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CULTRAGENYXCVITROBIOPHARMA ZALGEN LABS, LLC CBOND PETS DVM SYSTEMS Aurora PHARMACEUTICALS Golden Aurora Aurora Greeleywww.taigabiotech.com California www.vitrobiopharma.com www.zalgenlabs.com www.bondpets.com www.dvmsystems.comTaiga Biotechnologies, Inc. is a clinicalwww.ultragenyx.com Develops and commercializes adult stemSpecializing in the design and productionIn a process similar to craft brewing, we startTechnology leader in herd stage company focused on improving bloodUltragenyx is a biopharmaceutical companycell technology for applications in stem cellof superior biological molecules critical forwith live cells from an animal (no slaughterhealth management.stem cell transplantation and harnessingcommitted to bringing to patients novelresearch, drug discovery & developmentthe development and commercialization ofrequired) and feed them a nutrient-rich brothEI MEDICAL IMAGINGthe power of the immune system to fightproducts for the treatment of rare andand therapeutic products for treatment ofreliable, rapid, and affordable diagnosticof vitamins and minerals. The same onesLovelandinfectious disease and cancer. ultra-rare diseases, with a focus on serious,disease, injury and tissue regeneration. platforms, immunotherapeutics and novelan animal would eat on farm and field, onlywww.eimedical.comTHE BIOCOLLECTIVE, LLC debilitating genetic diseases. UltragenyxsCVIVALDI BIOSCIENCES vaccines targeting neglected and underrep- without the pharmaceuticals. Provider of portable ultrasounds for Centennial strategy is predicated upon time and cost- Fort Collins resented human infectious diseases. CARBOANALYTICS veterinarian and livestock procedures to www.thebiocollective.com efficient drug development, with the goalwww.vivaldibiosciences.com Fort Collins create positive business impacts.Biobanking company for microbiomeof delivering safe and effective therapies toDeveloping advanced vaccines for preventionwww.carboanalytics.comsamples. Initial research focus is onpatients with the utmost urgency. of common seasonal influenza (flu) andAG BIOANIMAL HEALTH Develops systems that give accurate sugarEMERGY FOODSepigenetic impact of microbiomeUPSHER-SMITH LABORATORIES, INC. emergent pandemic flu. analysis for the brewing and distilling, foodBoulderADVANCED REGENERATIVEwww.meati.commetabolites through technology developedDenver processing and pharmaceuticals industries.by its partner, Topogen, usingwww.upsher-smith.com CWATCHMAKER GENOMICS THERAPIES (ART) Whole muscle, plant-based meat alternative a topoisomerase reporter system. Develops, manufactures and markets a vastBoulder Fort Collins CARGILL RESEARCH company. Developed a sustainable, proprietary watchmakergenomics.com www.art4dvm.com Fort Collins process to produce food and ingredients and CTHERMO FISHER SCIENTIFIC range of prescription and over-the-counterWatchmaker Genomics combines deep domainProvides a stem cell isolation and expansionwww.cargill.com finished goods from fungal mycelium.Lafayette products for cardiology, dermatology,expertise in protein engineering with enzymeservice for veterinary medicine. Develops, processes and markets science-www.thermofisher.com womens health and other areas. manufacturing to address the demandingbased, health promoting ingredients for foodEUROFINS BDIScientific leadership and innovation in RNAi,CVALIDUS CELLULAR THERAPEUTICS quality, performance and scale requirementsAGRIPRO COKER and dietary supplement industries worldwide. LongmontBerthoud www.eurofinsus.comGene Expression, qPCR/PCR Detection,Aurora of high-growth genomics applications. www.agriprowheat.com COLORADO GENETICS, INC.Provides technologybased, scientifically and Molecular Biology technologies comevalidustherapeutics.com XALUD THERAPEUTICS Loveland sound services that cover the entire life cycle together with the Thermo Scientific Dharma- Validus Cellular Therapeutics are innovatingBoulder Develops and delivers superior wheat seedwww.coloradogenetics.com from genetics to seed and plant.con, Open Biosystems, ABgene, Finnzymes,solutions to resistant infections usingwww.xaludthera.com genetics in North America. Provides livestock embryo-transfer research, and Fermentas product lines to providecellular therapies. Novel therapies for the treatment of neuro- ANIMAL HEALTH OPTIONS artificial insemination, embryo collection,EVOLUTIONARY GENOMICSworld-leading solutions for gene analysis. CVENTRIA BIOSCIENCE inflammatory diseases and inflammatoryGolden freezing and transfer, and internationalCastle Rock/LongmontTISSUEFORM Fort Collins joint disorders. www.animalhealthoptions.com import and export services. www.evolgen.comBoulder www.ventria.com Offers high quality antioxidants andIdentifies genes with a high likelihood YARRA THERAPEUTICS COLORADO QUALITY RESEARCH, INC.of commercial value for downstream www.tissueforminc.com Develops a protein expression technologynutritional supplements that meet or exceed A micro particle tissue technology thatplatform called ExpressTec with a productBoulder industry standards and provide a noticeable/ FEATHERTECH, INC. validation through their proprietary Adapted targets scarring, wrinkles and tissue loss duepipeline in human nutrition and therapeutics. Treatment for rare degenerative heart disease. benefit to dogs, cats and horses. Wellington Traits platform.to aging or injury. YEWSAVIN, INC. ANIMARK, INC. www.coloradoqualityresearch.com FLUID DYNAMIC SIPHONS, INC.CVERTEX PHARMACEUTICALS Fort Collins Aurora Leading innovator in poultry research. Colorado SpringsCTOLMAR Massachusetts Develops chemical and biochemicalwww.animark.us CCOLORADO SERUM COMPANY www.siphons.comFort Collins, Windsor www.vrtx.com technologies. Successfully finished multi Manufactures and sells ultrasound pregnancyDenver Global leader in the manufacture and www.tolmar.com Aims to discover, develop and commercializestep syntheses using Bromination, Grignarddetectors and ovulation predictors forwww.thepeakofquality.com distribution of dosing siphons.A fully integrated pharmaceutical companyinnovative medicines so people with seriousreaction, Suzuki coupling, Amidation, andlivestock breeding. Supplies veterinary biologic vaccines, focused on the development, approval,diseases can lead better lives. Esterification reactions. instruments, laboratory reagents and serumsFRONT RANGE BIOSCIENCESand commercialization of specialtyVISUGEN GLOBAL, LLC ANIMMUNE, LLC for the veterinary industry. Lafayettepharmaceutical products. Aurora YUSCIENCE, LLC Golden www.frontrangebio.comTOPOGEN, INC visugenglobal.com Aurora Infectious disease-centric company focusedCONCENTRIC Provides industrial-scale tissue culture Buena Vista Advancing a new approach to concentrateyuscience.com on enhancing efficacy of animal vaccinesDenver, Montreal propagation and advanced breeding for www.topogen.com and detect gene targets in a method that isFocusing on the development of earlyusing knowledge accumulated throughwww.concentricag.com plants that will be less susceptible to TopoGEN, Inc. is a mature Biotech companysimple to perform anywhere needed. disease biomarkers in patients with multipledecades of human vaccine technology. Inocucor uses its proprietary microbialdiseases and mold contamination, reducing that markets and sells R&D reagents globallysclerosis (MS). AQUATIC BIOSYSTEMS consortia technology to combine multiplethe need to use pesticides.in the anti-cancer and antibiotic space. WeCVIDA BIOMEDICAL CZ BIOTECH, LLC Fort Collins beneficial bacteria and yeasts into powerfulGENE CHECK, INC.are also an established CRO specialized inDenver Aurora www.aquaticbiosystems.com soil and plant boosters that are economicalGreeleyhigh throughput drug screening in thesevidabiomedical.com www.zbiotech.com Full-service organism culturing facilityfor farmers and greenhouse growers, andwww.genecheck.comareas. We have 10 global distributors andVida Biomedical LLC is an early clinical stageCost-effective biochemical analysisspecializing in the production and distribu- safe for people and the environment. Gene Check is a diagnostic laboratory actively export products to Asia, the E.U. andbiotechnology company that discovers,solutions with a focus to develop innovativetion of freshwater and marine organisms forDAIRY AUTHORITY specializing in veterinary genetics. In many other countries. TopoGEN is also welldevelops, and accelerates treatments formicroarray and carbohydrate products andaquatic toxicology, biomonitoring and otherGreeley addition, Gene Check maintains a dynamic funded with multiple SBIR grants. serious medical conditions. Vida works inrelated services. research activities. www.dairymd.com biotech research program, including rare DNA concert with inventor partners to advanceA food and animal practice utilizingsequence and SNP detection.UBP BIO life-changing science. ARDENT MILLS the specialties of their veterinarians, Aurora CVITRIVAX, INC. Denver microbiologists and veterinarian technicians.www.ubpbio.com Boulder www.ardentmills.comManufactures and sells bioreagents relatedvitrivaxbio.com Offers the industrys broadest range of flours,DAIRY TECH, INC.to the ubiquitin-proteasome pathway.A platform technology enabling the prepara- mixes, blends and specialty products. MoreGreeleyThe ubiquitin-proteasome pathway isthan 40 community mills and mix facilities,www.dairytechinc.comresponsible for degradation of the majoritytion of thermostable, single-shot vaccines. along with a specialty bakery and a MobileResearcher and manufacturer focusing on of cellular proteins. Innovation Center. early calf development.56BIOSCIENCECOLORADO//2020-2021 BIOSCIENCECOLORADO//2020-202157'