b'Foresight DiagnosticsGuided Surgical SolutionsInfinity Photo-Optical Company Lazzaro MedicalMallinda, LLC. Mikron CorporationAuroraDenverCentennialBoulder DenverEnglewood www.foresight-dx.comwww.guidedsurgicalsolutions.comwww.infinity-usa.comlazzaromed.comwww.mallinda.comwww.mikron.com Foresight Diagnostics is a molecularGuided Surgical Solutions utilizes state ofManufactures long-distance andLazzaro Medical has created a suite ofAdvancing the state of polymer with theSupplies transfer machining systems diagnostics company that is developingthe art software & 3D printing technologycontinuously-focusable microscopeproducts and methodologies that support itsdevelopment of the first hard plasticfor complex parts, cutting tools with non-invasive cancer detection technologiesto ensure a more safe, accurate, andtechnology, macro systems, internal- robotic, minimally invasive TBM procedure,that can be repeatedly molded andhigh performance standards, self to improve the lives of patients worldwide.efficient surgery. Surgical outcome isfocusing devices, and other lenses. Minimal Invasive Tracheal Repair (MITR) reshaped at mild temperatures. medication, and diagnostic devices.more predictable for follow-up treatment GDxLABresulting in the best possible aesthetic Innovatus ImagingLenox MacLaren Surgical InstrumentsMed-BoticsMile High Ophthalmics Englewoodand functional results for your patient. DenverLouisvilleColorado SpringsAurora gdxlab.comwww.innovatusimaging.comwww.lenoxmaclaren.comwww.med-botics.comOphthalmic device for enhanced GDxLab is a full-service CLIA accreditedGyroStimInnovatus operates an engineering, testing,Manufactures precision orthopedic andDevelopment of medical devices for preventionprecision in cataract surgery.high complexity clinical laboratoryColorado Springsregulatory compliance, and FDA registeredneurological surgical instruments. of apnea, hypoxemia, and overdose from established to provide the highestwww.gyrostim.comcontract manufacturing site. Design,medication causing respiratory depression. Momentum Optics, LLC. quality healthcare and diagnostic testingApplying advanced technologies todevelopment, and testing of specialty productsLifeboardLongmont services to medical practitioners andphysiological and neurological needs.and ultrasound arrays take place in this facilityFort Collins Medtronic www.momentumoptics.compatients in the city of Englewood regionsin addition to quality and regulatory activity.Device that captures, displays, andBoulder/Louisville/MinnesotaMomentum Optics, LLC. is solving the immediately south of Denver. Hach Companyrecords all essential data duringwww.medtronic.comproblem of long lead-times for custom LovelandInstec, Inc.time-critical medical events. Medtronic, along with our partners inoptical lenses, a pain point for manyGelSanawww.hach.comBoulderhealthcare, develop meaningful innovations.companies as they seek a first-to-marketAuroraManufactures and distributes analyticalwww.instec.com LightDeck DiagnosticsIn Colorado we have 2,400 employeesadvantage in an effort to capture earlygelsanatherapeutics.cominstruments and reagents used to test theManufactures precision temperatureBoulderfocused on life-changing technologies for usemarket share and create brand awareness.GelSana is a Colorado-based biomaterialsquality of water and other aqueous solutions. controllers and microscope hot stage systemslightdeckdx.comin neuro, spine, and general surgery. From company developing new products to helpfor temperature cycling, food sciences,The LightDeck platform combines anpatient monitoring and respiratory solutions Nanospot.ai, Inc.heal chronic wounds faster. Our novel hydrogel HeartHeromaterials characterization, forensics, polymersadvanced laser waveguide with novel materialsto advanced surgical navigation, imaging, AIwww.nanospot.aiwound healing gels help with inflammationDenverand liquid crystals, and microbiology. and patented manufacturing techniques toand robotics. We strive to solve some of theNanoSpot.ai gives you AI-driven and additionally are able to provide sustainedhearthero.comdeliver lab-quality results anywhere, in minutes.worlds most complex medical challenges. diagnostics in the palm of your hand that delivery of therapeutics over time. Developing automated external defibrillator Integrated Molecular DiagnosticsThe LightDeck platform is achieving success inare fast, accurate, and affordable.Pathology, Inc.veterinary diagnostics and for environmentalMesa Laboratories, Inc. Genesee BioMedical, Inc. HepQuant, LLC. Auroratesting. LightDeck is also introducing aLakewoodNEBA Health, LLC. DenverAurorawww.imdpath.comportfolio of in vitro diagnostic panels, thewww.mesalabs.comBoulder www.geneseebiomedical.comwww.hepquant.comSolves problems presented by non-targetedfirst is an on-the-spot test for COVID-19. Provides dialysis meters and relatedwww.nebahealth.com Manufactures cardiac surgeryHepQuant-E is non-invasive, uses stablecancer care by providing oncologists andsupplies to dialysis clinics worldwide. Develops neuropsychiatric medical instruments and devices. (not radioactive) isotopes, and relies onpathologists with advanced genomic testing asLiquid Logicdevices, such as Neba, an experimental, natural, well-defined hepatic functionsa means of targeting cancer care based on theAuroraMicro Imaging Solutions, LLC. small format EEG-based device being Genovus Biotechnologies, Inc.to measure the portal circulation. detection and identification of abnormalitieswww.liquid-logic.comDenverstudied under an IDE from the FDA.Louisvillethat may be found in cancerous tumors. Developed a proprietary digital microfluidicswww.micro-imaging.us genovusbiotech.comHirsh Precision Products, Inc.technology based on electrowetting thatDeveloped an innovative, patented technologyNeuro Assessment Systems Develops biophysical medicine-basedBoulderIntelligent Imaging Innovations (3i)precisely manipulates small dropletsthat can be utilized in the manufactureLittleton treatments for neuromuscular conditions.hirshprecisionproductsinc.com/Denverwithin a sealed disposable cartridge toofmicro-digital CMOS cameras. Provides an objective brain-based measure Its lead developmental product is aManufactures precision-machinedwww.intelligent-imaging.comperform complex laboratory protocols. of neurocognitive symptoms associated with non-invasive, neuromodulating medicaland assembled componentsDesigns and builds systems around the newestMicrobial Pulse Diagnosticsa wide range of brain health issues including device for the treatment of functionalfor the medical industry. automated fluorescence microscopes and LivaNovaBoulderconcussion and Alzheimers disease. symptoms of multiple sclerosis. the most advanced peripheral devices. ArvadaMicrobial Pulse Diagnostics will enable point- Hologicwww.livanova.comof-care data-driven antibiotic prescriptionsNeuromonics, Inc.Gnathodontics, Ltd. LouisvilleInvitaeGlobal medical device company and a leaderby providing physicians with a list of provenWestminster Lakewoodgynsurgicalsolutions.comBoulderin the treatment of cardiovascular diseases. effective drugs in under two hours. Itswww.neuromonics.com www.gnatho.comThe CoolSeal vessel sealing portfolio ofwww.invitae.comnanoscale sensing technology takes theManufactured and distributes clinically Specializes in functional dentistry,devices perform with the finesse of surgicalCreates catalog and custom next-generation Live Fully, Inc.pulse of the bacteria causing a urinary tractproven devices to treat tinnitus. Theadvanced implant work, precisioninstruments and the gold-standard efficacysequencing (NGS) assays that are purpose- Monumentinfection to quickly determine their phenotypicSanctuary provides situational relief for those partial dentures, combination cases,of advanced bipolar vessel sealing. built to identify mutations and genewww.livefullyinc.comsusceptibility or resistance to antibiotics. suffering from mild to moderate tinnitus.and metal-free fixed restorations. fusions from clinical sample types. Live Fully is a medical device design and Impressio, Inc.manufacturing company focused on lungMicrolife Medical Home Solutions, Inc.Neurotron Green Sun MedicalDenverIVEAdisease patients. We encourage active lifestylesGoldenAurora Fort Collinswww.impressio.techFort Collinsto regain hope and extend lives by embracingwww.mimhs.comwww.neurotron.com www.greensunmedical.comImpressio focuses on developing liquid- www.iveamobility.comtechnology in a field that has been devoid ofProprietary hand-held medical devicesThe Neurometer CPT is a unique Develops innovative treatments to addresscrystalline elastomers (LCEs) for use inDesigns and develops innovativeinnovation. Our products collect real-life dataand systemic solutions offer healthcareneurodiagnostic device that painlessly evalutes Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis (AIS)load-bearing orthopedic applications suchdurable medical equipment foras authorized by patients to optimize remoteproviders evidence-based andthe functioning of small unmylenated (C), small through non-fusion scoliosis solutions. as knee and total disk replacement.clinical healthcare markets. patient monitoring by their medical team. practice-tested methods for accuratemyelinated (A) and large myelinated (A) assessment, diagnosis, and treatment ofsensory nerve fibers at any cutaneous site.GT MolecularInDevR, Inc.Jortek Surgical, Inc. LumenAstracardiovascular and metabolic diseases. Fort CollinsBoulderBoulderBoulderOptiEnz Sensors www.gtmolecular.comwww.indevr.comwww.jortek.comwww.lumenastra.io Mighty Oak MedicalFort CollinsGT Molecular was created to develop newDevelops and manufactures biomedicalJortek develops novel orthopedicLumenAstra is commercializing aEnglewoodwww.optienz.com molecular detection technology for cancerinstruments including molecular diagnosticdevices primarily in the sports medicinepatent for a non-invasive, wearablewww.mightyoakmedical.comRevolutionizing measurement capabilities research and harmful pathogen detection.assays, virus measurement systems, andmarket. The primary objective iscore body temperature sensor. Develops cutting-edge spinal technologiesfor organic chemical concentrations in We have recently focused these powerfuldetection technologies for micro-arrays. preservation and restoration of patientsfor use in spine surgery. aqueous solutions; now providing continuous, tools on the detection of SARS-CoV-2 inmusculoskeletal system through medical,Magnelab, Inc.real-time, in-place sensor systems.wastewater to support communities aroundInfinity Laboratoriessurgical, and rehabilitative means. Longmont the country with their monitoring programs. Castle Rockwww.magnelab.com www.infinitylaboratories.comKoKo, LLC. Manufactures custom magnetic components Infinity Laboratories operates from aLongmont(transformers/inductors) for the medical field.25,000+ square foot state-of-the-artwww.kokopft.com facility. With enhanced focus in theDevelops, manufactures, and markets areas of chemical and microbiologicalrespiratory care products and services sciences, we support manufacturers andfocused on cardiopulmonary diagnostics, 44 BIOSCIENCECOLORADO 2022-2023 researchers throughout the world. respiratory core lab services, and2022-2023 BIOSCIENCECOLORADO 45disease management solutions.'