b'QUADRIC BIOMED, LLC anxiety. Sana uses audio/visual stimulationSHIPPERT MEDICAL TECHNOLOGIESST. RENATUS, LLC SUPREME CABLETERABAT Colorado Springs to guide the user into a state of relaxationAN INNOVIA MEDICAL COMPANY Fort Collins TECHNOLOGIES, INC. LongmontQuadric BioMed, LLC is a medical deviceeffects, the device consistently increasesCentennial www.st-renatus.com Denver www.terabat.comcompany developing novel dental implantsunderlying neuroplasticity - which enables itwww.shippertmedical.com First needle-free, dental anesthetic suitablewww.supremecable.com Developing a disruptive detection platform that mimic the emergence profile of naturalto dramatically impact base pain and anxietyManufactures and distributes medicalfor use in procedures involving most of theManufactures quality custom cablebased on terawaves technologies that teeth. Quadric BioMeds patented implantlevels over time. disposable products and instruments. upper teeth. Uses an accurate and sophisti- assemblies and wire harnesses. will revolutionize disease diagnosis and system integrates an eccentrically-shapedSAPIEN, LLC SINOPSYS SURGICAL cated method to anesthetize the upper teethCSURGICAL COATINGS, LLC patient care.platform and anchor screw in the jaw and isFort Collins Boulder without the risk and pain of a needle. Sedalia CTERUMO BLOOD AND CELLthe only technology that can anatomicallywww.sapienllc.com www.sinopsyssurgical.com STNDRD INFUSION www.surgicalcoatings.com TECHNOLOGIESmatch the profile of the teeth as they emergeAims to enhance the human experienceLacrimal Sinus Diversion offers functionalParker Surgical Coatings develops and appliesLakewoodfrom the bone. by providing innovative solutions to humantherapy for sufferers of chronic sinusitis withEarly-stage medical device company in theadvanced coatings onto medical devices.www.terumobct.comQUSPIN, INC. problems using sensory substitution,minimal response to current pharmaceuticaldrug infusion market with a standardizedThe purpose of the coatings applied includeA global leader in blood component Louisville human machine interfaces, and human- and surgical options. pump capable of performing the productinsulation, lubricity, abrasion resistance, andand cellular technologies, it is the only www.quspin.com machine integration. CSI-TECHNOLOGY, LLC requirements currently met by syringe, cas- a multitude of other customer needs. company with the unique combination Develops very high performanceSAPPHIRE TECHNOLOGY, LLC Fort Collins sette, and ambulatory pump configurations. SURGIREAL PRODUCTS of apheresis collections, manual and atomic sensors. Denver www.si-technology.co STRIVISION Fort Collins automated whole blood processing, and RADIOLOGICAL IMAGINGwww.sapphire-technology.com Orthopedic medical device companyAurora www.surgireal.com pathogen reduction coupled with leading technologies in therapeutic apheresis and TECHNOLOGY, INC. The SGS Instrument line is developeddeveloping new techniques and implantsstrivision.com Creates and introduces innovative productscell processing.Colorado Springs specifically to overcome the inherentas part of the patent pending SI-DESISCreating a new form of visual analyticsand methods for surgical training.www.radimage.com composite adhesion and pullback issuesSacroiliac Joint Implant System to help assistfor breathing analysis using a combinedSWAN VALLEY MEDICAL, INC. THERATOGS, INC.Provides clinical and research physicistsassociated with other composite instrumentsphysicians address the need for treatment,hardware-software solution for respiratoryDenver Telluridewith a high precision automated QA tool forcurrently at market in the dental field. fixation, and proper fusion of painful anddiagnostics. The technology is buildingwww.swanvalleymedical.com www.theratogs.comadvanced radiation therapies. SARTORIUS dysfunctional sacroiliac joints (SIJ). a new foundation for image-basedDeveloped a line of urology instruments thatProduces an orthotic undergarment and RAND-SCOT, INC. Arvada CSNOASIS MEDICAL respiratory analysis. allow for safer, faster, and more economicalstrapping system that gives clients with Fort Collins www.sartorius.us Denver STRYKER SPORTS MEDICINE treatment of common urological disorders. sensorimotor impairment a new modality for www.randscot.com Designs and manufacturers analyticalwww.snoasismedical.com Greenwood Village improving postural alignment and stability.Designs and manufactures products forbalances, electrochemistry instruments,Focused on the development and commer- www.stryker.com SYMBIOS TECHNOLOGIES, INC. THINKLABS MEDICAL, LLCpersons with disabilities including BBDmoisture analyzers, and titration controllers. cialization of regenerative tissue and medicalStrykers Sports Medicine business deliversFort Collins Centennialwww.symbiosplasma.com www.thinklabs.comCushions and Mattress Overlays, EasyPivotSCIENTECH, INC. device products for use in dental surgery. a wide range of innovative sports medicineCommercializing an aqueous plasma Patient Lifts, and Saratoga Exercise Products. Boulder SOFTRAY INC. implants, instrumentation, resection anddisinfection and advanced oxidationCreates digital stethescopes, including One, RESEARCH ELECTRO-OPTICS www.scientech-inc.com Fort Collins biologic solutions. technology platform with applicationsthe smallest, most powerful stethescope in Boulder Manufactures analytical instruments:www.softraybiodetection.com SUEZ WATER TECHNOLOGIES in fluid purification, plasma medicine,the world.www.reoinc.com semimicro balances, analytical balances,SoftRay develops, licenses, and manufacturesBoulder and specialty manufacturing to improveTHROMBO THERAPEUTICSVolume manufacturer of high precision thinsemi-analytical balances, and toploadingsystems for the detection of microorganismswww.suezwatertechnologies.com human and environmental health as wellAurorafilm coatings, optics and optomechanicalbalances for the medical industry. for industrial applications requiring sterileIndustry-leading water technology andas the economics and sustainability of foodthrombotherapeutics.comassemblies for the ultraviolet through theCSEASTAR MEDICAL fluids as well as for blood products. Currentlyprocess expertise to solve your toughestand beverage, agricultural, energy, andDeveloping diagnostic tools to help assess long-wave infrared. Denver developing a product for the detection ofwater, wastewater and process challenges. pharmaceutical production processes. treatments for traumatic bleeding.www.seastarmedical.com biocontamination of blood platelet donationsARETISSUE FUSIONROCKY MOUNTAIN INSTRUMENTSUMMITDX TAPELESS WOUND Cprior to transfusion.COMPANY (RMI) SeaStar Medical is a commercial- stageAurora PRODUCTS, LLC Colorado SpringsLafayette medical device company focused on devel- SONAURA www.summitdx.com Englewood Surgically fuses tissues together using laser www.rmico.com oping blood-based perfusion technologies toFort Collins Developed a saliva-based molecular test forManufactures and distributes a systemenergy instead of staples or sutures.Designs and manufactures optics andaddress life-threatening medical conditions. www.mysonaura.com head and neck cancer. of patented secondary wound dressingTISSUEFORMcoatings (ultraviolet through far infrared) forCSECURISYN MEDICAL Developed an electronic two waySUNDANCE DIAGNOSTICS, INC. retention devices, offering an alternative toBoulderthe medical industry. Highlands Ranch communication system between patient andBoulder traditional secondary wound dressings, forwww.tissueforminc.comY MOUNTAINwww.securisyn.com doctor, which represents a major advance inwww.sundancedx.com both humans and animals. Tissue Form is dedicated to improving ROCK IVF treatment allowing women undergoing ORTHODONTICS, INC. (RMO) Developing a safer system for deliveringWorking to develop the worlds first geneticTARTAN ORTHOPEDICS, LTD. clinical outcomes at lower costs for Denver life-sustaining oxygen to mechanicallyIVF treatment to perform their sonograms atsafety tests to predict a patients risk ofNorthglenn patients suffering from tissue disease, www.rmortho.com ventilated patients. home during the follicle stimulation cycle. antidepressant-induced suicidal thinkingwww.tartanortho.com injury, or deterioration from aging Serves all areas of orthodontics includingSHAPE OPHTHALMICS, LLC ST CARDIO TECHNOLOGIES, LLC or behavior. Manufactures sacro lumbar belts, dorsalenabled through proprietary in-situ stem pediatric orthodontic prevention, interceptiveAurora Broomfield SUNRISE MEDICAL, INC. lumbar belts (corsets and moldable inserts),cell therapiespediatric orthodontics, mixed dentitionDevelops state-of-the art devices andDesigns, develops, and manufacturesBoulder Ottenberg style elbow splint, pelvic traction orthodontics, adult orthodontics, reconstruc- electronic medical devices for use inbelts, arm slings, cervical collars, acromioclaTOUCH OF LIFE TECHNOLOGIES, INC. novel treatments for ophthalmic conditionswww.sunrisemedical.com (TOLTECH)tive dentistry orthodontics, TMJ orthodontics,through the application of advancedelectrophysiology cardiac cath labs. Provides home healthcare products including- vicular splints, and ankle supports. Aurorasurgical orthodontics and breathing/sleepsmart materials. wheelchairs, respiratory, daily living aids, andTDA RESEARCH, INC. www.toltech.netproblem related orthodontics. CSHARKLET TECHNOLOGIES, INC. speech augmentation devices. Wheat Ridge, Golden Develops procedural simulators in the CSANA HEALTH, INC. Aurora www.tda.com areas of orthopedics, gastroenterology, Lafayette www.sharklet.com Provides automated catalyst testingrheumatology, radiology, ophthalmology, and www.sana.io Engineers surface technologiesequipment to large chemical companies andgeneral surgical procedures.Sana is a neuromodulation wearable for(Sharklet) that control the growth ofnational laboratories.the control of chronic pain, addiction anddangerous bacteria.46BIOSCIENCECOLORADO//2020-2021 BIOSCIENCECOLORADO//2020-202147'