b'Orbit GenomicsPorta-Lung, Inc.Quadric Biomed, LLC. Sapien, LLC.Snoasis MedicalSuez Water TechnologiesBoulderLakewoodColorado SpringsFort CollinsDenverBoulder www.orbitgenomics.comwww.portalung.comQuadric BioMed, LLC. is a medical devicewww.sapienllc.comwww.snoasismedical.comwww.suezwatertechnologies.com Orbit Genomics, Inc. is an early stageProvides non-invasive ventilator support forcompany developing novel dental implantsAims to enhance the human experienceFocused on the development andIndustry-leading water technology and genomics company developing diagnostic testslong-term patients who need more portability. that mimic the emergence profile ofby providing innovative solutionscommercialization of regenerativeprocess expertise to solve your toughest and services based on repetitive sequences innatural teeth. Quadric BioMeds patentedto human problems using sensorytissue and medical device productswater, wastewater, and process challengesDNA, known as microsatellites. MicrosatellitesPreferred Medical Products, Inc.implant system integrates an eccentrically- substitution, human machine interfaces,for use in dental surgery.occur throughout the genome in both codingCentennialshaped platform and anchor screw inand human-machine integration. Sundance Diagnostics, Inc. and non-coding regions, and they mutatewww.preferredmedicalproducts.comthe jaw and is the only technology thatSoftRay, Inc.Boulder 10,000 times more rapidly than SNPs and otherManufactures stainless steel medicalcan anatomically match the profile of theSartoriusFort Collinswww.sundancedx.com genetic mutations, representing both inheritedcomponents for hypodermic needlesteeth as they emerge from the bone. Arvadawww.softraybiodetection.comWorking to develop the worlds first and acquired risk. The companys first productand lancet type products. www.sartorius.usSoftRay develops, licenses, and manufacturesgenetic safety tests to predict a will be a lung cancer risk assessment test. Quorum ProstheticsDesigns and manufacturers analyticalsystems for the detection of microorganisms forpatients risk of antidepressant-induced Prescotts, Inc.Windsorbalances, electrochemistry instruments,industrial applications requiring sterile fluids assuicidal thinking or behavior.Osypka Medtec, Inc.Monumentopquorum.commoisture analyzers, and titration controllers. well as for blood products. Currently developing Longmontwww.surgicalmicroscopes.comOrthotics and prosthetics designed anda product for the detection of biocontaminationSupreme Cable Technologies, Inc. www.osypka-medtec.comProvides reconditioned operating microscopesmanufactured in-house by master technicians. Scientech, Inc.of blood platelet donations prior to transfusion. Frederick Works with medical device manufacturersand allied accessories that function as intendedBoulderwww.supremecable.com and suppliers to manufacture innovative,by the original equipment manufacturer. QuSpin, Inc.www.scientech-inc.comSonauraManufactures quality custom cable quality product solutions or componentsLouisvilleManufactures analytical instruments:Fort Collinsassemblies and wire harnesses.for companies around the United States. PreView Medicalwww.quspin.comsemimicro balances, analytical balances,www.mysonaura.com AuroraDevelops very high performancesemi-analytical balances, and toploadingDeveloped an electronic two way Surgical Coatings, LLC. Paragon 28previewmedical.comatomic sensors. balances for the medical industry. communication system between patient andSedalia EnglewoodPreView focuses on the diagnosis anddoctor, which represents a major advance inwww.surgicalcoatings.com www.paragon28.comtreatment optimization of prostate cancer. Radiological Imaging Technology, Inc. SeaStar MedicalIVF treatment allowing women undergoingSurgical Coatings develops and appliesAddressing the unmet and under-servedColorado SpringsDenverIVF treatment to perform their sonograms atadvanced coatings onto medical devices. needs of the foot and ankle market segment. Products Group International, Inc.www.radimage.comwww.seastarmedical.comhome during the follicle stimulation cycle. The purpose of the coatings applied include LyonsProvides clinical and research physicistsSeaStar Medical is a commercial- stage medicalinsulation, lubricity, abrasion resistance, PAR Solutions, LLC. www.productsgroup.comwith a high precision automated QA tooldevice company focused on developingSt. Renatus, LLC. and a multitude of other customer needs.Greenwood VillageResearches, develops, and engineersfor advanced radiation therapies. blood-based perfusion technologies toFort Collins www.paresurgicalsolutions.comultrasound medical and veterinary equipment. address life-threatening medical conditions. www.st-renatus.comSurgiReal Products Develops surgical instruments such as the RedDrop DxFirst needle-free, dental anesthetic suitable forLoveland ProlocorFort Collins Securisyn Medicaluse in procedures involving most of the upperwww.surgireal.com Quik-Stitch endoscopic suturing system.Fort CollinsRedDrop Dx is a developer of pain- Littletonteeth. Uses an accurate and sophisticatedCreates and introduces innovative products Peak Roboticsprolocor.comfree blood collection, dispensing, andwww.securisyn.commethod to anesthetize the upper teethand methods for surgical training.Colorado SpringsProlocor is an emerging company developingtransportation systems for Point of Care,Developing a safer system forwithout the risk and pain of a needle.peakrobotics.coma diagnostic test that quantifies platelet FcRIIaHome Health, Retail, and remote clinicaldelivering life-sustaining oxygen toSymbios Technologies, Inc. Manufactures robots, special equipment,and identifies patients at high and low risktrials and diagnostic applications. mechanically ventilated patients.SteriO3Fort Collinsand turnkey automated systems for afor heart attack, stroke, and cardiovascularBroomfieldwww.symbiosplasma.com variety of industries including: biotech,death, enabling precision targeting of theResearch Electro-OpticsSharklet Technologies, Inc.sterio3.comCommercializing an aqueous plasma electronics, medical, semiconductor, etc. right medicines for the right patients, atBoulderAuroraSteriO3 provides innovative solutions to thedisinfection and advanced oxidation technology a net savings to the health system. www.reoinc.comwww.sharklet.comneed for surgical instrumentation sterilizationplatform with applications in fluid purification, Peddle Master, Inc.Volume manufacturer of high precision thinEngineers surface technologies (Sharklet) thatin austere field based environments. Theplasma medicine, and specialty manufacturing Johnstown Proovfilm coatings, optics, and optomechanicalcontrols the growth of dangerous bacteria. companys rugged ozone sterilizationto improve human and environmental healthwww.peddlemaster.comBoulderassemblies for the ultravioletsystem the ROSS M1 is a portable, fast cycleas well as the economics and sustainability Designs and manufactures handicappedproovtest.comthrough the long-wave infrared. Sinopsys Surgicaltime, and easy to use system designedof food and beverage, agricultural, energy, driving aids. The Peddle Master is totallyCommercializing an in-vitro diagnosticBoulderspecifically for challenging environments. and pharmaceutical production processes.portable and can be installed andallowing couples to track hormone cyclingRise Prosthetics and Orthoticswww.sinopsyssurgical.com removed in a matter of seconds. involved in the ovulation process andColorado Springs/DenverLacrimal Sinus Diversion offers functionalStnDrd Infusion Synergy Spine Solutionstrack when a female is most fertile. riseprosthetics.comtherapy for sufferers of chronic sinusitisParkerLouisvillePharmaJet, Inc.Provides artificial limbs and customwith minimal response to currentEarly-stage medical device company in thes3spine.comGoldenPropel Labs, Inc.orthopedic appliances. pharmaceutical and surgical options. drug infusion market with a standardizedSynergy Spine Solutions (S3) is a spine medical www.pharmajet.comFort Collinspump capable of performing the productdevice company based in Louisville, CO. S3 is Developer of needle-free jet injectionwww.propel-labs.comRocky Mountain Instrument CompanySI-Technology, LLC. requirements currently met by syringe,a surgeon-founded company with a vision to technology, optimized for vaccineDesigning the next generation of(RMI)Fort Collinscassette, and ambulatory pump configurations. commercialize innovative spine technologies administration, with two device platforms andbio-instrumentation tools. FocusedLafayettewww.si-technology.cothat help surgeons improve their patients regulatory clearance for all three tissue depths. on research tools, such as singlewww.rmico.comOrthopedic medical device companyStrivisionquality of life and advance the standard of cell analyzers and cell sorters. Designs and manufactures optics,developing new techniques and implantsAuroracare.S3s Synergy Disc, is the only artificialPhilipsand coatings (ultraviolet through faras part of the patent pending SI-DESISstrivision.comcervical disc on the market that can restoreColorado SpringsProtocastinfrared) for the medical industry. Sacroiliac Joint Implant System to help assistCreating a new form of visual analytics forboth motion and alignment to the spine.www.philips.comCommerce Cityphysicians address the need for treatment,breathing analysis using a combined hardware-Develops, manufactures, markets, andwww.protcast.com Sana Health, Inc.fixation, and proper fusion of painful andsoftware solution for respiratory diagnostics.Tapeless Wound Care Products, LLC. distributes single-use medical devicesManufactures non-ferrous prototype partsLafayettedysfunctional sacroiliac joints (SIJ). The technology is building a new foundationEnglewood used in minimally invasive proceduresfor the medical industry, specializes inwww.sana.iofor image-based respiratory analysis. Manufactures and distributes a system within the cardiovascular system. RPM (Rubber Plaster Mold) casting, sandSana is a neuromodulation wearable for theSinuTecof patented secondary wound dressing casting, and rapid investment casting. control of chronic pain, addiction, and anxiety.Denver Stryker Sports Medicineretention devices, offering an alternative Point DesignsSana uses audio/visual stimulation to guidewww.sinutec.comGreenwood Villageto traditional secondary wound dressings, LafayetteProtomed, Inc.the user into a state of relaxation effects,SinuTec is a company that designs, develops,www.stryker.comfor both humans and animals.www.pointdesignsllc.comWestminsterthe device consistently increases underlyingmanufactures, and distributes products thatStrykers Sports Medicine business Point Designs strives to innovate in thewww.protomed.netneuroplasticity - which enables it to dramaticallyfocus on improving outcomes to currentdelivers a wide range of innovative sports field of upper limb prosthetics. Creates accurate anatomical modelsimpact base pain and anxiety levels over time. surgical practice and optimization of themedicine implants, instrumentation, from CT scans by using the latest imaginghealing process to promote well-ventilated,resection, and biologic solutions.software and laser driven technology. patent pathways for sinus drainage for patients who suffer from chronic sinusitis.46 BIOSCIENCECOLORADO 2022-2023 2022-2023 BIOSCIENCECOLORADO 47'