b'CBIODESIX, INC. CBOULDER IQ CCERAPEDICS CCOLORADO THERAPEUTICS transparent communication style. CorgenixDEPUY SYNTHES, COMPANIES OFBoulder Boulder Westminster Broomfield is certified to MDSAP andISO 13485:2016 .JOHNSON & JOHNSONwww.biodesix.com www.boulderiq.com www.cerapedics.com www.co-therapeutics.com Corgenix has offices in Denver CO andTokyoMonumentDevelops and commercializes blood-basedWe get medical devices done! We designDeveloping and commercializing novelDeveloping xenogenic biologic tissueJapan, and is part of theORGENTEC Groupwww.synthes.comtests that advance the speed and standardem, build em, package em & sterilize em!osteobiologic products based on amatrix products for a broad range of softbased in Mainz Germany Develops, produces and markets of care in oncology. Its diagnostics helpFull service for electromechanical productsproprietary small peptide technology, P-15tissue reinforcement, regenerative, andCORVECTRA, INC. instruments, implants and biomaterials patients and their doctors make more& disposables. With the only in-house,on anorganic bone mineral (ABM). additional applications. Fort Collins for the surgical fixation, correction and informed decisions about treatment based onquick-turnaround EO sterilizer in Colorado,CCERESCAN CONMED CORPORATION www.corvectra.com regeneration of the human skeleton and a patients unique molecular profile. let Boulder iQ get it done for you!nagementLittleton Greenwood Village Developing clinical tools that enableits soft tissues.BIOINTELLISENSE system services for the medical device andwww.cerescan.com www.conmed.com healthcare professionals to non-invasivelyDESERT GLASS WORKSAurora in vitro diagnostic (IVD) industries. TheCombines brain imaging technologies with aDesigns and manufactures RF electrosur- diagnose and treat patients with a singleColorado Springsbiointellisense.com company is ISO 13485:2016 certified throughpatient-centered model of care to provide thegical generators and accessories of thepoint of care device. www.dgw.comThe BioIntelliSense Data-as-a-Service (DaaS)Boulder BioMed. highest level of neurodiagnostics available. highest quality, safety and value forCUATTRO Manufactures quartzware for the medical platform and FDA-cleared BioStickerCBRAVA DIAGNOSTICS CERTA DOSE use in surgical procedures performed inGolden and research industries.on-body sensor are bringing medical gradeBoulder Denver virtually every hospital, surgery centerwww.cuattro.com DIE CUT TECHNOLOGIESmonitoring and management to the home forbravadx.com www.certadose.com and physicians office. Flat panel digital radiography systems thatNorthglennscalable remote care. Brava is developing a portfolio of point- Unique measuring system that helpsCONNEXALL improve efficiency and worklflow, increasewww.diecuttech.comBIOMATERIAL DEVICEof-care tests on the MBio LightDeckeliminate dosing errors in pediatric patients. Boulder productivity and lower costs. Offers precision material conversion, skilled platform for medical settings where INNOVATIONS, LLC lab-quality results are vital in makingCLEAN ROOM DEVICES, LLC www.connexall.com DARWIN AMERICAN LABS assembly and manufacturing efficiencies, Colorado Springs Enterprise-grade event management andincluding cleanroom facilities.www.biomaterialdevices.com time-critical decisions. The LightDeckWestminster control platform that delivers hospital-wideAuroraplatform consists of a robust, portablewww.cleanroomdevices.com darwinamericanlabs.com DIVERSATEK HEALTHCAREThe company is focused upon commercial- fluorescence analyzer and disposable,The company offers full clinical chemistryinteroperability to people, systems, tasks,Darwin American Labs is a BiosciencesHighlands Ranchization of implantable bioresorbable medicalmultiplex test cartridges. The testand Pharmacogenetic testing.and devices. Research Group specializing in privatewww.diversatekhealthcare.comdevices based upon proprietary technology. procedure is simple, enabling untrainedCOORSTEK research for academic and appliedDesigns, manufactures and distributes BIOVISION TECHNOLOGIES users to perform testing on-the-spot. WeCCLEARSIGHT Golden commercial solutions. We work withdiagnostic products focused on Golden have active product development programsAurora www.coorstek.com biotechnology, pharmaceutical and medicalgastroenterology.www.biovisiontech.com in COVID-19, host-response biomarkers forwww.clearsightiol.com Custom engineering, materials expertise,device companies to solve problems through Developing an intraocular lens to giveDNTLWORKS EQUIPMENT CORP.Develops and manufactures micro-visual- acute infection and cardiac markers. operational excellence, and rapid execution. experimental validation studies.ophthalmologists a comprehensive solutionCentennialization solutions that enable endoluminalCCALIBERMRI to reduce posterior capsule opacification.CORAMIR BIOMEDICAL DARWIN BIOSCIENCES www.dntlworks.comand minimally invasive medical proceduresBoulder The ClearSight IOL features Sharklet, aSuperior BoulderManufactures portable, mobile and self-in both human and veterinary medicine.qmri.com micropattern designed to redirect cellularwww.coramir.com darwin.bio contained dental systems.The imaging technologies and customizedCaliberMRI is manifesting the true powermigration away from the field of vision. Developing non-invasive biomarkerDarwin Biosciences is developing testing to micro-endoscope solutions are integrated toof quantitative MRI (qMRI) for bettertests to guide treatment decisions inaid in the infection disease detection process.DOUBLE BLACK IMAGINGreduce incision size and speed healing. precision medicine. We proudly sellCOCHLEAR AMERICAS heart-failure patients. We specialize in identifying people whoWestminsterCBLANKENSHIP RESEARCH highly accurate and precise qMRI imagingCentennial are asymptomatic or pre-symptomatic fordoubleblackimaging.comLongmont phantoms to research institutions, clinics,www.cochlearamericas.com CORELOGIX MEDICAL common infectious diseases. Manufactures clinical review monitors that www.blankenshipresearch.com and hospitals. Global leader in implantable hearingHighlands Ranch are specially designed for versatile clinical solutions. Manufacturer of Nucleus cochlearwww.corelogixmedical.com DATAWAVE TECHNOLOGIES CORP. healthcare applications. Blankenship Research offers Medical DeviceCARDIONXT implants and the Baha programmable boneCoreLogix Medical was formed to developLovelandDevelopment Consulting for Ideation,Denver conduction system. and bring to market an innovative bone graftwww.dwavetech.com DOUBLE HELIXInnovation, Product R&D, Design Controls,cardionxt.com technology specifically for sternal healingManufactures a wireless and battery-freeBoulderand more Developing a portfolio of technologiesCCOLIBRI HEART VALVE and fusion. Our solution is a patent-pending,device for acquiring and transmitting datawww.doublehelixoptics.comBODYSYNC, INC. that enable the delivery of therapy more accu- Broomfield life-changing technology that addressesfrom electrodes and other biosensorsDevelops and commercializes computational Aurora rately and cost effectively in catheter ablationwww.colibrihv.com sternal healing complications and exorbitantto a receiver placed meters away foroptical-digital technologies used in range www.bodysync.com procedures to treat cardiac arrhythmia. Researches and develops novel hearthealthcare costs. electrophysiology, neurophysiology andestimation, super-resolution microscopy Applies evidence-based genetic informationvalve technologies. physiology related research on both humansand 3D imaging. Double Helixs core to develop personalized products that helpCOLORADO PRECISIONand large animals.CARE ELECTRONICS, INC. CCORGENIX MEDICAL CORPORATION technologies include the Double Helix-Point Broomfield Broomfield Spread Function method for 3D super-individuals achieve their health goals. www.medicalshoponline.com PRODUCTS, INC. www.corgenix.com CDBMEDX resolution imaging.CBOLDER SURGICAL Offers a range of electronic monitoring andBoulder Corgenix has30 years as an FDA registeredLittletonLouisville alarm equipment for the home health andwww.coloradoprecision.com IVD manufacturer.We are a CRO/CMO thatwww.dbmedx.com DPIX, INC.boldersurgical.com long term care markets. Provides diamond turned and polishedprovides IVD manufacturing, R&D services asDeveloping next-generation, automated,Colorado SpringsDeveloping precisely designed surgicaloptics/ parts. Fabricator of X-ray telescopewell as clinical and analytical testing serviceswireless 3D ultrasound devices. www.dpix.cominstruments that allow access to confinedCAR-MAY, LLC optical components. Produces and offers airin our onsite CAP accredited, CLIA certifiedProduces high-resolution amorphous silicon Berthoud bearing LVDT contact linear measurementDENVER OPTIC COMPANY (a-Si) sensor arrays for medical X-ray imaging.spaces and often delicate structures. www.car-may.com systems, .05 microinch resolution. laboratory for our drug development andEnglewoodBOULDER INNOVATION GROUP Provides pumping capability, fluidbiomarker discovery partners. Our Regulatorywww.eyeprosthetics.com E.I. MEDICAL IMAGINGBoulder measurement, and flow control all in oneexpertise hasbrought over 50 assaysSpecializes in the fitting and fabrication ofLovelandwww.boulderinnovators.com compact module. to market in domestic and internationaltwo types of ocular prosthesis. www.eimedical.comDevelops and manufactures image-guidedjurisdictions. Our robust Quality managementManufacturer of highly portable and system is complimentedby our 30 yearruggedized ultrasound devices for the surgical navigation digitizers and industrialhistory of project management success andveterinary industry.3D capture and modeling equipment.BIOSCIENCECOLORADO//2020-202141'