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BIOTECHNOLOGY,AxImmune Bolder BioTechnology, Inc.NorthglennEnglewoodAuroraFort CollinsBoulder www.tartanortho.comDevelops and manufactures innovativewww.verkkobiomedical.comPHARMACEUTICAL,aximmune.comwww.bolderbio.com Manufactures sacro lumbar belts, dorsalrespiratory therapy products that advanceCommercializing combustion synthesisAND RELATED Ax101 is a small molecule immuno- Bolder BioTechnology is a clinical stage lumbar belts (corsets and moldable inserts),medical therapy for persons requiringtechnology and manufacturing medical gradeoncology drug with potent anti-tumor activityprotein engineering company dedicated to Ottenberg style elbow splint, pelvic tractioncontinuous supplemental oxygen, including thecustomized alpha-, beta-phase tricalciumwhen used as a single agent, dramaticallyproviding patients with easier to use, safer, and belts, arm slings, cervical collars, acromioclaSCOOP transtracheal oxygen therapy system. phosphates as precursor components.AGC Biologicsreducing the size of lymphoma in somemore cost effective protein pharmaceuticals- vicular splints, and ankle supports. Boulder/Longmont/Washingtonpatients and stabilizing growth in othersfor the treatment of their disease.Transverse Medical, Inc.ViewRayagcbio.comwith intact immune systems while causing TeraBATDenverDenver/OhioAGC Biologics is a leading global contractno significant drug related adverse effects.Bond PetsWestminsterwww.transversemedical.comwww.viewray.comdevelopment and manufacturing organizationAurora www.terabat.comTransverse Medical, Inc. is developing the POINT- Dedicated to giving clinicians new and better(CDMO), dedicated to the development Aytu BioPharmawww.bondpets.comDeveloping a disruptive detectionGUARD Dynamic Cerebral Embolic Protectionways to treat cancer with radiation therapy. and manufacture of biopharmaceuticals,EnglewoodIn a process similar to craft brewing, we start platform based on terawaves(CEP) medical device to address the devastatingfrom preclinical to commercial. www.aytubio.comwith live cells from an animal (no slaughter technologies that will revolutionizeand costly problem of stroke during the largeVitan-Biotech, LLC. We truly offer our customers an end-to-endrequired) and feed them a nutrient-rich disease diagnosis and patient care. and growing number of heart valve proceduresAurora Arpeggio Biosciencespartnership for the research, development, andbroth of vitamins and minerals. The samethat occur annually around the world, such aswww.vitan-biotech.comBouldermanufacture of small molecule therapeuticsones an animal would eat on farm andTerumo Blood and Cell TechnologiesTranscatheter Aortic Valve Replacement (TAVR). Specializes in the development andarpeggiobiosciences.comat every stage of the drug lifecycle.field, only without the pharmaceuticals.Lakewoodcommercialization of life scienceArpeggio Biosciences leverages state of the art www.terumobct.comTriopsyinstrumentation, novel biosensingsequencing approaches coupled to powerfulBCell Solutions, Inc.Boulder BioScience A global leader in blood component andAurorasystems, and diagnostic devices. machine learning to uncover novel insights intoColorado SpringsBoulder cellular technologies, it is the only companywww.triopsy.coma compounds biological mechanism of action. bcellsolutions.comboulderbioscience.com with the unique combination of apheresisTriopsy will create opportunity across Vitro3DEstablished to further research andBoulder BioScience, LLC., is a privatelycollections, manual and automated wholethree key market segments: medical device,Arvada Artisan Biodevelop a new drug therapy for theheld biotech firm that has developedblood processing, and pathogen reductionpathology systems, and mapping systems forvitro3d.comLouisvillevarious forms of autoimmune diseases,a small molecule modulator of the Aryl coupled with leading technologies inmore accurate diagnosis. Our novel biopsyVitro3D is revolutionizing 3D-printingartisancells.comneurodegenerative diseases, and cancer. Hydrocarbon Receptor (AhR). The API therapeutic apheresis and cell processing. and pathology technology will assess morefor the life sciences industry by bringingA designer cell engineering and big datais directed to breakthrough clinical use accurately the precise tumor location, exactvolumetric 3D printers to market with aanalysis platform to more rapidly generate Beryl Therapeuticstreating Acute Ischemic Stroke (AIS). TheraTogs, Inc.size, disease type and stage, genomic analysis,beachhead market in the dental industry.safer and more efficacious cell therapies. Boulder Tellurideand pathway to personalized medicine. www.beryltherapeutics.comBoulder Scientific Company www.theratogs.comWalkMed LLC. Atara BiotherapeuticsUsing Lipidomics to improve quality of life inMead Produces an orthotic undergarment andTriSalus Life SciencesAuroraAurora/Californiahumans and animals.Starting with bone. www.bouldersci.com strapping system that gives clients withWestminsterwww.walkmed.comwww.atarabio.comProvides organometallic compounds sensorimotor impairment a new modality fortrisaluslifesci.comOffers solutions for ambulatory infusionFocused on developing meaningful therapies Biogento the pharmaceutical, polymer, andimproving postural alignment and stability. Developing advanced liver cancer infusiontherapy and pain management. for patients with severe and life-threateningMassachusettsspecialty chemical industries.systems that overcome the limitations ofdiseases. Product candidates: (a) allogeneicwww.biogen.com Thinklabs Medical, LLC. traditional tools and delivery methods. Wi Medical Device Developmentor third-party derived antigen-specific T-cells,Biogen discovers, develops, and delivers Brickell Biotech, Inc.CentennialEnglewoodand (b) molecularly targeted biologics. worldwide innovative therapies forBoulder www.thinklabs.comTRS, Inc.www.wiinc.netpeople living with serious neurologicalwww.brickellbio.com Creates digital stethescopes, includingBoulderDesigns and engineers medicalAtlas Biologicals, Inc.and neurodegenerative diseases.A clinical-stage pharmaceutical company One, the smallest, most powerfulwww.trsprosthetics.comdevices, including innovative servicesFort Collinsfocused on the development of innovative stethescope in the world. Develops, manufactures, and markets body- such as laser welding, assay design,www.atlasbio.com BioMarin Pharmaceuticalsand differentiated therapeutics forpowered prosthetic devices. Designs andand air bubble management. Manufacture, market, and distributeCaliforniathe treatment of skin diseases.Thrombo Therapeuticsbuilds technology for persons missing hands. animal sera and cell culture reagents. www.biomarin.com AuroraXtract MedicalBioMarin is a world leader in developing and Bristol-Myers Squibbthrombotherapeutics.comTUMI GenomicsLouisvilleAttillaps Pharmaceuticalscommercializing innovative biopharmaceuticalsNew York Developing diagnostic tools to help assessBoulderXtract Medical has built and patented aDenverfor rare diseases driven by genetic causes www.bms.com treatments for traumatic bleeding tumigenomics.comdisruptive technology in stroke treatmentattillapsholdings.comGlobal biopharmaceutical company TUMI Genomics is an early stage molecularthat significantly improves patientAttillaps is a developmental stageBiomimetix JV, LLC. dedicated to discovering, developing and Tissue Fusiondiagnostics company founded by fouroutcomes, fits with existing catheters,pharmaceutical company, pioneering a novelGreenwood Village delivering innovative medicines that help Colorado SpringsCU-Boulder Alumni. Our mission is toand simplifies the surgeons life. drug platform for the treatment of inflammatorybiomimetixpharma.compatients prevail over serious diseases.Surgically fuses tissues together using lasercreate and provide sensitive, robustconditions in ophthalmology and dermatology . A biopharmaceutical corporation developing energy instead of staples or sutures. diagnostic solutions that are accessibleZimViecompounds for the treatment of various Cambrexto non-laboratory professionals. WestminsterAurora Oncologydisease and health care treatmentLongmont/North Carolina TissueFormzimvie.comAuroraclassifications such as radiation toxicitywww.cambrex.com BoulderVaporox, Inc.ZimVie is a global life sciences leaderwww.auroraoncology.comincurred during the treatment of cancer. Cambrex is the leading small molecule company www.tissueforminc.comLone Treein the dental and spine markets thatAurora Oncology is developing drugs tothat provides drug substance, drug product, Tissue Form is dedicated to improvingwww.vaporox.comdevelops, manufactures, and delivers atreat superficial bladder cancer and toBioPlxand analytical services across the entire drug clinical outcomes at lower costs for patientsVaporox, Inc. was formed to commercializecomprehensive portfolio of products andtreat drug resistant bacterial infections. Boulderlifecycle. Driven by passion, our pharmaceutical suffering from tissue disease, injury, orVaporous Hyperoxia Therapy (VHT), asolutions designed to treat a wide range ofwww.bioplx.comproducts, expertise, and technologies deterioration from aging enabled throughpatented and FDA-510K-cleared technology thatspine pathologies and support dental toothAvidity, LLC. BioPlx is an advanced microbiomics companyaccelerate our customers small molecule proprietary in-situ stem cell therapies represents a breakthrough in treating 7 differentreplacement and restoration procedures.Auroradeveloping non-antibiotic methods for thetherapeutics into markets across the world.types of skin wounds, including diabetic footwww.avidity.comcontrol of infectious disease, including multiple-Touch of Life Technologies, Inc. (ToLTech)ulcers (DFUs) and pressure ulcers (bed sores). Zynex Medical, Inc.Develops and sells molecular affinitydrug resistant super-bugs. The companyCell Theranostics AuroraEnglewoodtools for connecting molecules. employs targeted microbiological agentsCentennial www.toltech.netVelocity Scienceswww.zynexmed.comalong with nutrient, and signaling factors tocelltheranostics.com Develops procedural simulators in theBoulderOffers electrotherapy products, utilizingcreate unique and protectable formulations. Develops novel radiopharmaceutical areas of orthopedics, gastroenterology,velocitysciences.comvarious methods of non-invasive muscleimaging agents, radiotherapeutic agents rheumatology, radiology, ophthalmology,At Velocity Sciences we strive to createstimulation and electromyography technology, BioResponse, LLC. and local regional radio/chemotherapeuticand general surgical procedures. innovative diagnostic products and servicesInterferential Current (IFC), and TranscutaneousBoulderdrug delivery systems for the diagnosis, that improve human health. We do that byElectrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS). www.bioresponse.comtreatment, and post therapy assessment of working with our strategic partners to createResearches, develops, and commercializescancer, cardiovascular disease, infectious new assay technologies and innovativedietary supplements for betterdisease, and metabolic diseases.solutions to address some of the worldsabsorption and functional foods.toughest problems in human diagnostics. 48 BIOSCIENCECOLORADO 2022-2023 2022-2023 BIOSCIENCECOLORADO 49'