b'That allowed Cerapedics to bring itsanimal health and protein engineeringColorado played a role as well, and it wasThe data-driven medicine company Memphis-based third-party distributioncommunities. Zoetis Research Directoralso just the peopleCSU has been sohas developed and markets an artificial operations to its headquarters, alongsideLisa Bergeron, Ph.D., moved fromopen and accepting and accommodating,intelligence platform that precisely its manufacturing, lab, research andMichigan to Boulder to continue her workto help build a facility there. analyzes medical data, including radiomic development, and backoffice operations.signatures of medical imaging and genomic data to support cancer and The company credits the Colorado lifehereditary disorder research. It now sciences ecosystem as a key factor in itsfacilitates one of the largest information growth, including an ample talent poolecosystems in the world, with more than and a collaborative environment. The1,000 hospitals worldwide using theJurgi Camblong, Ph.D. community in Colorado is more genuineSOPHiA Platform to support researchSOPHiA GENETICSand real, in the sense that you really,institutions and hospitals with highlyCEO and Co-Founder truly can call up somebody and ask accurate data.them for help and advice, said Sawyer.expansion delayed, the company chose to You dont get that anywhere else. YouWith the twin goal to expand its researchjoin the battle against the virus, teaming get the collective. and its presence in North America, inwith longtime partner and genetic test Cerapedics producesMarch 2020 the company selected theprovider Paragon Genomics to offer a test The COVID-19 outbreak offers a timelyi-FACTOR, a drug-deviceFitzsimons Innovation Community incovering 99% of the SARS-CoV-2 gene set, combination.example. CBSA serves as a clearinghouseAurora as home for a new facility, bringingotherwise known as its genome. Then, for information about the state response100 new jobs including data science andwithin just two months SOPHiA GENETICS and financial resources, and just to beas part of the companys biotherapeuticsThe companys developing relationshipIT specialists to Colorado. Aurora stoodbuilt the AI-powered solution to analyze able to have names you can contact,research and development. with the Colorado life sciences ecosystemout from other candidate locations notthe viral genome. They can now compare people who you know will help youalso is bearing other fruit. only because of the local talent pool andinsights from the viral data with human that can help youthat just means theShortly after Bergeron arrived,central U.S. location but also becausehost genetic information, providing world, Sawyer said. Zoetis doubled down on its ColoradoWe have been communicating withof the thriving bioscience community,a valuable resource for researchers to investments, signing an agreement in Julysome of the biotechs across Coloradoaccording to Kevin Puylaert, the companysfurther medical knowledge. ZOETIS: FORT COLLINS 2019 with Colorado State University toand are starting to build up somevice president of business development.establish the Zoetis Incubator Researchcollaborations and have conversations,Back in Colorado, SOPHiA has seen encour-Contact with the larger life sciences com- Lab to develop new immunotherapies forBergeron said. The community reallyWe considered every major metropolitanaging signs from the pandemic response munity also lured Zoetis to the state. Thecattle. The 3,000 square-foot facility labseems to be growing, and so we arearea in the United States that had anyacross the states life sciences community.company of 10,600 employees worldwideopened in January of 2020. really fortunate in being able to bescientific bent whatsoever, he said. It still spun off from Pfizer in 2013 and is a leadera part of it and for the collaborationhas to come down to just that one piece ofThe community rose to the occasion and in the discovery, development and sale ofThe company considered multipleopportunities that weve seen so far. the equation, which was the people. Theopenly, earnestly collaborated, Puylaert vaccines, medicines and feed additives forlocations for the incubator laboratory,people in Aurora and that marketplaceobserved. So it just reaffirmed our choice. pets and livestock. Zoetis offers a portfoliobut Colorado just seemed like theSOPHIA GENETICS:just seemed so keenincredibly keen onWere coming to the right place. We know of 300 products available in more thanobvious choice, Bergeron noted. ZoetisFITZSIMONS INNOVATIONhaving a technology company like SOPHiAthat this is a place where everybody 100 countries and boasts annual revenuesfollows the science, and it was clear thatCOMMUNITY IN AURORAjoin their community. And for us, that waswill pull together to make these rapid of more than $6 billion.CSU has some of the most innovativethe deciding factor. advancements in data management, data science around infectious diseases asLikewise, Lausanne, Switzerland-basedpooling and knowledge-sharing. The The company established operations inwell as veterinary medicine. The vibrantSOPHiA GENETICS chose ColoradoHowever, those plans were put on holdcollaboration portion of that is of great Colorado to take advantage of the statesbioscience community in the state ofbecause of the people. due to the COVID-19 pandemic. With theinterest, and its what were all about.10BIOSCIENCECOLORADO//2020-2021 BIOSCIENCECOLORADO//2020-202111'