b'MYCOBACTERIA THERAPEUTICS CNOVUS BIOLOGICALS, APEAK ANALYTICAL, INC. CPLATO BIOPHARMA delivery of oxygenated therapeutics; criticalSINFONIA BIOTHERAPEUTICS Boulder BIO-TECHNE BRAND Golden platobiopharma.com care applications including peritoneal oxygenBoulderMycobacteria Therapeutics Corporation isLittleton www.peaklab.net PBIs integrative pre-clinical researchdelivery in NICU and VAECMO. www.sinfoniabiotherapeutics.comharnessing the potently antiinflammatorywww.novusbio.com Specializes in materials and chemicalplatform generates decision-enabling dataREVEN PHARMACEUTICALS Developing novel, bioreactor-delivered properties of soil-derived mycobacteria thatDevelops, tests and markets antibodies foranalysis. Performs a variety of molecular andvia physiological evaluation of diseaseGolden treatments for familial and genetically - have developed over millions of years ofresearch of human diseases such as cancer,atomic level spectroscopic techniques tomodels, assessment of acute and chronicwww.reven.com defined orphanneurodegenerative diseasesevolution. We specialize in the cultivation ofcardiovascular and neurological disorders. identify failures and defects. in vivo pharmacologic responses, andA global healthcare company with more thanCSIVEC BIOTECHNOLOGIESnovel strains of mycobcateria and testing ofOMIX TECHNOLOGIES CPEAK SERUM evaluation of histologic and contemporary10 years of innovation and leadership inFort Collinsthese bacteria for mental health and stressAurora Fort Collins biomarkers across core organ systems. vascular care. www.sivecbiotechnologies.comresilience benefits. www.omixtech.com www.peakfbs.com CPREVACEPT INFECTIONDeveloping antiviral products for the rapid ROCKY MOUNTAIN NANOLY BIOSCIENCE, INC. Omix Technologies has innovated massOur core focus is Fetal Bovine Serum (FBS)CONTROL, INC. prevention of economically important Denver spectrometrybased workflows to providefor cGMP-QSR / clinical trial research andBroomfield DIAGNOSTICS, INC. diseases. Currently focused on developing www.nanoly.info quantitative proteomics and metabolomicsdiagnostic applications. We provide FBSwww.prevacept.com Colorado Springs SiVEC-AIV, a patent-pending antiviral for www.rmdiagnostics.comDeveloping a safe and proprietary polymeranalyses with supreme throughput, accuracy,for all levels of research compliance andPrevacept Infection Control, Inc. manufactur- Provides immunodiagnostic assays andavian flu in poultry.encapsulation to stabilize and protectand precision. These techniques providelaboratory settings. Our strong reputationers the best-in-class product for catheter in- reagents for biogenic amines, research re- CSOPHIA GENETICStherapeutic biological molecules, such asunprecedented insight into complexis built on our solutions based approach andfection control, the PrevaCept Lock Solution.agents, a CLIA certified reference laboratoryAurora/Switzerlandvaccines and enzymes, from below freezingbiological systems, providing uniqueindividual needs of our customers. PrevaCept has been shown to dramaticallyand contract manufacturing services. www.sophiagenetics.comto beyond tropical room temperatures. perspectives for the development andPEPTIVIR reduce the risk of sepsis caused by cathetersROCKY MOUNTAINSOPHiA GENETICS is a health tech company NANOSPHERE HEALTH SCIENCES improvement of biological products. Aurora colonized by microbial pathogens. democratizing Data-Driven Medicine to Greenwood Village ONKURE Focused on the development andCPYXANT LABS, INC. INSTRUMENTAL LABORATORIES improve health outcomes and economics Fort Collinswww.nanospherehealth.com Longmont commercialization of a conformationally- Colorado Springs www.rockylab.com worldwide. By unlocking the power of Created an advanced delivery systemwww.onkuretherapeutics.com constrained, synthetic peptide-based vaccinewww.pyxant.com Provides contract chromatographic and massnew-generation health data for cancer and platform to change the way people takeEngaged in the discovery and developmentplatform for the prevention of viral diseases. Provides GLP regulatory bioanalyticalspectrometric analysis of pharmaceuticalsrare diseases management, the universal and benefit from nutraceutical supplementsof epigenetic therapies for the treatment ofCPFIZER, INC. support for non-clinical through clinical(both traditional drugs and biotechnologySOPHiA Platform allows clinical researchers and medications. cancer that include selective inhibitors ofBoulder/New York development programs. Specialties includeproducts, such as proteins and peptides andto act with precision and confidence. The CNEURAPTIVE histone deacetylases (HDACs). www.pfizer.com rare tissues, RNA and oligonucleotide thera- oligonucleotides), veterinary and humancompanys innovative approach enables an Lafayette OP-T-MUNE Discovers, develops, manufactures, andpeutics, nucleoside antivirals, and agricultur- endocrinology, and forensic toxicology. ever-expanding community of over 1,000 in-www.neuraptive.com Denvermarkets prescription medicines for humansal and industrial biotech applications. Y MOUNTAIN REAGENTS, INC. stitutions to benefit from knowledge sharing, ROCK fostering a new era in healthcare. SOPHiAs Development-stage surgical product compa- Development of a small peptide to controland animals. QUICKSILVER SCIENTIFIC Golden achievement is recognized by the MIT Tech-ny bringing to market a surgical therapeuticautoimmune inflammation, specifically inPHOSPHOSOLUTIONS, LLC Lafayette www.rmreagents.com nology Reviews 50 Smartest Companies.kit to repair injured peripheral nerves. type 1 diabetes and multiple sclerosis. Aurora www.quicksilverscientific.com Manufactures stains, culture media and CNEW IRIDIUM, LLC COTSUKA PHARMACEUTICALS www.phosphosolutions.com Clinical and environmental mercury lab andchemistry solutions for the medical industry,CSTAQ PHARMABoulderMaryland Designs and produces phosphoproteinsdietary supplement manufacturing. as well as titration reagents, indicators,Denverwww.newiridium.com www.otsuka-us.com solutions using phosphorspecific antibodies.REGENEXX acids, bases, and a variety of chemicals forwww.staqpharma.comOrganic photocatalyst technology thatOtsukas pharmaceutical businessPhosphoproteins are thought to be criticalWestminster industrial uses. 503B Outsourcing facility.Focused on empowers the next generation of pharma- develops and markets products for theelements in neurological diseases such aswww.regenexx.com SAIGENE BIOTECH, INC. sterile, prefilled syringes.ceutical and chemical manufacturing. diagnosis and treatment of disease in theAlzheimers and in cancer. Advances stem cell therapies throughDenver TEADMAN PHILIPPON SCNOVARTIS following areas: central nervous system,CPHOTON PHARMA development of Regenexx, an injectionwww.saigene.com RESEARCH INSTITUTESwitzerland oncology, gastroenterology, ophthalmologyFort Collins procedure to treat a wide variety ofDeveloping testing processes to identifyVailwww.novartis.com and cardiovascular. photonpharmaceuticals.com painful conditions. harmful algae blooms. www.sprivail.orgNovartis is a global healthcare companyPANTHERYX PhotonPharma is an immune oncologyRENAPTYS VACCINES, LLC CSANOFI Orthopedic sports medicine, SPRI is based in Switzerland that providesBoulder company. We have developed a break- Aurora New Jersey unlocking the secrets of healing, finding solutions to address the evolving needspantheryx.com through technology that stimulates awww.renaptys.com www.sanofi.com cures and enhancing lives through of patients worldwide. PanTheryx is a biotechnology companypatients own immune system to seek outRenaptys Vaccines is developing a proprietaryregenerative medicine, scientific research, committed to realizing the potential of noveland destroy their cancer cells. The key tostable peptide immunogen platform. Sanofi US is comprised of five business unitsinnovation and education.CNOVARTIS GENE THERAPIESinterventions to address a widethe technology is a patent protected processthat focus on human vaccines, rare diseases,SUDHIN BIOPHARMA COMPANYLongmont range of serious GI microbiome relatedthat precisely inactivates the replicationCRESPIROGEN multiple sclerosis, oncology, immunology,Superiorwww.novartis.com health conditions. ability of a patients tumor cells whileBoulder infectious diseases, diabetes and cardiovas- www.sudhinbio.comWith cutting-edge technology, Novartisleaving intact all of the tumors uniquewww.respirogen.com cular solutions, consumer healthcare, estab- Sudhin Biopharma Co develops novel contin-Gene Therapies is making progress in thePATHWAYS BIOSCIENCE, INC. immune antigen targets. When a patientsRespirogen Oxygen Microbubble (OMB)lished prescription products and generics.uous and more efficient biopharmaceutical treatment of rare and life-threateningAurora immune system encounters the inactivatedtechnology will provide improvedCSEPANTA, INC. manufacturing technologies.neurological genetic diseases. www.pathwaysbio.com compositions for blood oxygenation asFort CollinsFocused on discovering and developing newcells, it mounts a response to rid the bodywell as improved methods for producingsepantainc.com SUVICA, INC.CNOVO NORDISK agents for modifying gene expression andof all such cells, including the native tumorsand delivering these oxygen deliveryBoulderNew Jersey regulating stress response pathways thator metastases. The process is simple, fastcompositions to patients or explantedSepantas mission is to develop non-viralwww.suvica.comwww.novonordisk.com contribute to cell defense mechanisms. and inexpensive. A patients tumor cells cancells, tissues, or organs. Target indications:therapeutics delivery vectors based on theDiscovery and development of small A global healthcare company with more thanbe extracted, inactivated and administeredwound healing, as an alternative treatmentproprietary biocompatible and biodegradablemolecules for the treatment of cancer.90 years of innovation and leadership inback on the same day. to Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, allowingsmart polymer platform.diabetes care. ambulatory/home care in diabetic ulcers; burn therapy, for improved healing by 54BIOSCIENCECOLORADO//2020-2021 BIOSCIENCECOLORADO//2020-202155'