b'DARTNET INSTITUTE GAUGEWEAR, INC. time decision support tools for optimizingNOW VITALS CPRIMA-TEMP, INC. SENSENTIAAurora Boulder clinical operations.Aurora Boulder Denverwww.dartnet.info www.gaugewear.com MEDKEEPER nowvitals.com www.prima-temp.com sensentia.comThe DARTNet Institute is a rapidly growingDeveloping the first wearable, wireless, non Lakewood Phone case and software that records vitalInnovative biometric approaches toSensentia technology helps translate the collaboration of practice-based researchinvasive core body temperature sensor. www.medkeeper.com signs, teling you when youre off-baseline orearly disease detection and reproductivecomplexity of health plans into accurate and networks that are building a national collec- GLOBAL HEALTHCARE EXCHANGEProvides a suite of fast, flexible, and econom- starting to get sick. medicine through the application of 21stmeaningful information.tion of data from electronic health records,century thermometry.Louisville ical applications for hospital pharmacies. NYMBL SCIENCE SKINDROIDclaims, and patient-reported outcomes. www.ghx.com METHOD, LLC Denver RADISH SYSTEMS AuroraDREAMFACE TECHNOLOGIES Help healthcare providers reduce costs byAurora www.nymblscience.com Boulder skindroid.orgDenver automating the supply chain and providingwww.themethoddifference.com Combines medical science with mobilewww.radishsystems.com Developed new skin sensor technology to dreamfacetech.com business intelligence tools to help themBridges the gap between exercise andtechnology to allow people to easily measureIts mobile enterprise software, ChoiceView,detect key parameters of basic metabolic Ryan is a social companion robot formake smarter and faster decisions. medicine to optimize performance, monitortheir balance, and then recommends aallows businesses to share visuals withpanel from a users sweat. Skindroid is dementia patients who delays the onset ofCHEALTH SCHOLARS and speed recovery and prevent injury. program to improve balance. patients in real-time. a wearable biosensing hardware device advanced dementia through stimulatingWestminster CMFB FERTILITY OPISAFE RXREVU that allows remote, non-invasive BMP games, music and crafts. healthscholars.com Boulder Denver Denver monitoring via FHIR API integration with EARABLE, INC. Improve patient safety with Health Scholarsproovtest.com opisafe.com www.rxrevu.com health data platforms.Boulder One learning software, simulation manage- Proov rapid response test strips empowerData collection and analysis for unmatchedRxRevu is a Denver-based company on aSKYWRITER MDearable.ai ment, and virtual reality medical training. women to know more about their mentrualopioid intelligence and solutions mission to improve healthcare throughGreenwood VillageEarable is an earbud packed withHEALTH SQYRE cycles and progesterone levels in fivePHYSIA more informed, consistent, and frictionlesswww.skywritermd.combiosensors for convenient healthDenver minutes, at home. Aurora prescription decisions. RxRevus PrescriptionProvides real-time, virtual medical quantification. It is much more convenientwww.healthsqyre.com MINDFUL LABS www.physia.life Decision Support technology promotesscribe services that navigate the EMR and than current devices used in hospitalsDigital health e-commerce platform thatAurora Physia provides smart garments thatcondition-appropriate prescribing and patiententer data, execute tasks and write orders because it has the smallest form factor givenempowers patients with tools that allowwww.getmindful.co monitors respiratory and cardiovascularcost transparency to improve safety andas directed.its accuracy and sensing capability. Unlikethem to price compare and use theirfailure as well as diabetes and thyroidsatisfaction. The SwiftRx platform helpsSLEEP IMAGEother wearables, Earable has more sensors,insurance to buy medical supplies online. Collects monthly hair samples from usersdisorder in elderly patients with frequentclinicians quickly and easily find affordableDenveris located on the head, and uses proprietarythrough the mail. A CLIA certified laboccurences with the assistance of artificialalternatives to more costly medicationswww.sleepimage.commachine learning algorithms for higherHIPPO HEALTH translates this into the average monthlyintelligence and machine learning. specific to a patients health needs and out ofDevelops a system to measure sleep, receive accuracy of bioelectric analysis. Boulder cortisol levels viewable on a mobile phone,pocket cost. It also enables health systemsa clinically-validated indicator of sleep ENGAGEMYHEALTH, LLC www.hippohealth.com allowing customers to monitor cortisol levelsPHYSICIAN COGNITION to holistically manage and measure clinicianshealth and learn how behavioral changes can Centennial Communication platform for clinicians andand take corrective action. Telluride prescribing performance.impact sleep.www.engagemyhealth.com patients. Easy care collaboration for yourMOBILE ASSAY www.physiciancognition.com SAFEIMAGEMDProvides a software based solution forentire care team. Boulder Created a differential diagnosis search engineDenver SLEEP SHEPHERDelective healthcare centers. The integratedIMIDEX www.mobileassay.com to minimize misdiagnoses and preventwww.safeimagemd.com Colorado Springsplatform covers mobile centric digitalDenver Created a lab-on-mobile-device platformunnecessary testing and procedures. Created a secure transfer and storagewww.sleepshepherd.comcommunication to patients and prospects,imidex.com with customizable smartphone diagnosticPREACUTE PHM, INC. technology allowing providers to shareDeveloped a device to improve sleep in before, during and after their office visits. IMIDEX is a leader in clinical decision supporttools for use with any rapid diagnostic test orAurora critical medical images with colleagues,people with sleeping disorders or people solutions in healthcare.colorimetric assay. Its automated mReaderwww.preacutephm.com patients, physicians and institutionswho simply want to improve the quality of EON HEALTH imaging system transforms ordinaryHelps lower healthcare expenditures usinganywhere in the world. their sleep, using EEG brainwave monitoring Denver INGENIUMCARE qualitative (positive/negative) tests intoits predictive clinical data analytics platformand a biaural beat system to slow the brain eonhealth.com Denver highly sensitive quantitative tests. to focus on pre-acute clinical interventionsSANA HEALTH rate from an awake state to a sleeping state.Eon EPM is an end-to-end patientwww.ingeniumcare.com to treat patients in the early stage of theirBoulder SMARTTABmanagement platform that usesProvides support for patient homeMUSCLESOUND, LLC illness, when they can often benefit fromwww.sana.io DenverComputational Linguisticsbest in classmonitoring and provides wireless biometricDenver alternative, low-cost point treatments. Sana is the worlds first pain & sleepwww.smarttab.coproprietary data science modelsto assistfeedback to caregivers. www.musclesound.com management mask, aiding people around with actionable finding identification andMuscleSound is a software technology thatPRECISIONPROFILE, INC. the world. SmartTab is a digital medicine company on a longitudinal tracking. MEDAWARE SYSTEMS automates the analysis of musculoskeletalBoulder mission to provide novel, effective therapies Broomfield ultrasound images. We are thewww.precision-profile.com SCRIPT ADVISER that improve patient outcomes. SmartTab ETTA EPIDERMIS www.medawaresystems.com MuscleHealth company. Precision medicine for data analysis andGreenwood Village has developed a personalized wireless drug Denver Provides healthcare professionals, payers,visualization toolset for genomic profilewww.scriptadviser.com delivery platform comprised of an ingestible www.etta.io patients, pharma and medical deviceMYSTRENGTH Improves the treatment of infectious diseasecapsule with a microprocessor, proprietary Etta is an Artificial Intelligence that usescompanies with actionable information onDenver data that integrates research literature,through collaboration with other healthcaresmart polymer actuator, and active ingredients. massive datasets of hospitalverified imagesthe efficacy and safety of medical treatmentswww.mystrength.com clinical trial formation and molecularpractitioners and their patients via to provide a data-driven skin insight. Theto make the best decisions for each patient. Created a platform to help healthcare payersdiagnostic reports. cloudbased video conferencing and decisionSOLERA HEALTHinsight that Etta provides is determined byand providers extend access to evidence- PREDICTIVE RECOGNITION support technology. Denverlevel of risk (Low, Medium, High). Values forMEDECIPHER based resources to help consumers betterBoulder soleranetwork.comaccuracy, precision, recall, sensitivity andDenver manage depression, anxiety and substanceHelps hospitals recognize and predict patientSELF AWARE APPS Solera Health is rapidly scaling the National specificity are used to determine your risk. www.medeciphersolutions.com abuse disorders. risk and improve quality of care. Denver Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) by Medecipher helps hospitals improve thewww.selfawareapps.com connecting people with prediabetes, payers, quality of care for patients, improve theCreates assistive intelligence engines thatand providers with community-based and quality of the work environment for staff,help people live better lives by enablingdigital DPP providers, simply and securely.and reduce operating costs with a suite oftheir mobile device to hear, see and sense the proactive planning and EMR-integrated real- world around them.60BIOSCIENCECOLORADO//2020-2021 BIOSCIENCECOLORADO//2020-202161'