b'OUR PASSIONATE RESPONSE, RIGOROUS CURIOSIT Y,AND COMMITMENT TO COLL ABORATION ARE FUELING FUTURE INNOVATIONWRITTEN BY JEANNE MCADARA, PH.D.Scott Hutton, president and CEO atdedication and capabilities stand outpreventive GLOBAL IMPACT: Biodesix, sees a community wellwhen called to meet a crisis like this. and Scott Hutton COVID-19 prepared to meet the challenge of thisWhat does Hutton see as the next areaspublicRoy Smythe, M.D.COLORADO LEADS DURINGtransformational event for life sciencesfor intense scientific focus?health, and those challenges that lie ahead.and to accelerate Change is constant in this industry. ToGoing forward I think well see ainnovative thrive, our community has had to besignificant amount of effort placedchanges to President and CEO profoundly adaptable, says Hutton. Weon better understanding the antiviralthe healthcare Biodesix CEOhave excelled because we recognize thatimmune response. What does it meansystem thatSomaLogica research discovery or innovation madeto have antibodies against SARSCoV2?many of us have tomorrow could instantly change howWill they be neutralizing; will they belong felt to be inevitable.we work and what were working on.immunoprotective? If they are, how long THEconversations about personalBeing comfortable with uncertainty hascan we expect them to last? How longFor example, SomaLogics tools look at COVID19 pandemic represents a defining event in our collective lifetimes. Toprotective equipment, diagnostics,served us well in that we have resistedand how many tries will it take to get anthousands of proteins at a time to predict adapt, we are rapidly reshaping how wemodeling, tracking, andcomplacency and are able to pivoteffective vaccine, and how can what wehealth risks. Our goal is to detect how live, learn, work, conduct research, and do business. The futurecountermeasures. rapidly to meet challenges and capitalizelearn now improve vaccine technologysevere an individuals disease course might is certain to bring more change. It is also sure to engenderon every opportunity. for future pandemics? be before they even become infected, innovation, discoveries and ideas, new technologies, and newHe expects that researchers inidentify people who need vaccines first, therapeutics that will benefit the world and future generations.the state and all over the worldHutton sees reflections of his ownAccording to Roy Smythe, M.D., CEO ofwho can safely return to work, and add a We asked some of Colorados life sciences thought leaders towill be confronting big questionscompanys grounding in communication,SomaLogic, the urgency of the pandemiclayer of protection for healthcare workers weigh in on the creativity, determination, and willingness to actand big changes in the years ahead.collaboration, and cooperation throughoutresponse may ultimately lower existingand vulnerable populations.that drive innovation within our ecosystem.Alan Rudolph, Ph.D. the life sciences community in Colorado. barriers to commercializing important Vice President for ResearchIt will be central to figure out howColorado State University innovations in specific areas like publicAs the U.S. and world focus on predictive Alan Rudolph, Ph.D., is vice president for research at Coloradowe reinvest in future resilience andHow you conduct businessand withhealth. and preventive diagnostic technologies, State University. Based on his long career in public emergencypreparedness for the next public health crisis and the next,whomare what matters, in good timesSmythe believes we will also better preparedness, Rudolph has been impressed with how wellhe says. COVID will fundamentally change how we thinkand troubled ones. Its been humblingDigital health companies like ours haveappreciate and acknowledge the Colorados life sciences ecosystem has responded to this crisis.about diagnostics, therapeutics, and the public exchangeto be part of Colorados response toa backlog of tools to improve baselinefundamental benefits of life sciences to of health information from clinical, animal, and agriculturalCOVID-19, he says. You can get reallypopulation health, and help deliverhuman progress and global prosperity. Its been so great to see the Colorado ethos in play, sayshealth verticals. I also think well see changes in our approachused to working toward extraordinaryefficient, equitable access to healthcare,Globally, bioscience has become a top Rudolph. CSU, CBSA and our academic, commercial, andto regulating drug development. Well see new systems withgoals with extraordinary people, and stillsays Smythe. I predict well see aindustry in terms of value creation, says governmental partners remain right on the front lines of thebroader-spectrum regulations to give us more agility. be surprised by how much more theirnew push to implement these tools inSmythe. And even more importantly, 4BIOSCIENCECOLORADO//2020-2021 BIOSCIENCECOLORADO//2020-20215'