b'CLINICALASSETS 533DRUGS AND TRIALS BY THERAPY AREA COLORADO BY THE NUMBERS: FINANCINGS400 TRIALS COMPANY INVESTOR VALUE (US$ M) DEAL TYPE ANNOUNCED INDUSTRYDRUGS Ablacon, Inc. Western Technology Investment 12.00 Venture Financing 23-Jul-2019 Medical DeviceAjax Health 21.50 Venture Financing 30-Apr-2019 Medical Device# TOTAL DRUGSAftx, Inc. Undisclosed 1.42 Venture Financing 17-Apr-2019 Medical Device278AND TRIALS FOR 200 THERAPY AREA Aletheia Therapeutics Corp Undisclosed 0.17 Venture Financing 11-Mar-2019 PharmaAmpio Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Undisclosed 12.00 Equity Offerings 14-Jun-2019 PharmaUndisclosed 0.14 Equity Offerings 12-Apr-2019 PharmaARCA Biopharma, Inc. Undisclosed 1.03 Equity Offerings 20-May-2019 Pharma175 CARDIOVASCULAR 160 Undisclosed 2.50 Equity Offerings 25-Jan-2019 Pharma204Undisclosed 1.03 Equity Offerings 20-May-2019 Pharma105100Undisclosed 2.40 Equity Offerings 11-Mar-2019 Pharma102 70 Undisclosed 2.50 Equity Offerings 25-Jan-2019 Pharma51 ArcherDX, Inc. PBM Capital Group, LLC 55.00 Venture Financing 17-Dec-2019 Medical Device64 44 37 35 35 ArrowMark Partners Venture Financing 17-Dec-2019 Medical Device16 20 12 15 Redmile Group, LLC Venture Financing 17-Dec-2019 Medical Device10 50Boulder Ventures, Ltd. Venture Financing 17-Dec-2019 Medical DeviceDERMATOLOGY EAR NOSE THROAT DISORDERS HEMATOLOGICAL DISORDERS IMMUNOLOGY MALE HEALTH METABOLIC DISORDERS MUSCULOSKELETAL DISORDERS ONCOLOGY RESPIRATORY TOXICOLOGYGASTROINTESTINAL GENETIC DISORDERS INFECTIOUS DISEASE OPHTHAMOLOGYCENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM HORMONAL DISORDERSMOUTH & DENTAL DISORDERS NUTRITIONAL DISORDERSGENITO URINARY SYSTEM & SEX HORMONESSands Capital Management, LLC Venture Financing 17-Dec-2019 Medical DeviceLongwood Fund Management, LLC Venture Financing 17-Dec-2019 Medical DevicePerceptive Advisors, LLC Venture Financing 17-Dec-2019 Medical DeviceSoleus Capital Management, LP Venture Financing 17-Dec-2019 Medical DeviceUndisclosed Venture Financing 17-Dec-2019 Medical DeviceDriehaus Capital Management, LLC Venture Financing 17-Dec-2019 Medical DeviceLongwood Fund Management, LLC 60.00 Venture Financing 15-May-2019 Medical DeviceBoulder Ventures, Ltd. Venture Financing 15-May-2019 Medical DevicePBM Capital Group, LLC Venture Financing 15-May-2019 Medical DevicePerceptive Advisors, LLC Venture Financing 15-May-2019 Medical DevicePeierls Foundation, Inc. Venture Financing 15-May-2019 Medical DeviceArray BioPharma, Inc. Pfizer 11400.00 Acquisition 10-Oct-2019 PharmaCLINICAL TRIAL STATUS AND PHASE Undisclosed 150.00 Equity Offerings 07-May-2019 PharmaAsius Technologies, LLC Undisclosed 1.00 Venture Financing 23-May-2019 Medical DeviceTRIAL STATUS Aspero Medical, Inc. Innosphere Fund Venture Financing 04-Sep-2019 Medical DeviceAytu BioScience, Inc. Armistice Capital, LLC 10.00 Equity Offerings 14-Oct-2019 PharmaRECRUITING COMPLETED IN PROGRESS TERMINATEDAltium Capital Limited Equity Offerings 14-Oct-2019 PharmaAltium Capital Limited 10.00 Equity Offerings 14-Oct-2019 PharmaArmistice Capital, LLC Equity Offerings 14-Oct-2019 Pharma269 670 360 98 Azurity /SilvergateUndisclosedAcquisition 12-Jun-2019 PharmaPharmaceuticals Biodesix, Inc. Undisclosed 4.90 Venture Financing 08-Aug-2019 Medical DeviceBioPlx, Inc. Undisclosed 1.63 Venture Financing 11-Jun-2019 PharmaDRUG PHASE Bolder Surgical, LLC River Cities Capital Funds 27.00 Venture Financing 16-Jan-2019 Medical DevicePHASE 0 PHASE I PHASE I/II PHASE II PHASE II/III PHASE III PHASE III/IV PHASE IV Undisclosed Investor(s) Venture Financing 16-Jan-2019 Medical DeviceWestwood Management Corp. Venture Financing 16-Jan-2019 Medical DeviceProvidence Ventures Venture Financing 16-Jan-2019 Medical Device32 325 131 529 33 133 3 211 Brava Diagnostics Undisclosed 0.25 Venture Financing 29-Aug-2019 Medical Device30BIOSCIENCECOLORADO//2020-2021 BIOSCIENCECOLORADO//2020-202131'