b'CSOMALOGIC VALIDCARE, LLC medicine, we offer an ever-expanding menuCENTERS FOR DISEASE CONTROL ANDCCOLORADO SCHOOL OF MINES grams focused on implementation of cGMPBoulder Centennial of diagnostic tests, as well as contractPREVENTION/ DIVISION OF VECTOR- Golden regulations and scalability issues.www.somalogic.com www.validcare.com research services. Our laboratories are CAPBORNE INFECTIOUS DISEASE www.mines.edu CSU RESEARCH INNOVATION CENTERand CLIA certified, and have earned theFort Collins A public research university internationallyCUses proprietary technology andCreates value-based surgical care modelsFort Collinsbioinformatics capabilities to discoverthrough collection and use of real-time,prestigious CAP 15189 accreditation. www.cdc.gov recognized for its leadership in engineering,www.csuric.orgdiseasespecific protein signatures andpatient-reported data. Providers use the dataCBIOFRONTIERS INSTITUTE The Division of Vector-Borne Infectiousapplied science and related disciplines,The Research Innovation Center (RIC) translates those into actionable diagnosticto power care navigation and measure andBoulder Diseases (DVBID) is part of the U.S. Centerswith a special emphasis on the Earth andserves as a vehicle to perform collaborative and prognostic health information. improve cost and quality of care delivered. www.biofrontiers.colorado.edu for Disease Control and Preventionits resources. These programs, with strongtranslational-stage research with CSUs life SOMNO HEALTH, INC. VISIBLE HAND State-of-the art research and education(CDC). CDC is the lead federal agencyinterdisciplinary linkages across the campus,sciences community of researchers, giving Golden Denver facility that links the basic sciences,for protecting the health and safety ofhave led to the integration of bioscienceit the promise to become the birthplace of www.geteversleep.com www.visiblehand.com engineering, clinical practice, andpeople at home and abroad. DVBID servesand biotechnology into educational andmedical breakthroughs.EverSleep gives hospital-gradeThe Foresight app from VisibleHandindustry at the University of Coloradosas a national and international referencescholarly activities. CSM has created aCCSU VENTURES, INC.measurements to you at home withoutprovides real-time collaborative intelligenceBoulder campus. center for vector-borne viral and bacterialBioengineering and Life Sciences ProgramFort Collinsdoctors, clinics, or prescriptions. Continuouslyfor behavioral care facilities that helpsBIOLOGICAL SCIENCESdiseases, such as West Nile virus, Lymethat draws upon faculty and students fromwww.csuventures.orgdisease, plague, tularemia, yellow feverall of the academic units.monitor blood oxygen, pulse, snoring,them document, share and implementCURRICULUM STUDY (BSCS) and dengue. It coordinates national diseaseCSU Ventures, Inc. (CSUV) is a 501(c)(3) non-motion, and respiratory function whileresident data. Colorado Springs monitoring activities, conducts field andCCOLORADO STATE UNIVERSITY profit corporation that actively supports understanding whats disrupting your sleepVISIBLE NETWORK LABS www.bscs.org laboratory research, responds to epidemicFort Collins, Pueblo, Denver and promotes the transfer of Colorado State and how to fix it. Discover techniques, tips,Denver A nonprofit corporation that endeavorssituations, develops strategies for diseasewww.colostate.edu University (CSU) research and innovations and products specific to you. Take control ofwww.visiblenetworklabs.com to improve all students understandingprevention and control, provides diagnosticAs one of the nations leading researchinto the marketplace for the benefit of your sleep! Visible Network Labs (VNL) is a socialof science and technology by developingreference and epidemiologic consultation,universities, Colorado State Universitysociety. CSU Ventures serves CSU faculty SONAURA, LLC enterprise whose mission is to facilitate aexemplary curricular materials, supportingand conducts technical assistance andis committed to realizing its vision as aand researchers who wish to protect Fort Collins supportive network of people, organizationstheir widespread and effective use, providingprofessional training activities. 21st century landgrant university. CSUand license intellectual property; builds www.mysonaura.com and communities who believe in the valueprofessional development, and conductingleads the world in such areas as infectiousrelationships with industries and investors research and evaluation studies. seeking to engage with CSU; and leverages CHI INSTITUTE FOR RESEARCH ANDdisease research, atmospheric science and An electronic two way communicationof working together. We provide training,INNOVATION (CIRI) environmental science. Its faculty members system between patient and doctor allowingopportunities for collaborative innovation,E SPACE TECHNOLOGIES,Englewood are tackling such issues as the reemergenceCSU innovation to foster business formation BIOSERV and enhance regional economic vitality.women undergoing IVF treatment to performand technology-based tools that help peopleCOLLEGE OF ENGINEERING ANDwww.chiresearch.org of tuberculosis, the brown cloud of air their sonograms at home during the follicleleverage network science to strengthenSCIENCE - UNIVERSITY OF COLORADOFounded by Catholic Health Initiatives (CHI).pollution in Asian cities, severe weatherCCU INNOVATIONSstimulation cycle. supportive connections and improve theBOULDER From pioneering new models of care deliveryforecasting, nutrition and wellness, andAuroraSOPRIS HEALTH outcomes of their work. Boulder to creating partnerships within and outsidebioterrorism. In addition to its excellentwww.ucdenver.edu/anschutz/about/cuin-Denver WELLIAN https://www.colorado.edu/center/bios- of CHI, CIRI provides a research communityprograms in those areas, CSU offers amongnovationswww.soprishealth.com Boulder erve/ fostering innovation in three distinct areas: 1.the very best professional programs inBrings together industry partners, entrepre-Improving physician satisfaction bywellian.com Specializes in conducting microgravityCenter for Clinical Research (CCR): Sustainingthe United States in areas like veterinaryneurs, and investors to help CU researchers dramatically reducing data entry. Wellian is a wellness platform to correlatelife sciences research and designing andclinical research and trials is costly andmedicine, occupational therapy, journalism,solve important problems and improve the STRIDETECH your lifestyles/habits with your healthdeveloping space flight hardware. challenging. By creating a national modelagriculture and construction management. quality of life worldwide. With expertise conditions and symptoms in order to helpCBOETTCHER FOUNDATIONthat uses standardized procedures, policiesin patents, copyrights and licensing, CU Westminster CRAIG HOSPITAL Innovations helps translate discovery into www.stridetechgo.com you improve your overall wellness. WEBB-WARING BIOMEDICALand IT infrastructures, CCR efficiently andDenverStrideTech Go is a technology embeddedWELLNESS INTEL RESEARCH PROGRAM effectively manages clinical trials acrosswww.craighospital.org impact through transparent, flexible, best walker attachment that provides real-timeDenver Denver CHIs hospital network. 2. Center for HealthA world-renowned rehabilitation hospitalpractice intellectual property management www.boettcherfoundation.org Care Innovation. services, and connect researchers at CUs haptic feedback when incorrect walker use isDeveloping an application to help that exclusively specializes in the neuro- Anschutz Medical campus with a variety of detected, empowering aging adults to learnpatients make informed decisions aboutThe Boettcher Foundation invests in theCHILDRENS HOSPITAL COLORADO rehabilitation and research of patients withcommercialization programs in the University and maintain correct mobility device use. their healthcare. promise of Colorado and the potential ofAurora spinal cord injury (SCI) and traumatic brainand the community.TECH-X CORPORATION Coloradans. Its Webb-Waring Biomedicalwww.childrenscolorado.org injury (TBI). Craig is a notforprofit, freeResearch Awards provide biomedical researchChildrens Hospital Colorado has been rankedstanding, national center of excellence thatDARTNET INSTITUTEBoulder ACADEMIC AND RESEARCHfunding for early career investigatorsfor more than a decade as one of the besthas treated more than 31,000 patients withAurorawww.txcorp.com at Colorados research institutions. Ourchildrens hospitals nationally in U.S. NewsSCI and TBI since 1956. www.dartnet.infoSpecializes in scientific and engineeringINSTITUTIONS biomedical research institution partnersThe DARTNet Institute is a rapidly growing & World Report, and is the consistent choiceCSU BIOMARCsoftware, including visualization andmanage their own internal, competitive andeight years in a row by area physicians for theC collaboration of practice-based research CDVANCED DIAGNOSTICFort Collinsalgorithm development. A peer-reviewed application processes. Fornetworks that are building a national collec-LABORATORIES (ADX) AT NATIONALcare of their loved ones. With 1,130 pediatricwww.biomarc.colostate.eduTEST APPROPRIATE, LLC JEWISH HEALTH information, contact your institution. specialists and more than 2,300 full-timeA nonprofit CMO owned and operatedtion of data from electronic health records, Littleton Denver employees, Childrens Colorado is home toby Colorado State University created to trans- claims, and patient-reported outcomes.Provides a cloud-based web tool that allowswww.njlabs.org a number of nationally and internationallylate and produce biopharmaceutical productsDENVER BOTANIC GARDENSclinicians to write orders during a patientNational Jewish Health is known worldwiderecognized medical programs includingfor non-clinical, clinical, and commercial useDenvervisit for cardiac tests. for treatment of patients with respiratory,the Center for Innovation, providing anunder Biosafety Level 3 (BSL-3) and BSL-2www.botanicgardens.orgCTRIDENT XI cardiac, immune and related disorders, andopportunity for innovators to come togethercontainment (including spore former containOne of the top-ranked botanical gardens Denver for groundbreaking medical research. Theto develop groundbreaking ideas that- ment) and Select Agent (SA) biosecurityin the U.S., Denver Botanic Gardens offers www.tridentxi.com Advanced Diagnostic Laboratories providewill enrich and save lives through betterconditions. In addition to manufacturing andspectacular plant displays and unlimited We specialize in proven technologiesinnovative services within the extraordinarytechnology and healthcare. testing services, BioMARC offers productopportunities for lifelong learning.that save and improve lives in public safetyclinical and research environment of Nationaland process development services, which and healthcare. Jewish Health. Leveraging our expertise inincludes the creation of development pro-both laboratory medicine and personalized 62BIOSCIENCECOLORADO//2020-2021 BIOSCIENCECOLORADO//2020-202163'