b'ADVANCED INDUSTRIES ACCELERATOR GRANT RECIPIENTS BioMARCInvests in the Future of HealthPROOF-OF-CONCEPTEARLY-STAGE CAPITAL & RETENTION GRANT RECIPIENTSGRANTSHigh Containment Biologics CDMOAllander Biotechnologies is developing a protein therapeutic to treat patients suffering from Support identificationAllander Biotechnologies, LLC inflammatory disorders with unmet medical needs. Our initial topical therapy will help cancer patients suffering from oral mucositis, a debilitating side effect of their cancer therapy that can limitFDA inspected, GLP, cGMP, BSL2, BSL3and development oftheir ability to receive the most efficacious treatment.discoveries into productsPre-clinical, clinical, and commercial manufacturingfor commercialization. There is a billion dollar industry that hinges on patients receiving a needle injection in their eye AmpVision every month. We are going to change that. Our technology can be implanted once and provides protection equivalent to 40 injections. Process development, method development, cell and EARLY-STAGEEach year, thousands of pharma companies test thousands of drugs in clinical trials with a 99% failurevirus banking, stability, aseptic/viral fill-finishrate. Our tech can shift some of this failure from inside clinical trials to preclinical development. CAPITAL &BioLoomics, Inc. This tech uses AI to compare both the on and off target effects of new drugs to that of known drugs,Select agentsRETENTION GRANTSrevealing a proportion of drugs that are destined to fail. Our efforts will save billions in R&D costs and will lead to better drugs in your medicine cabinet. Cell expansion for stem cellsFund companies to create Brava is developing a rapid, high-sensitivity troponin test for chest pain assessment. Emergency or manufacture viablephysicians need precise lab results to guide treatment or safe discharge. Results from the central lab Brava Diagnostics, Inc. take more than an hour and current point-of-care (POC) tests do not meet the new American College products in Colorado andof Cardiology guidelines. Bravas evanescent planar waveguide technology enables lab-qualityAt BioMARC, were looking into a healthy future. Our FDA-export them globally.performance in 15 minutes using a low-cost POC instrument and high-margin consumable cartridges.inspected GLP, cGMP, BSL2, and BSL3 facilities specialize in high-containment development for biopharmaceutical PTECH & Agilent Technologies: Workforce of the Future companies and government agencies in the pre-clinical, clinical, or commercial manufacturing phases. Together, were developing tomorrows biologics solutions and addressing the most pressing threats to human and animal well-being.Learn more about our services at biomarc.colostate.edu.To learn about Colorado State University innovation and available technologies, visit csuventures.org16BIOSCIENCECOLORADO//2020-2021'