b'It completely revolutionizedthe field.CLAY SMITH, M.D., ABOUT T CELL THERAPYWRITTEN BY NIC K GREENHALGHC ellandgenetherapyoffersClaySmith,M.D.,ahematologistandClay Smith, M.D., Director of UCHealths Bloodincredible promise for patientsdirector of UCHealths Blood Disorder andDisorder and Cell Therapies Center at theCU Anschutz Medical Campus in Auroraand their families. In the lastCell Therapies Center at the University of decade, research breakthroughs and gov- ColoradoAnschutzMedicalCampusinGrowth onCampusernment approvals advanced these game- Aurora, said the last decade has provedAcross the CU Anschutz Medical Campus, the changing treatments for a variety of illnesses,crucial to the advancement of this field. WhatFitzsimons Innovation Community is currently including cancer. Forward-thinking academicwas long a theoretical treatment option forconstructing Bioscience 5, a cutting-edge institutions, collaborative hospitals, and inno- patients transitioned to a viable one with thecenter for cell and gene therapy manufac-vative companies are working to translate dis- introduction, and ultimate federal approvalturing. The 90,000-square-foot facility will coveries into treatments for patients, creatingin 2017, of chimeric antigen receptor T cellbe the first building in Fitzsimons Innovation hubs for cell and gene therapy.therapy (CAR T), Smith said. Community with full-scale manufacturing for Colorado is a rising leader in this space,About 10 years ago, they saw the first con- cell and gene therapy, SAVING and with more than 30 companies focused onsistent proof. That was the CAR T cells inCloseOntheresearchside,theGates variations of the novel, life-saving technolo- pediatrics for children with acuteInstitute, a state-of-the-art facility gies. They are supported by the states con- lymphoblasticleukemia,focused on translating labora-vergence of leading-edge research, clinicalSmith said. It completelytory findings into regener-collaborations, and specialized infrastructurerevolutionized the field. collaboration that includes manufacturing capabilities.between researchersative, cellular and gene CHANGING Cell and gene therapy serves as a broad termWiththatf revolutionand clinicians isfromtherapies for patients, cameareinvigoratedadvancing cell and wasannouncedthis for two crucial tools in the disease-fightinginterestromthegene therapyyear after a $200 million workbench. The FDA defines cellular therapyresearch community incommitmentfromthe productsascellularimmunotherapies,applying this treatment fordevelopment inGates Frontier Fund. The cancer vaccines and other types of botha variety of diseases. Now, aColorado. Gates Institute was born LIVES Fast-Evolving Cell and Gene Hub Targets Diseaseautologous and allogeneic cells for certaindecade later, CAR T cells arefor otheris housed withintwo entities, the Gates therapeutic indications, including hematopo- used for many blood cancer treat- Biomanufacturing Facility, which etic stem cells and adult and embryonic stemments and are being studiedFitzsimons Innovation cells. It classifies gene therapy as a treat- uses. Smith and UCHealth have helped leadCommunity,andtheGatesCenterfor ment that seeks to modify or manipulate thethe charge on these efforts, treating more thanRegenerative Medicine. The new institute gives expression of a gene or to alter the biological130 adults at CU Anschutz with this therapy.CU Anschutz scientists a place to develop cell properties of living cells for therapeutic use. They expect to treat 100 more this year. and gene therapeutics more effectively.16 BIOSCIENCECOLORADO 2022-2023 2022-2023 BIOSCIENCECOLORADO 17'