b'GENEBIOLOGICS INTERNATIONAL BOVINELOVELAND PRODUCTS, INC. CSIVEC BIOTECHNOLOGIES CARESPAN Boulder TRAINING SOLUTIONS Greeley Fort Collins DIGITAL HEALTH Boulderwww.genebiologics.net Loveland www.lovelandproducts.com www.sivecbiotechnologies.com www.carespanhealth.comDeveloping organisms to efficiently convertwww.bovinetraining.com Offers a complete line of high-performanceDeveloping antiviral products for the rapidABLELINK TECHNOLOGIES Connects patients and providers by offering nitrogen in air or liquid waste streamsA training experience focused on improvinginput products, with a portfolio of seedprevention of economically importantColorado Springs physicians a complete and secure workplace-into a non-toxic, soluble, concentrated,the reproductive performance on dairy andtreatment, plant nutrition, fertilizer, adjuvantdiseases. Currently focused on developingwww.ablelinktech.com in-the-cloud that allows healthcare delivery slow-release sustainable fertilizer; and thebeef operations. and crop-protection products. SiVEC-AIV, a patent-pending antiviral forAddresses the need for well-researchedconsistent with the standards of an in-person directed evolution of enzymes for biosensorsJONAH VENTURES, LLC MEMBRANE PROTECTIVEavian flu in poultry. cognitive support technologies forexam, while leveraging the economic and renewable energy applications. individuals with intellectual disabilities. scalability and efficiency of the internet.Boulder TECHNOLOGIES, INC. SUMMIT PLANT LABORATORIES, INC. GENESIS LABORATORIES, INC. www.jonahventures.com Fort Collins Fort Collins CACTUATE HEALTH CIRRUSMDWellington Sequencing DNA using next-generationwww.membrane-protect.com www.plantlabs.com Castle Rock Denverwww.genesislabs.com sequencing technology. Areas of serviceBlend of organic plant extracts whichApplies laboratory plant cloning andwww.actuate.health www.cirrusmd.comGlobal leader in the fields of vector biologyinclude reconstructing the diet of wildlifeimproves artificial insemination pregnancygreenhouse technologies to produce plantingActuate Health develops and markets disrup- Developed a platform to connect patients and wildlife research, focusing in diseaseand livestock, analyzing the abundance ofrates in cows. stocks for breeders, greenhouses, and fieldtively innovative technologies in the fields ofand providers via text messaging without prevention in humans. organisms in aquatic ecosystems, and deter- CMICROBIAL RESEARCH, INC. crop producers. biosensors and digital health. Actuate Healthputting personal health information at risk.GENETHERA, INC. mining the plants that pollinators rely on. Fort Collins SYNGENTA is focused on technologies that can provideCIVHCWestminster JORGENSEN LABORATORIES, INC www.microbialresearch.com Longmont diagnostic, therapeutic and preventative toolsDenverto combat the current COVID-19 pandemic and www.genethera.net Loveland A veterinary services microbiology laboratorywww.syngenta-us.com future respiratory viruses. Actuates technol- www.civhc.orgDevelops and markets molecular technolo- www.jorvet.com that conducts GLP and GCP compliantProduces agrochemicals and seeds. Asogy is also being applied to the wellness andHelps Colorado drive, deliver and buy value in gies to eradicate cross over diseases suchDesigns and manufactures instrumentsresearch trials. a biotechnology company, it conductsfitness market, providing systems to trainhealth care by administering the Colorado All as Johnes Disease, Mad Cow Disease, Chronicwhich are used in the animal health fieldMYCOTECHNOLOGY genomic research. pulmonary function for improved athleticPayer Claims Database; unlocking information Wasting Disease, and E.coli. Develops assayincluding specialty instruments, surgicalAurora VERDANT BIOSCIENCES CORP. performance and general wellness. and insights that guide how healthcare gets tests and vaccines to eradicate the threat tosuture, and veterinary equipment. www.mycotechcorp.com Denver ADAN.NET delivered, used and paid for; and bringing humans of diseases transmitted up the foodKEETON INDUSTRIES, INC.A food technology company that has devel- www.verdantbio.com Denver together organizations and individuals to chain by cattle, elk and deer. Wellington oped a natural food processing platform thatDevelops plant biochemical regulatorsadan.net design and drive collective change.GROWCENTIA www.keetonaqua.com is solving some of the biggest challenges inthat provide superior plant performanceComprehensive Lifetime NavigationCCLIEXAFort Collins Researches and develops biologicalthe food and beverage industry. and unlock the productive power ofPlatform for people with Autism and otherDenverwww.growcentia.com water treatment, aeration, ozone aeration,OPTIBRAND LTD., LLC plants in markets from floriculture todevelopmental disabilities. www.cliexa.comMakes organic soil supplements thatsolids removal, biofiltration, and otherFort Collins industrial agriculture. AIVANTE HEALTH SOLUTIONS Provides decision support to physicians naturally increase nutrient availability tonew technologies. www.optibrand.com CVETDC Centennial and other healthcare providers during the support healthy and vigorous plants. LACUNA DIAGNOSTICS Specializes in livestock identification devicesFort Collins aivante.com treatment process and optimizes treatment HACH COMPANY Fort Collins and veterinary diagnostics. www.vet-dc.com methods based on evidence-based Loveland www.lacunadiagnostics.com Focused on the development of novelAIVANTE Health Solutions provides Dataknowledge and data.www.hach.com Lacuna Diagnostics allows veterinariansPISCES MOLECULAR devices, diagnostics and therapeutics forAnalytics and Decision Support solutionsCLINONEFocused on providing cleaner water to theto upload diagnostic images for nearBoulder emerging veterinary markets, including anfor optimizing healthcare financial and planDenverworld, with improved diagnostics. instant review by a veterinary pathologist.www.pisces-molecular.com approved therapy for canine lymphoma. selection decisions. www.ClinOne.comLacunas proprietary digital platform createsFocused on applying molecular geneticsBIOINTELLISENSE ClinOne is dramatically changing the HESKA an integrated network of hospitals andtechnology to problems of fisheries andVETMEASURE Aurora landscape of clinical trial management to Fort Collins aquatic conservation biology. Fort Collins biointellisense.comwww.heska.com pathologists, provides remote, near-instantvetmeasure.com accelerate clinical trial execution, reduce interpretation of diagnostic images by aPOUDRE CANYON THERAPEUTICS The BioIntelliSense Data-as-a-Service (DaaS)costs and provide patients with access Develops advanced diagnostics and specialtyveterinary pathologist. Lacuna DiagnosticsFort Collins Produces harnesses that enable accurateplatform and FDA-cleared BioStickerto life-changing clinical trials to advance products for veterinary practices that focusdelivers timely diagnosis and raises thewww.pcthera.com detection of an animals health statistics toon-body sensor are bringing medical grademedicines far more rapidly than today.on companion animals. standard of care for veterinary patients. Developing a pharmaceutical therapeuticoptimize care and treatment options. monitoring and management to the home for IMUTEK LABORATORIES, INC. that increases the ability of canine and felineTICAL LABORATORY scalable remote care. CORHIOLIMAGRAIN WARREN ANALY DenverFort Collins Fort Collins immune systems to prevent infection viaGreeley BIOLOOMICS, INC. www.corhio.orgwww.imutek.com www.limagraincerealseeds.com airborne respiratory pathogens. www.warrenlab.com Boulder Its health information exchange (HIE) Develops and markets bovine colostrums forThrough cutting-edge seed-breedingPURE CULTURES Specializes in food microbiology, molecularbioloomics.com technology, data analytics tools and the nutrition and health products industry.methods, the company brings new, improvedDenver biology, food chemistry, residue chemistryProviding a B2B service to pharma R&Dconsulting help healthcare providers access Indication for colostrum for the passiveseed varieties to market in a fraction of thewww.purecultures.com and nutritional labeling. companies that predicts clinically relevantinformation to save lives, streamline care transfer of antibodies (immunoglobulins) intime possible just a decade ago. Pure Cultures is an AgTech productC ZOETIS effects of drugs using a high throughputcoordination, reduce costs and improve dry powder form. development and manufacturing companyLongmont platform drug screening technology. clinical outcomes.INDUSTRIAL LABORATORIES CO. LIVING INK TECHNOLOGIES specializing in prebiotics and probiotics usedwww.zoetisus.com CBURST IQWheat Ridge Aurora to support the health of animals and reduceDiscovers, develops, manufactures andDenver COUNTERMINDwww.industriallabs.net livingink.co antibiotics in our food chain. commercializes a diverse portfolio of animalwww.burstiq.com DenverAn independent third-party analyticalBioscience research and product companyhealth medicines and vaccines designed towww.countermind.comdeveloping the first environmentally safe andBuilding a secure and open platform forCounterminds Mobile Intelligencelaboratory that specializes in food andsustainable printing inks grown from algae. meet the real-world needs of veterinarianshealth data. Platform allows us to deploy solutions drug analysis. and the livestock farmers and companionquickly and with little or no custom animal owners they support. programming involved. Once our platform is in place, we can deploy new workflows in hours. 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