b'TRANSTRACHEAL SYSTEMS, INC. CVERKKO BIOMEDICAL, LLC CAMPIO PHARMACEUTICALS, INC. CATLAS BIOLOGICALS, INC. C BIOMARIN PHARMACEUTICALSEnglewood Aurora BIOTECHNOLOGY,Englewood Fort Collins Californiawww.tto2.com www.verkkobiomedical.com PHARMACEUTICAL, ANDwww.ampiopharma.com www.atlasbio.com www.biomarin.comDevelops and manufactures innovativeCommercializing combustion synthesisDevelopment-stage biopharmaceuticalManufacture, market and distribute animalBioMarin is a world leader in developing and respiratory therapy products that advancetechnology and manufacturing medical gradeRELATED COMPANIES company focused on the discovery andsera and cell culture reagents. commercializing innovative biopharmaceuti-medical therapy for persons requiring con- customized alpha-, beta-phase tricalciumCAGC BIOLOGICS development of novel therapies aimedAURORA ONCOLOGY cals for rare diseases driven by genetic causes.tinuous supplemental oxygen, including thephosphates as precursor components. Boulder, Washington at treating common inflammatoryAurora BIOMIMETIX JV, LLCSCOOP transtracheal oxygen therapy system. VIEWRAY, INC. www.agcbio.com conditions for which there are limitedwww.auroraoncology.com Greenwood Village CTRANSVERSE MEDICAL, INC. Denver treatment options. Aurora Oncology is developing drugs to treatbiomimetixpharma.comEvergreen www.viewray.com AGC Biologics is a leading global contractAPOPLOGIC PHARMACEUTICALS, LLC superficial bladder cancer and to treat drugA biopharmaceutical corporation developing development and manufacturing organiza-www.transversemedical.com Dedicated to giving clinicians new and bettertion (CDMO), dedicated to the developmentAurora resistant bacterial infections. compounds for the treatment of various Transverse Medical Inc. is developing theways to treat cancer with radiation therapy. and manufacture of biopharmaceuticals,www.apoplogic.com ATTILLAPS PHARMACEUTICALS disease and health care treatment POINT-GUARD Dynamic Cerebral EmbolicVISTA LIFESCIENCES from pre clinical to commercial Focused on the discovery, development,Denver classifications such as radiation toxicity Protection (CEP) medical device to addressParker CAGILENT TECHNOLOGIES and commercialization of therapeuticattillapsholdings.com incurred during the treatment of cancer.the devastating and costly problem of strokewww.vistalifesciences.com Boulder, Frederick products that target apoptotic cell deathAttillaps is a developmental stageCBIOPLXduring the large and growing number ofInnovative healthcare technology solutionswww.agilent.com pathways found in cancers, leukemiaspharmaceutical company, pioneering aBoulderheart valve procedures that occur annuallyfor global healthcare challenges. Develops and manufactures therapeuticand lymphomas. novel drug platform for the treatment ofwww.bioplx.comaround the world, such as Transcatheteroligonucleotides. APSPIDA BIOSCIENCES inflammatory conditions in ophthalmologyBioPlx is an advanced microbiomics Aortic Valve Replacement (TAVR). VITAN-BIOTECH, LLC Denver and dermatology . company developing non-antibiotic CTRISALUS LIFE SCIENCES Aurora ALTA BIOTECH Virtual biotech proof-of-concept company. methods for the control of infectious Westminster www.vitan-biotech.com Aurora AVIDITY, LLC disease, including multiple-drug resistant trisaluslifesci.com Specializes in the development andwww.altabiotech.com CARCA BIOPHARMA, INC. Aurora super-bugs. The company employs Developing advanced liver cancer infusioncommercialization of life sciencesAlta Biotech, LLC is a fast-growing globalBroomfield, Aurora www.avidity.com targeted microbiological agents along with systems that overcome the limitations ofinstrumentation, novel biosensing systemscontract research organization specializingwww.arcabiopharma.com Develops and sells molecular affinity toolsnutrient, and signaling factors to create traditional tools and delivery methods. and diagnostic devices. in molecular biology, biochemistry and cellSpecializes in developing and commercializ- for connecting molecules. unique and protectable formulations.WALKMED LLC biology services.ing genetically-targeted therapies for heartAXIMMUNETRS, INC. Aurora CALLANDER BIOTECHNOLOGIES failure and other cardiovascular diseases. Fort Collins CBIORESPONSE, LLCBoulder www.walkmed.com Aurora ARMIS BIOPHARMA aximmune.com Boulderwww.trsprosthetics.com Offers solutions for ambulatory infusionallanderbiotech.com Fort Collins Ax101 is a small molecule immuno-oncologywww.bioresponse.comDevelops, manufactures, and markets body- therapy and pain management. Developing novel therapeutics forwww.armisbiopharma.com/ drug with potent anti-tumor activity whenResearches, develops, and commercializes powered prosthetic devices. Designs andArmis Biopharma is a late-stage clinicalused as a single agent, dramatically reducingdietary supplements for better absorption builds technology for persons missing hands. AL DEVICE DEVELOPMENT oral mucositis. and functional foods.WI MEDIC biopharmaceutical company with a growingthe size of lymphoma in some patients and Englewood AN ALLIED BIOCHEMICAL, INC.CVAPOROX AMERIC pipeline of targeted anti-infective therapeu- stabilizing growth in others with intactC BOLDER BIOTECHNOLOGY, INC.Denver www.wiinc.net Centennial tics designed to address antibiotic resistanceimmune systems while causing no significantBoulderwww.vaporox.com Designs and engineers medical devices,www.aablabs.com and healthcare-associated infections, adrug related adverse effects. www.bolderbio.comVaporox, Inc. was formed to commercializeincluding innovative services such asSpecializes in the purification and distribu- serious and rapidly growing phenomenon. CAYTU BIOSCIENCE Bolder BioTechnology is a clinical stage Vaporous Hyperoxia Therapy (VHT), alaser welding, assay design, and airtion of restriction endonucleases enzymes. CARPEGGIO BIOSCIENCES Englewood protein engineering company dedicated patented and FDA-510K-cleared technologybubble management. CAMGEN, INC. Boulder www.aytubio.com to providing patients with easier to use, that represents a breakthrough in treatingCZIMMER BIOMET SPINE California arpeggiobiosciences.com We truly offer our customers an end-to-endsafer, and more cost effective protein 7 different types of skin wounds, includingWestminster www.amgen.com Arpeggio Biosciences leverages state-of- partnership for the research, developmentpharmaceuticals for the treatment of diabetic foot ulcers (DFUs) and pressurewww.zimmerbiomet.com Discovers, develops, manufactures, andthe-art sequencing approaches coupledand manufacture of small molecule thera- their disease.ulcers (bed sores). Zimmer Biomet is a leading medical devicemarkets human therapeutics based onto powerful machine learning to uncoverpeutics at every stage of the drug lifecycle.C BOND PETSCVELOCITY SCIENCES manufacturer offering innovative orthopedicadvances in cellular and molecular biology. novel insights into a compounds biologicalCAZURITY PHARMACEUTICALS AuroraBoulder medical devices and joint replacement. C AMIDEBIO, LLC mechanism of action. Greenwood Village, Massachusetts www.bondpets.comvelocitysciences.com ZYNEX MEDICAL, INC. Boulder CARTISAN BIOazurity.com In a process similar to craft brewing, we start At Velocity Sciences, we strive to createEnglewood www.amidebio.com Aurora Developer and manufacturer ofwith live cells from an animal (no slaughter innovative diagnostic products and serviceswww.zynexmed.com Focused on providing peptide and proteinartisancells.compharmaceutical products focused on therequired) and feed them a nutrient-rich broth that improve human health. We do that byOffers electrotherapy products, utilizingresearch reagents and clinical productsA designer cell engineering and big datapediatric market. of vitamins and minerals. The same ones working with our strategic partners to createvarious methods of non-invasive musclefor a diverse array of research andanalysis platform to more rapidly generatean animal would eat on farm and field, only new assay technologies and innovativestimulation and electromyographycommercial targets using proprietarysafer and more efficacious cell therapies. CBCELL SOLUTIONS, INC. without the pharmaceuticals. solutions to address some of the worldstechnology, Interferential Current (IFC)Biopure-Process technology. Colorado Springs BOULDER SCIENTIFIC COMPANYtoughest problems in human diagnostics.and Transcutaneous Electrical NerveCATARA BIOTHERAPEUTICS bcellsolutions.com MeadStimulation (TENS). AMP DISCOVERY Aurora Established to further research and develop VERAMARX, INC. Aurora www.atarabio.com a new drug therapy for the various forms ofwww.bouldersci.comAurora www.ampdiscoveryllc.com Focused on developing meaningful therapiesautoimmune diseases, neurodegenerativeProvides organometallic compounds to www.veramarx.com Therapeutics company focused onfor patients with severe and life-threateningdiseases, and cancer. the pharmaceutical, polymer, and specialty Focus to become the leading provider ofdeveloping novel antimicrobial treatmentsdiseases. Product candidates: (a) allogeneic orchemical industries.credible clinical and scientific information,for gram-negative pathogens. thirdparty derived antigenspecific Tcells,CBERYL THERAPEUTICSreliable and accurate diagnostic tools andBouldereffective treatment options for Lyme disease. and (b) molecularly targeted biologics. www.beryltherapeutics.comUsing Lipidomics to improve quality of life in humans and animals, starting with bone.48BIOSCIENCECOLORADO//2020-2021 BIOSCIENCECOLORADO//2020-202149'