b'CBRICKELL BIOTECH, INC. to precisely deliver treatments to the otherCCOLORADO HISTO-PREP (CH-P) CDMC FLUOROFINDER, LLC CGLAXOSMITHKLINE (GSK)Boulder side of the blood-brain barrier to improveFort Collins Boulder Broomfield United Kingdomwww.brickellbio.com the lives of patients with uncontrolledwww.histoprep.com www.dmcbio.com www.fluorofinder.com www.gsk.comA clinical-stage pharmaceutical companyneurological diseases. Produces high quality slides, clinical chemis- DMC engineers microbes for the productionSoftware as a Service (SaaS) experiment de- Produces medicines that treat six major focused on the development of innovativeCERECINtry and hematology data and fully integratedof a broad diversity of high-value productssign tool for flow cytometry, that dramaticallydisease areasasthma, virus control, and differentiated therapeutics for theDenver, Singapore and detailed seamless pathology reports. with development costs and timelines thatimproves a medical researchers productivityinfections, mental health, diabetes and treatment of skin diseases. www.cerecin.com COLORADO RESEARCH PARTNERS are more than 100x improved over the stateand quality, while reducing costs. digestive conditions as well as vaccines and CBRISTOL MYERS SQUIBB Cerecin is a global healthcare company withAurora of the art. CGATES BIOMANUFACTURINGnew treatments for cancer. New York almost 20 years of innovation and leader- Developing novel drugs that block theCEDGEWISE THERAPEUTICS FACILITY CGLOBEIMMUNE, INC.bms.com ship in brain health and target conditionseffects of sugar, including sugar craving, andBoulder Aurora LouisvilleGlobal biopharmaceutical companyranging from memory impairment tosugar-induced obesity, hypertension, fattyedgewisetx.com gatesbiomanufacturing.com www.globeimmune.comdedicated to discovering, developing andneurological diseases liver and diabetes. Edgewise Therapeutics is a biotechnologyHelps clients accelerate the translation ofGlobeImmune is developing Tarmogen delivering innovative medicines that helpCERIA THERAPEUTICS CCOLORADO SERUM COMPANY company focused on developing novel thera- their discoveries into human clinical trials asproduct candidates to treat cancer and patients prevail over serious diseases. Aurora Denver pies for diseases involving skeletal muscle.efficiently and cost effectively as possible. infectious diseases.CCAMBREX ceriatherapeutics.com www.thepeakofquality.com CEDITAS MEDICINE GENASSIST, INC. CGRAIL, INC.Longmont We are a preclinical biotechnology companySupplies veterinary biologic vaccines,Boulder, Massachusetts Greenwood Village Californiawww.cambrex.com focused on developing innovative and novelinstruments, laboratory reagents, and serumswww.editasmedicine.com www.genassist.com grail.com Cambrex is the leading small molecule compa- therapies to treat overactive and nonproduc- for the veterinary industry. Editas Medicine is building the leadingA preconceptional, prenatal and pediatricGRAIL is a healthcare company whose ny that provides drug substance, drug product,tive inflammation to promote healing. CORDEN PHARMA genome editing company dedicated toservice business that provides consultingmission is to detect cancer early, when it can and analytical services across the entire drugCCETYA THERAPEUTICS, INC. Boulder treating patients with geneticallyservices to patients referred by healthcarebe cured. GRAIL is focused on alleviating lifecycle. Driven by passion, our pharmaceuticalFort Collins www.cordenpharma.com defined diseases. providers to help the patient interpretthe global burden of cancer by developing products, expertise, and technologies acceler- www.cetyatherapeutics.com Corden Pharma Colorado is the small to largeC ENLIVEN THERAPEUTICS laboratory test results and develop apioneering technology to detect and identify ate our customers small molecule therapeuticsCommercializes analogs of the class I isoformscale resource for peptides manufacturing. Boulder management plan. multiple deadly cancer types early. into markets across the world. selective histone deacetylase inhibitor (HDA- EnLiven Therapeutics focuses on theCGENENTECH GREFFEX, INC.CCARE RESEARCH, LLC Ci) largazole, targeting unmet medical needs,C CQ SCIENCE discovery and development of nextCalifornia AuroraFort Collins especially in oncology, neurodegeneration,Denvergeneration small molecule treatments forwww.gene.com www.greffex.comwww.careresearchllc.com autoimmunity, and hemoglobinopathies. cq-science.com cancer. Using human genetic information to discover,Global leader in the delivery of accelerated We offer a wide variety of animal modelsCIRQUE CRYOTECH Cannabinoid based treatment options for in- ENTERO TRACK develop, manufacture and commercializepandemic and bio-terror vaccines using from rodents, rabbits, dogs, guinea pigs, farmBoulder flammatory and immune mediated diseases. Centennial medicines to treat patients with serious orthe worlds first universal platform, the pigs, mini pigs, sheep, goats, horses, and cattlecirquecryotech.com CCRESTONE, INC. enterotrack.com life-threatening medical conditions. GREVAX Vaccine Platform.and a single point of control in our studyTheres increasing demand for the efficientBoulder Next generation monitoring ofGENESIS LABORATORIES, INC. HEMOGENIXdirectors for a full range of studies. cryopreservation of cells, tissues, and evenwww.crestonepharma.com gastrointestinal allergic diseases. Wellington Colorado SpringsCARICORD whole organs. The compounds currently usedDrug discovery and development companywww.genesislabs.com www.hemogenix.comAurora to protect cells against ice crystal formationfocused on developing novel treatments forEXXEL PHARMA INC. Provides services to clients in theAssay development laboratory specializing in www.caricord.com are themselves toxic, which reduces efficientserious bacterial infections. Aurora agrochemical and pharmaceutical industries,developing predictive in vitro assay platforms Processing and storage of umbilical cordrecovery.Cirque Cryotech can identifyC CSL BEHRING exxelpharma.com rodenticide research and development, asfor primary human and animal target cells blood and stem cell products availabledrugs that reduce that toxicity and improvePennsylvania The Company is focused on the developmentwell as invasive species, zoonotic disease,and stem cell hemotoxicity testing.anywhere in the world. recovery rates.www.cslbehring.com of small-molecule therapeutics for safe,and conservation research.CSL Behring is a leading global biotechnon-addictive treatment of pain, PTSD, andC HEMOSTEMIX, INC.CBL BIOPHARMA CLICK NUCLEIC ACIDS, INC. substance (e.g. opioid) use disorders. ExxelCGILEAD SCIENCES Greenwood VillageBoulder Boulder company driven by its promise to save andis specifically targeting disease areas withCalifornia hemostemix.comwww.cblbiopharma.com www.clicknainc.com improve lives. We manufacture remedies forsignificant unmet medical needs and aimswww.gilead.comHemostemixs technology uses a patients Offering peptide starting materials, peptideCombining thiol-ene based click chemistryserious and rare diseases. to become the leader in therapeutics thatGilead Sciences, Inc. is a research-basedown cells to treat that patients disease. The intermediates, and industrial and commer- and oligonucleotide synthesis to produceCYTOSKELETON, INC. enhance endocannabinoid signalling bybiopharmaceutical company focusedcornerstone of this autologous technology cial-scale manufacturing of proprietary anda new class of oligonucleotide andDenver FAAH inhibition. on the discovery, development, andis a novel cell population within the blood generic GMP and non-GMP peptides. polynucleotide derivatives. www.cytoskeleton.com CFLAGSHIP BIOSCIENCES, INC commercialization of innovative medicines. called the synergetic cell population (SCP). Offers kits for drug screening, signalThe synergetic cell population, which can be CELLPOINT CCLINIMMUNE LABS Westminster C GENOFABCentennial Aurora transduction and cytoskeletal researchwww.flagshipbio.com Boulder collected from a simple blood draw, consists www.cellpointweb.com www.clinimmune.com specializing in the production of purifiedFlagship Biosciences Inc. delivers com- www.genofab.com of progenitor and other supporting cells that Develops novel radiopharmaceutical imagingComprises five laboratories to provideproteins and easy-to-use kits to studyprehensive tissue profiling for predictiveToday, biotechnology products areare being developed for the treatment of agents, radiotherapeutic agents and localservices to kidney, heart, lung, pancreas, andbiochemical and cellular processes. diagnostics in drug therapy using an Artificialengineered rather than discovered. R&Dischemic diseases.regional radio/chemotherapeutic drughematopoietic stem cell transplant programsCDICERNA PHARMACEUTICALS Intelligence (AI) enabled computationalprograms go through iterations of aCHEPQUANT, LLCdelivery systems for the diagnosis, treatmentaround the world. Boulder tissue analysis (cTA) pathology analyticsdata-driven product development cycle.Auroraand post therapy assessment of cancer,CCLOVIS ONCOLOGY, INC. dicerna.com platform. Our intuitive data reporting givesWe develop an ecosystem of softwarewww.hepquant.comcardiovascular disease, infectious disease,Boulder Dicerna Pharmaceuticals, Inc., is a biopharma- researchers, clinicians, and drug developersapplications that help life-scienceHepQuant-E is non-invasive, uses stable (not and metabolic diseases. www.clovisoncology.com ceutical company focused on the discoverythe actionable information needed to driveorganizations design, fabricate, andradioactive) isotopes, and relies on natural, CEREBRAL THERAPEUTICS Focused on acquiring, developing andand development of RNAi-based therapeuticsbetter clinical results for patients. By deliv- characterize synthetic DNA molecules.welldefined hepatic functions to measure Aurora commercializing innovative anti-cancerfor diseases involving the liver, including rareering novel, useful tissue data in a timelythe portal circulation.www.cerebraltherapeutics.com agents in the U.S., Europe and additionaldiseases, viral infectious diseases, chronic livermanner, Flagship has become an indispens-Combines advanced micro-dosinginternational markets. diseases, and cardiovascular diseases. able partner to bio/pharma companies in technology with proprietary medicationstheir development of novel therapeutics.50BIOSCIENCECOLORADO//2020-2021 BIOSCIENCECOLORADO//2020-202151'