b'into a more stable state will be to identifyThis crisis continues to spur agility,Health innovation will end this crisis. Our ecosystem is making vital new ways to keep people safe and stillinnovation, and collaboration all over the foster the social micro-interactions thatstate as companies adjust to new customercontributions to this global effort.are fundamental to scientific pursuit.habits and adopt reimagined work models, says Markey. We are learningand want our ecosystem to thrive. Theycapital and growth, policy and advocacy,future. From the very beginning, everyone Research is fueled by people with passionfrom these rapid changes and seeing newprovide us with guidance about businessand workforce cultivation will endurepulled together and, without hesitation, for that new idea, that new finding, thatbenefits in technologies like telehealth,funds and assistance and how to keep ourwithin the life sciences communityoffered up their resources for the good chance to exert positive impacts on humanfor example. It has been astounding howessential life sciences researchers andalthough they, too, will be influenced byof patients and healthcare workers, health, longevity, and quality of life,quickly its taken off during the pandemicworkers safe. They helped ensure that thechanges rippling through the nationalexplored natural partnerships as well as says Flaig. And science is a more socialand has been particularly valuable to ourGeneral Assembly understood the valueand world economies.new and unexpected ones, learned from endeavor than we sometimes appreciate. Imore remote and rural communities. Thatsof the Advanced Industries Acceleratoreach other, and shared information, Jones Thomas Flaig, M.D. Vice Chancellor for Research think we are going to see a lot of thinkinglikely to be a lasting change with moreGrant Program and partnered with usUnexpected changes often serve asPaton reflects. Health innovation will end CU Denver and CU Anschutzand innovation around how to preserveimprovements on the horizon. to save it from damaging budget cuts.a growth engine and catalyze newthis crisis. Our ecosystem is making vital team-driven scienceand the individualTogether, we are committed to advancingways of thinking, invention, and ofcontributions to this global effort. It is a humanity needs science if we want topassions it drivesin a sociallythe vital work of our ecosystem andtransformative breakthroughs.privilege to see our ecosystem rise to every continue to persist and prosper. Thisdistanced world. supporting Colorados prosperity. new challenge the world throws its way.pandemic presents new incentives for theWith its passionate response, Colorados U.S. to rethink how we can best supportCommenting on the role that companiesIn both the near and long-term future,life sciences community is well positioned the life sciences and remain competitiveand organizations within the life sciencesJones Paton says priorities includingto survive, thrive, and create a better with other developed countries. ecosystem play in the states economy, Betsy Markey, executive director of the Thomas Flaig, M.D., vice chancellor ofColorado Office of Economic Development research at University of Colorado Denver& International Trade, notes that support and the University of Colorado Anschutzfor life sciences keeps Colorado strong and Medical Campus, also notes how urgencyready for future challenges. Betsy Markeysurrounding innovation has highlightedExecutive Director of the new ways to streamline the therapeuticLife sciences companies steady ourColorado OEDITdevelopment timeline.economy, she says. They represent stable, good-paying jobs and ensure thatJennifer Jones Paton, president and CEO Almost overnight, the timelines forColorado remains in a good position toof the Colorado BioScience Association, onboarding clinical trials compressed fromrespond to future disruptions because ofsays the pandemic only heightens the months to weeks, says Flaig. Of course,the strong ecosystem weve built here.communitys need for a pro-innovation a lot of that is due to the hard work andSupporting innovation and developmentenvironment to support the commitment dedication of staff and sponsors motivatedthrough programs like the Advancedto saving and changing lives around the to address the COVID crisis, but I thinkIndustries Accelerator Grant continue toworld.we will see an analysis of what happenedshowcase our state as a model for the differently and efforts to sustainablyrest of the country. CBSA collaborates with the State of harness those efficiencies in the future toColorado, the Office of Economic Develop-open more trials more quickly. Markey says challenging times unleashment and International Trade, chambers innovation and will ultimately yieldof commerce, and economic development Flaig notes that an approachingbenefits to residents of the state and allgroups, says Jones Paton. These partners challengeand opportunityas we settleover the world.recognize the impact of life sciences 6BIOSCIENCECOLORADO//2020-2021'