important problems andBrighton/Fort Collins/Longmont/WestminsterDiagnostic Laboratorieswww.sprivail.orgsurgical techniques and technologies. The applied science and related disciplines, with aimprove the quality of life worldwide. Withwww.frontrange.eduDenverOrthopedic sports medicine, SPRI is unlockingcenter is affiliated with the Department of special emphasis on the Earth and its resources.expertise in patents, copyrights and licensing, CUFront Range Community College, Coloradoswww.njlabs.orgthe secrets of healing, finding cures andSurgery in the CU School of Medicine.These programs, with strong interdisciplinaryInnovations helps translate discovery into impactlargest community college, providesNational Jewish Health is known worldwideenhancing lives through regenerative medicine, linkages across the campus, have led to thethrough transparent, flexible, best practiceinstruction, in both general education andfor treatment of patients with respiratory,scientific research, innovation and education. University of Colorado Denver, iC42 integration of bioscience and biotechnologyintellectual property management services, andoccupational areas, which may lead to acardiac, immune and related disorders, and forAurora into educational and scholarly activities.connect researchers at CUs Anschutz Medicalcertificate, an associate degree, or transfergroundbreaking medical research. The AdvancedSwedish Medical Centerbioanalytics.us CSM has created a Bioengineering and Lifecampus with a variety of commercializationto a four-year institution. The college alsoDiagnostic Laboratories provide innovativeEnglewoodiC42 Clinical Research and Development is a Science Program that draws upon faculty andprograms in the University and the community. provides college preparatory education,services within the extraordinary clinical andwww.swedishhospital.comglobal bioanalytical Service Center that combines students from all of the academic units. non-credit instruction for personal andresearch environment of National Jewish Health.Level I Trauma Center serves as the regionsquantitative mass spectrometry, metabolic and DARTNet Instituteprofessional development, and workplaceLeveraging our expertise in both laboratoryreferral center for neurotrauma and is aprotein profiling technologies in a regulatoryColorado State UniversityAuroraskill development. With campuses located inmedicine and personalized medicine, we offer anrecognized leader in the treatment of stroke.compliant environment under one roof. Our Fort Collins/Pueblo/Denverwww.dartnet.infoFort Collins, Longmont and Westminster, theever-expanding menu of diagnostic tests, as wellAn acute care hospital with 368 licensed beds. strength and emphasis lie in the assessment www.colostate.eduThe DARTNet Institute is a rapidly growingcollege is proud of its many partnerships toas contract research services. Our laboratoriesof vascular endothelial dysfunction markers Colorado State University is consistentlycollaboration of practice-based researchprovide quality programs that are responsiveare CAP and CLIA certified, and have earnedUCHealth Simulation Centerand pediatric pharmacological solutions.counted among the top-performing researchnetworks that are building a national collectionto the needs of its local communities. the prestigious CAP 15189 accreditation. Aurora universities in the nationposting more thanof data from electronic health records,www.wellssimulationcenter.orgUniversity of Colorado Health $400 million in expenditures. Our researchersclaims, and patient-reported outcomes. Innosphere VenturesRegis UniversityThe UCHealth Simulation Center onAurora/Loveland/Fort Collins/Colorado Springs are leaders in atmospheric science, energy,Fort Collins/Denver/BoulderDenverthe Anschutz Medical Campus in metrowww.uchealth.org water, veterinary and translational medicine,Denver Botanic Gardenswww.innosphere.orgwww.regis.eduDenver offers a complete array of state-of- Top medical professionals, superior medicine natural resources, chemistry, occupationalDenverA high-tech incubator supporting entrepreneursThe School of Pharmacy aspires to be thethe-art patient simulation tools for buildingand progressive change make UCHealth therapy, and anthropology, and with ongoingwww.botanicgardens.orgbuilding high-growth companies in theforemost school of pharmacy in the Unitedclinical knowledge and advancing multi- University of Colorado Hospital in metro Denver and traditional strength in areas such asOne of the top-ranked botanical gardensindustries of health innovation, life sciences,States where students are nurtured anddisciplinary expertise in health care. (UCH) one of the leading hospitals in the engineering and food production. in the U.S., Denver Botanic Gardens offerssoftware & hardware, and energy & advanceddeveloped to become leaders in pharmacynation. Our hospital, a partner institution in the spectacular plant displays and unlimitedmaterials. Innospheres incubation programpractice, research, education, and publicUnited States Geological Survey (USGS) -UCHealth system, includes primary care and Craig Hospitalopportunities for lifelong learning. focuses on ensuring companies are investorservice. They are educated to be committedCenter for Biological Informaticsspecialty clinics around the state, as well as our Denverready, connecting them with experiencedto excellence in healthcare, evidencedDenvercentral facilities at the Anschutz Medical Campus.www.craighospital.orgDenver Museum of Nature and Scienceadvisors, and making introductions tonot only by their knowledge and abilities,www.biology.usgs.gov/cbi A world-renowned rehabilitation hospital thatDenvercorporate and strategic partners. but also by their quality of care, integrity,The Center for Biological Informatics, at University of Denverexclusively specializes in the neuro-rehabilitationwww.dmns.orgcompassion, respect, advocacy, initiative,the Denver Federal Center, operates theDenver and research of patients with spinal cord injuryThe Denver Museum of Nature & Science isKeystone Symposia on Molecular andservice and leadership. To achieve these goals,national Biological Information Infrastructurewww.du.edu (SCI) and traumatic brain injury (TBI). Craig isthe Rocky Mountain regions leading resourceCellular Biologyfaculty members are dedicated to providing(NBII). This is the first comprehensive The University of Denver is a private institution a not-for-profit, free-standing, national centerfor informal science education. A variety ofSilverthorneinnovative practice models, exploring novelelectronic gateway dedicated exclusivelybuilt on exploration through research and of excellence that has treated more thanexhibitions, programs, and activities helpwww.keystonesymposia.orgapplications of basic and clinical research,to biological science data and informationcollaboration among educators, students, 31,000 patients with SCI and TBI since 1956. Museum visitors experience the naturalA non-profit organization that serves as aand illustrating the value of lifelong learning. from sources throughout the world. and local and global communities.wonders of Colorado, Earth, and the universe.catalyst for the advancement of biomedical CSU BioMARCand life sciences, by connecting scientistsRocky Vista University College ofUniversity of ColoradoUniversity of Northern Colorado Fort CollinsDenver Research Institutewithin and across disciplines at conferencesOsteopathic Medicine (RVUCOM)Boulder/Denver/Aurora/Colorado SpringsGreeley www.biomarc.colostate.eduDenverand workshops held at venues that createParkerwww.cu.eduwww.unco.edu BioMARC is a non-profit biologics Contractwww.dri-va.organ environment conducive to informationwww.rvu.eduThe University of Colorado Systems 52,000Founded in 1889 and tucked between the Development & Manufacturing OrganizationDenver Research Institute (DRI) serves asexchange, generation of new ideas, andRocky Vista University College of Osteopathicstudents and 28,000 faculty and staff contributeRocky Mountains and Colorados stunning owned and operated by Colorado Statethe non-profit organization affiliated with theacceleration of applications that benefit society. Medicine (RVUCOM ) has five departmentsto every facet of life in Colorado. The stateshigh plains, UNC is a public doctoral research University (CSU) serving bio-pharmaceuticalVA Eastern Colorado Health Care System. It Biomedical Sciences, Structural Medicine,economic vitality, educated workforce,university committed to the success of companies and government agencies. is dedicated to research and its associatedNational Institute of Standards andPrimary Care, Osteopathic Principles andentrepreneurial climate, cultural capital, healthits 13,000 students, with more than 100 educational and scientific endeavors. Technology (NIST)Practices, Specialty Medicine and Medicalcare delivery, and scientific explorations allundergraduate programs and 120 graduateCSU Research Innovation CenterBoulderInformatics. The faculty and staff of RVUCOMrely on the driving force of a vigorous stateprograms. The universitys just-right size, Fort Collinswww.nist.govare committed to osteopathic philosophy anduniversity. By working with other CU academicexpert faculty, and tradition of research and www.csuric.orgNIST is a non-regulatory federal agency thatheritage, and to advancing the science and theand research units, as well as local, state,hands-on learning gives students exceptional The Research Innovation Center (RIC)operates eight different science and advancedart of the practice of osteopathic medicine. and federal funding agencies, commercialopportunities and a personalized education.serves as a vehicle to perform collaborativetechnology research divisions in Colorado. NISTsbusiness, and nonprofit organizations, CU is translational-stage research with CSUslist of research accomplishments includes acreating a collaborative synergy in important life sciences community of researchers,NIST senior scientist winning the Nobel Prize inareas that will better the wellness of society. giving it the promise to become the2001 for creating the worlds first Bose-Einstein birthplace of medical breakthroughs. condensate. In 2003 another NIST scientist won a MacArthur Fellowship for discovering a new quantum gas and was named by Science as one of the top ten scientific advances of the year.60 BIOSCIENCECOLORADO 2022-2023 2022-2023 BIOSCIENCECOLORADO 61'