b'process conceived of Proov, an easy, five stores. A new mobile app allows womentreating certain cancer types. So ArpeggioAzofeifa explained. If we think that theseTiming was everything: Securisyns initialwere important minute at-home test that tracks womensto set up testing reminders and track theirbuilt an automated system that collectsregions of the genome are really important forseed funding was running low, and it wasntto investors in progesterone levels.hormone levels.information about which genes turn on ordisease, then we need to make an assay thatquite ready to begin another funding round. a much shorter off as a drug is administered. Using datacan screen 10,000 drugs at minimum and lookperiod, with Beckley founded MFB Fertility (Boulder)algorithms to parse through these densefor which ones are changing the epigenome. So those grant funds were a reallymore impact.and started production of the Proov testARPEGGIO BIOSCIENCES: FUSING BIGdata results, Arpeggio could then map theimportant bridge for us in what they in her basement. She sold 100,000 tests inDATA WITH MOLECULAR BIOLOGY Arpeggio also capitalized on the grantsometimes call the valley of death, saidThe grant 2017 with only word-of-mouth marketing.biological processes a drug affects andfunding during its initial $3.2 million seedalso provided An Advanced Industries Acceleratoridentify the genes critical for the successsaid Securisyn Co-Founder, COO & CFOArthur Kanowitz, M.D. FACEPBy early 2018, she realized that withfunding round completed in the fall ofElyse Blazevich. It was a really importantvalidation forFounder, Chairman, demand for Proov rising, she had to up- Grant is triggering growth for Arpeggioor failure of the drug.2019. Azofeifa mentioned the acceleratorSecurisyn, convincingChief Medical OfficerBiosciences (Boulder) and its cutting- vehicle for us to say that we had receivedSecurisyn Medicallevel her product design and marketing. It was a system with a lot of market po- grant multiple times during our fundraise.grant funding from the state of Colorado,hospitals to take part in the edge drug evaluation platform. tential, but it needed funding to develop.It provided a sense of legitimacy. which of course creates confidence forlimited trial. And it opened the door for So Beckley applied for and won a $250,000other grants, including the public-private Advanced Industries Grant, using the fundsThe Boulder-based company began in 2018So Arpeggio applied for and received anFor early-stage companies especially likefollow-on investors.as a supplier of assay tests to determine howAdvanced Industries Accelerator Grant inMEP National Networks to rebrand the company as Proov. Theours where the founders are youngwereThe grant helped Securisyn sharpenManufacturers Edge grant program.funding also allowed her to improve the testdrugs were interacting with non-coding DNAMay 2019. With that funding, Arpeggionot veterans of pharma and we dont have kit packaging, revamp the Proov websitesequences. Non-coding DNA are the focus ofhired a post-doctoral expert to oversee thea huge CV in that way, he added. Havingits marketing pitch, allowing it to raiseIt really is a catalystits that momentum and upgrade marketing and messaging.cutting-edge epigenetic therapies becauseproject, expanded its RNA experimentsthe support of Colorado state governmentanother $3 million in private and $1.9that you build that brings more opportunity they can be turned on or off by drugs.and invested in big-data software. really helped in our case. million in federal funding, president &to the company and therefore to the The proof is in the revenue, with a tenfoldCEO Mark Bruning said.industry, because now that we are increase in sales as of March 2020andIn the process, Arpeggio amassed a signif- One of the things that we wanted to developfamiliar with those partnerships and those more to come. In April, Proov distributionicant database of non-coding ribonucleicwith the grant is a new drug screen for theseSECURISYN: BREATHING LIFE INTOWhen you look at what we did before expanded to include select Target retailacid (RNA) that seemed important whenepigenetic areas, founder and CEO JoeyEMERGENCY RESPIRATORY CARE that and what we did after that, I thinkopportunities, we have the ability to share we were just more focused, he said. Wethose resources with fellow companies in The Advanced Industries Accelerator Grantwere able to get across the things thatthe ecosystem, Blazevich said. Program gave Securisyn a valuable lifeline ADVANCED INDUSTRIES ACCELERATOR GRANT PROGRAM ROI to develop its SolidAIRity respiratory device.Since inception, the state Office of Economic Development and International Trade (OEDIT) has awarded more than 450 grants to Colorado companies and researchers. The program makes a significant impact inThe product is the brainchild of Arthur the state, creating: Kanowitz, M.D. An emergency physician, he wanted to solve a life-threatening problem: endotracheal breathing tubes sometimes become dislodged during ventilation inproud to protectemergency transport or hospital settings, resulting in patient injury or even death.bioscience innovationsSo Kanowitz founded Securisyn (Highlands Ranch) and developed SolidAIRity, a small,patent / trademark / copyright / litigationribbed attachment that locks onto the 975 $972 million endotracheal tube and holds it in place.The Rocky Mountain Regions largest intellectual 81 new Securisyn needed funding to bringproperty \x1frm and proud member of the Colorado LIFE SCIENCESDIRECT JOBS IN FOLLOW-ON CAPITAL AND INVESTMENTSSolidAIRity to market. The company appliedBioscience Association.COMPANIES TO LIFE SCIENCES COMPANIES for and won a $250,000 Early Stage Capitalsheridanross.com303.863.9700Denver / Broom\x1feld and Retention grant in November 2018. 14BIOSCIENCECOLORADO//2020-2021 BIOSCIENCECOLORADO//2020-202115'