b'CardiostCochlear Americas CorNav CorporationDouble Black Imaging EndoShape, Inc.FieldLineDenverCentennialBoulderWestminsterBoulderBoulder www.cardiost.comwww.cochlear.comCorNav is developing tools to access and imagedoubleblackimaging.comwww.endoshape.comfieldlineinc.com Cardiost is a medical device company focusedGlobal leader in implantable hearingthe heart epicardium for delivery of therapies.Manufactures clinical review monitorsManufactures surgical and medical instrumentsThe FieldLine HEDscan system is a non-on Congestive Heart Failure, a chronic diseasesolutions. Manufacturer of NucleusAccess is minimally invasive from under thethat are specially designed for versatilefocusing on shape memory polymerinvasive, wearable magnetoencephalography affecting over 6 million Americans and 26cochlear implants and the Baharib cage; no bloodstream or groin puncture.clinical healthcare applications. devices for endolumenal application. (MEG) device based on our optically-million people worldwide. Cardiost has found aprogrammable bone conduction system. Electrophysiologists are increasingly usingpumped magnetometer (OPM) sensor new approach to improve the health conditionsthis approach but using tools off label.Double HelixenlightenVuetechnology. Small quantum sensors areand quality of life for patients requiring some Colibri Heart ValveBoulderDenverplaced directly on the head to record and type of long-term Mechanical CirculatoryLouisvilleCuattrowww.doublehelixoptics.comwww.enlightenvue.commap neural activity with high fidelity. Support (MCS) - be it Bridge to Transplantationwww.colibrihv.comGoldenDevelops and commercializes computationalSpecializes in bringing micro-endoscope (BTT) of Destination Therapy (DT). Researches and develops novelwww.cuattro.comoptical-digital technologies used in rangetechnology to the medical device market by Fifth Arm Surgical, Inc.heart valve technologies. Flat panel digital radiography systemsestimation, super-resolution microscopy, andinnovating low-cost disposable alternatives. Colorado Springs Car-May, LLC. that improve efficiency and worklflow,3D imaging. Double Helixs core technologiesfiftharmsurgical.com BerthoudColorado Precision Products, Inc.increase productivity and lower costs. include the Double Helix-Point Spread Function EnteroTrackFifth Arm Surgical, Inc., a company formedwww.car-may.comBouldermethod for 3D super-resolution imaging. Auroraby an end user, desires to provide improved Provides pumping capability, fluidwww.coloradoprecision.com Darwin Biosciencesenterotrack.comvisualization during laparoscopic and roboticmeasurement, and flow controlProvides diamond turned and polishedBoulder dpiX, Inc.The EnteroTracker A quick, minimallyassisted laparoscopic surgery procedures. all in one compact module. optics/parts. Fabricator of X-ray telescopedarwin.bioColorado Springsinvasive, office-based procedure to collectThe Fifth Arm Surgical patented suction optical components. Produces and offers airDarwin Biosciences is developing testingwww.dpix.commucosal samples from the upper GI tract. device provides full access suction capabilitiesCerapedicsbearing LVDT contact linear measurementto aid in the infection disease detectionProduces high-resolution amorphous siliconto the laparoscopic surgical field. Westminstersystems, .05 microinch resolution. process. We specialize in identifying people(a-Si) sensor arrays for medical X-ray imaging.EvoEndo www.cerapedics.comwho are asymptomatic or pre-symptomaticEnglewoodFischer Imaging Developing and commercializing novelColorado Therapeuticsfor common infectious diseases. EAG Laboratoriesevoendo.comDenver osteobiologic products based on aBroomfieldFort CollinsModified a medical endoscopic techniquewww.fischerimaging.com proprietary small peptide technology,www.co-therapeutics.com dBMEDxwww.eag.comfor pediatric and created a new multi-useFischer Imaging is focused on improvingP-15 on anorganic bone mineral (ABM). Developing xenogenic biologic tissueLittletonThis EAG location has supported the defense,endoscope for use in pediatrics and adults. outcomes for cancer patients with advanced matrix products for a broad range ofwww.dbmedx.comaerospace, and medical device industriesimaging. Our proprietary technology CereHealthsoft tissue reinforcement, regenerative,Developing next-generation, automated,since its founding in 1973. The laboratory is Eximis Surgical, Inc.doubles the resolution and contrast ofLittletonand additional applications. wireless 3D ultrasound devices. a leader in internal gas composition analysisLouisvilletodays mammography using less than www.cerescan.com(frequently denoted as RGA) and Cumulativewww.eximissurgical.comhalf the x-ray dose and removes the Combines brain imaging technologies with aConMed CorporationDenver Optic CompanyHelium Leak Detection (CHLD) services forDeveloping a novel surgical platform for theneed for painful breast compression.patient-centered model of care to provide theGreenwood VillageEnglewoodensuring reliability of critical componentssafe and fast removal of large specimens highest level of neurodiagnostics available. www.conmed.comwww.eyeprosthetics.comin military and aerospace technology. through small laparoscopic/robotic incisions. Fischer MedicalDesigns and manufactures RF electrosurgicalSpecializes in the fitting and fabricationWheat Ridge Certa Dosegenerators and accessories of the highestof two types of ocular prosthesis. Edgeport SurgicalExtreme Diagnosticswww.fischermti.com Denverquality, safety, and value for use in surgicalBoulder BoulderDesigns, manufactures, and markets www.certadose.comprocedures performed in virtually everyDePuy Synthes, Companies of Johnson &Medical product developmentwww.extremediagnostics.comcardiac and otolaryngology devices.Unique measuring system that helps eliminatehospital, surgery center, and physicians office. Johnsonand investment company. Develops noninvasive measurement dosing errors in pediatric patients. Monumentsystems, including optical systems such asFlashBack Technologies CoorsTekwww.synthes.comEJ BioMed - A Division of Eldon Jamescustom holographic and interferometricLouisville Clean Room Devices, LLC. GoldenDevelops, produces, and markets instruments,Corporationinstruments. Specializes in structuralwww.flashbacktechnologies.com Westminsterwww.coorstek.comimplants, and biomaterials for the surgicalDenverhealth monitoring, nondestructiveFast, non-invasive detection of acute blood www.cleanroomdevices.comCustom engineering, materials expertise,fixation, correction, and regeneration ofwww.eldonjames.comtesting, and materials processing. loss volume and prediction of cardiovascular Clean Room Devices, Inc. manufacturesoperational excellence, and rapid execution. the human skeleton and its soft tissues. Manufactures, assembles and packagescollapse in emergency situations.a line of quality clean room equipmentPVC Free tubing and connectors in aExum Instruments designed to cut medical tubing, expandCoreLogix MedicalDesert Glass Workssingle cleanroom environment. DenverFlourish Medical tubing, and insert barbed fittings intoHighlands RanchColorado Springswww.exuminstruments.comBouldermost types of flexible tubing.www.corelogixmedical.comwww.dgw.comElectronic Materials, Inc. (EMI)Exum builds instruments and softwareflourish-medical.com CoreLogix Medical was formed to developManufactures quartzware for theBreckenridgeecosystems to increase the speed ofFlourish is a single use, disposable product forClearSightand bring to market an innovative bonemedical and research industries. www.emiuv.comdevelopment and discovery, offering easythe management of stress urinary incontinenceAuroragraft technology specifically for sternalOffers a complete line of EMCAST UV adhesives,access to high-performance at a low cost. - urine leakage that occurs with coughing, www.clearsightiol.comhealing and fusion. Our solution is a patent- Die Cut Technologiesepoxies, sealants, encapsulants, and coatings.sneezing, laughing or other physical activity.Developing an intraocular lens to givepending, life-changing technology thatNorthglennEMI also offers room temperature, thermal,Ezalife, LLC.ophthalmologists a comprehensive solutionaddresses sternal healing complicationswww.diecuttech.comand visible light cure adhesive systems. AuroraFootbeat to reduce posterior capsule opacification.and exorbitant healthcare costs. Offers precision material conversion,www.ezalife.comGrand Junction The ClearSight IOL features Sharklet, askilled assembly, and manufacturingEleven P15Ezalife designs and develops medicalwww.footbeat.com micropattern designed to redirect cellular Corgenix Medical Corporationefficiencies, including cleanroom facilities. Auroradevices that make life easier for infants,Footbeat uses non-invasive footmigration away from the field of vision. Broomfieldelevenp15.comchildren, and adults with complex medicalcompression to reduce pain and swelling www.corgenix.comDiversatek HealthcareDiagnostic biotech company enablingneeds. Its first product, the Button Huggie,and get you back on your feet again. Cobio DiagnosticsCorgenix has 30 years as an FDA registeredHighlands Ranchearly diagnosis and treatment ofis a precision-designed, low profile GoldenGMP IVD manufacturer. We are a CRO/CMOwww.diversatekhealthcare.comidiopathic pulmonary fibrosis. gastrostomy button securement device.ForCast Orthopedics www.cobio.cothat provides R&D services, clinical/analyticalDesigns, manufactures, andLongmont Cobio Diagnostics is a life sciencestesting in our on-site CAP/CLIA laboratory. Ourdistributes diagnostic productsEncision, Inc.Falcon Rehabilitation Productswww.forcastortho.com biotechnology company dedicated to theregulatory expertise has brought over 50 assaysfocused on gastroenterology. BoulderDenverFocused on improving total joint patient development and commercialization ofto market and earned an EUA in 2021. Corgenixwww.encision.comwww.falconrehab.net/products/care, ForCast Orthopedics will incorporate rapid, next-generation, phage-amplifiedis certified to MDSAP and ISO 13485:2016.DNTLworks Equipment CorporationDesigns and manufactures innovative surgicalDesigns and builds high quality, innovativeantibiotic reservoir and novel infusion diagnostics for bacterial ID and phenotypicCentennialdevices. Developed AEM Laparoscopicquadriplegic seating systems and accessories. system within a total knew prosthesis detection of antibiotic resistance.www.dntlworks.comInstruments to improve electrosurgeryto replicate improved patient outcomes Manufactures portable, mobile, andand reduce the chance for patientwith simpler pain management.self-contained dental systems. injury in minimally invasive surgery.42 BIOSCIENCECOLORADO 2022-2023 2022-2023 BIOSCIENCECOLORADO 43'