b'Industrial Laboratories Co.Living Ink TechnologiesPisces MolecularVetMeasureBioLoomics, Inc.Countermind Wheat RidgeAuroraBoulderFort CollinsBoulderLittleton www.industriallabs.netlivingink.cowww.pisces-molecular.comvetmeasure.combioloomics.comwww.countermind.com An independent third-party analytical laboratoryBioscience research and product companyFocused on applying molecular geneticsProduces harnesses that enable accurateProviding a B2B service to pharma R&DCounterminds Mobile IntelligencePlatform that specializes in food and drug analysis. developing the first environmentally safe andtechnology to problems of fisheriesdetection of an animals health statistics tocompanies that predicts clinically relevantwe are able to deploy solutions quickly and sustainable printing inks grown from algae. and aquatic conservation biology. optimize care and treatment options. effects of drugs using a high throughputwith little or no custom programming involved. Innate Immunityplatform drug screening technology. Once our platform is in place, we can deploy Fort Collins/New MexicoLoveland Products, Inc.Poudre Canyon TherapeuticsWarren Analytical Laboratorynew workflows in hours. And theres more.Innate Immunity is a biotechnology startupGreeleyFort CollinsGreeleyBurstIQ focused on plant and crop health, aiming towww.lovelandproducts.comwww.pcthera.comwww.warrenlab.comDenverDARTNet Institute clear some of the most devastating bacterial,Offers a complete line of high-performanceDeveloping a pharmaceutical therapeuticSpecializes in food microbiology,www.burstiq.comAurora viral, and fungal diseases affecting cropsinput products, with a portfolio of seedthat increases the ability of canine andmolecular biology, food chemistry, residueBuilding a secure and openwww.dartnet.info including grape, citrus, apple, and pear. Wetreatment, plant nutrition, fertilizer,feline immune systems to prevent infectionchemistry and nutritional labeling. platform for health data. The DARTNet Institute is a rapidly growing prevent pathogen-induced diseases with theadjuvant and crop-protection products. via airborne respiratory pathogens. collaboration of practice-based research design of host-derived antibacterial chimeras.ZoetisCirrusMDnetworks that are building a national collectionMembrane Protective Technologies, Inc.Products Group International, Inc.LongmontDenverof data from electronic health records, International Bovine Training SolutionsFort CollinsLyonswww.zoetisus.comwww.cirrusmd.comclaims, and patient-reported outcomes.Lovelandwww.membrane-protect.comwww.productsgroup.comDiscovers, develops, manufactures andDeveloped a platform to connect patientswww.bovinetraining.comBlend of organic plant extracts which improvesResearches, develops and engineers ultrasoundcommercializes a diverse portfolio ofand providers via text messaging without DenTriage A training experience focused onartificial insemination pregnancy rates in cows. medical and veterinary equipment. animal health medicines and vaccinesputting personal health information at risk. Aurora improving the reproductive performancedesigned to meet the real-world needs ofdentriage.com on dairy and beef operations.Microbial Research, Inc.Pure Culturesveterinarians and the livestock farmers andCIVHCDenTriage is an innovative teledentistryFort CollinsDenvercompanion animal owners they support. Denverplatform that provides consumers the ability Jonah Ventures, LLC. www.microbialresearch.comwww.purecultures.comwww.civhc.orgto get urgent dental care promptly, find BoulderA veterinary services microbiologyPure Cultures is an AgTech productHelps Colorado drive, deliver and buy value indentists quickly and make appointments www.jonahventures.comlaboratory that conducts GLP anddevelopment and manufacturing companyhealth care by administering the Colorado Alleasily. DenTriage will improve ease of access Sequencing DNA using next-generationGCP compliant research trials. specializing in prebiotics and probioticsDIGITAL HEALTH Payer Claims Database; unlocking informationto dental care, decrease dental related ER sequencing technology. Areas of serviceused to support the health of animals andand insights that guide how healthcare getsvisits, and reduce overall cost of dental careinclude reconstructing the diet of wildlifeMycoTechnologyreduce antibiotics in our food chain. delivered, used and paid for; and bringing and livestock, analyzing the abundanceAuroraAbleLink Technologiestogether organizations and individualsDreamFace Technologies of organisms in aquatic ecosystems, andwww.mycotechcorp.comSummit Plant Laboratories, Inc.Colorado Springsto design and drive collective change. Denver determining the plants that pollinators rely on. A food technology company that has developedFort Collinswww.ablelinktech.comdreamfacetech.com a natural food processing platform thatwww.plantlabs.comAddresses the need for well-researchedCliexaRyan is a social companion robot Jorgensen Laboratories, Inc.is solving some of the biggest challengesApplies laboratory plant cloning andcognitive support technologies forDenverfor dementia patients who delays the Lovelandin the food and beverage industry. greenhouse technologies to produceindividuals with intellectual disabilities. www.cliexa.comonset of advanced dementia through www.jorvet.complanting stocks for breeders, greenhouses,Provides decision support to physiciansstimulating games, music and crafts. Designs and manufactures instrumentsNew West Geneticsand field crop producers.Actuate Healthand other healthcare providers during which are used in the animal health fieldFort CollinsCastle Rockthe treatment process and optimizesEarable, Inc. including specialty instruments, surgicalnewwestgenetics.comSyngentawww.actuate.healthtreatment methods based on evidence- Boulder suture, and veterinary equipment. New West Genetics is a global leader inLongmontActuate Health develops and marketsbased knowledge and data. earable.ai hemp seed genetics, combining traditionalwww.syngenta-us.comdisruptively innovative technologies in the fieldsEarable is a neuroscience company developing Keeton Industries, Inc. breeding, modern genomics, and agribusinessProduces agrochemicals and seeds.of biosensors and digital health. Actuate HealthClinOnewearables that detects real-time neural Wellingtonexpertise to create premium, proprietary hempAs a biotechnology company, itis focused on technologies that can provideGreenwood Villagesignals to stimulate the brain to improve www.keetonaqua.comproductsspecifically bred to reduce risk andconducts genomic research. diagnostic, therapeutic and preventativewww.ClinOne.comsleep, focus, and other cognitive functions.Researches and develops biologicalimprove yields for sustainable production. tools to combat the current Covid-19ClinOne is dramatically changing thewater treatment, aeration, ozone Van Grow Biotechnologypandemic and future respiratory viruses. landscape of clinical trial management toEon aeration, solids removal, biofiltrationOptibrand Ltd., LLC. Longmontaccelerate clinical trial execution, reduceDenver and other new technologies. Fort Collinsvangrowbiotech.comADAN.netcosts and provide patients with accesseonhealth.com www.optibrand.comVan Grow utilize natures robust microbes in allDenverto life-changing clinical trials to advanceEon EPM is an end-to-end patient management Lacuna DiagnosticsSpecializes in livestock identificationof our products. This results in more nutritiousadan.netmedicines far more rapidly than today. platform that uses Computational LinguisticsFort Collinsdevices and veterinary diagnostics. feed-stocks, healthier animals and healthierComprehensive Lifetime Navigationbest in class proprietary data science www.lacunadiagnostics.comfarmlands. Our focus is in the many differentPlatform for people with Autism andConnexallmodelsto assist with actionable finding Lacuna Diagnostics allows veterinariansOptiEnzaspects of plant and animal health with aother developmental disabilities. Boulderidentification and longitudinal tracking.to upload diagnostic images for nearFort Collinsprimary emphasis on microbial fermentation. www.connexall.com instant review by a veterinary pathologist.www.optienzsensors.comAiVanteEnterprise-grade event managementEtta Epidermis Lacunas proprietary digital platform createsProduces innovative biosensors forVerdant BioSciences Corp.Centennialand control platform that deliversDenver an integrated network of hospitals andcontinuously measuring organic chemicalDenveraivante.comhospital-wide interoperability to people,www.etta.io pathologists, provides remote, near instantconcentrations in water and aqueous solutions. www.verdantbio.comAiVante Health Solutions providessystems, tasks, and devices. Etta is an Artificial Intelligence that uses interpretation of diagnostic images by aDevelops plant biochemical regulators thatData Analytics and Decision Supportmassive datasets of hospital-verified images veterinary pathologist. Lacuna DiagnosticsPeak Serumprovide superior plant performance and unlocksolutions for optimizing healthcareCORHIOto provide a data-driven skin insight. The delivers timely diagnosis and raises theFort Collinsthe productive power of plants in marketsfinancial and plan selection decisions. Denverinsight that Etta provides is determined by standard of care for veterinary patients. www.peakfbs.comfrom floriculture to industrial agriculture. www.corhio.orglevel of risk (Low, Medium, High). Values for Our core focus is Fetal Bovine Serum (FBS)BioIntellisenseIts health information exchange (HIE)accuracy, precision, recall, sensitivity and Limagrainfor cGMP-QSR / clinical trial research andGoldentechnology, data analytics tools and consultingspecificity are used to determine your risk.Fort Collinsdiagnostic applications. We provide FBSbiointellisense.comhelp healthcare providers access information www.limagraincerealseeds.comfor all levels of research compliance andThe BioIntelliSense Data-as-a-Service (DaaS)to save lives, streamline care coordination,EverSleep Through cutting-edge seed-breedinglaboratory settings. Our strong reputationplatform and FDA-cleared BioStickerreduce costs and improve clinical outcomes. Golden methods, the company brings new, improvedis built on our solutions based approachon-body sensor are bringing medicalwww.geteversleep.com seed varieties to market in a fraction ofand individual needs of our customers. grade monitoring and management toEverSleep gives hospital-grade measurements the time possible just a decade ago. the home for scalable remote care. to you at home without doctors, clinics, or prescriptions. Continuously monitor blood oxygen, pulse, snoring, motion, and respiratory function while understanding whats disrupting your sleep and how to fix it. 56 BIOSCIENCECOLORADO 2022-2023 2022-2023 BIOSCIENCECOLORADO 57'