b'ACLAREN SURGICALCMBIO DIAGNOSTICS involved in the ovulation process and trackNEUROMONICS, INC. PATHOGENX LLC PREFERRED MEDICAL LENOX MINSTRUMENTS Boulder when a female is most fertile. Westminster Wheat Ridge PRODUCTS, INC.Louisville www.mbiodx.com MICRO IMAGING SOLUTIONS, LLC www.neuromonics.com pathogenx.com Englewoodwww.lenoxmaclaren.com MBio Diagnostics is the innovator of theDenver Manufactured and distributes clinicallyPathogenX LLC has developed an innovativewww.preferredmedicalproducts.comManufactures precision orthopedic andproprietary point-of care LightDeck platformwww.micro-imaging.us proven devices to treat tinnitus. Theapproach to hospital-grade surfaceManufactures stainless steel medical neurological surgical instruments. that delivers highly sensitive, lab-qualityDeveloped an innovative, patentedSanctuary provides situational relief for thosedisinfection that promises (with furthercomponents for hypodermic needles and LIFEBOARD results in minutes. The LightDeck platformtechnology that can be utilized in thesuffering from mild to moderate tinnitus. laboratory validation and EPA registration)lancet type products.Fort Collins consists of a robust, portable fluorescencemanufacture ofmicrodigital CMOS cameras. OPTIENZ SENSORS to be more effective against hard-to-killPRESCOTTS, INC.Device that captures, displays and recordsanalyzer and disposable, multiplex testMICROBIAL PULSE DIAGNOSTICS Fort Collins pathogens, highly cost-effective, and saferMonumentall essential data during time-criticalcartridges. The test procedure is simple,Boulder www.optienz.com for humans, animals and the environmentwww.surgicalmicroscopes.commedical events. enabling untrained users to performRevolutionizing measurement capabilities forthan anything on the market. Provides reconditioned operating testing on-the-spot. MBio is developing aMicrobial Pulse Diagnostics will enableorganic chemical concentrations in aqueousmicroscopes and allied accessories that LIQUID LOGIC portfolio of multiplex tests including panelspoint-of-care data-driven antibioticPEAK ANALYSIS & AUTOMATION LTD.Aurora for COVID-19, host-response panels forprescriptions by providing physicians with asolutions; now providing continuous, real-time,Colorado Springs function as intended by the original www.liquid-logic.com acute infections and sepsis and panels oflist of proven effective drugs in under twoin-place sensor systems. www.paa-automation.com equipment manufacturer.Developed a proprietary digital microfluidicscardiac markers for heart attack and hearthours. Its nanoscale sensing technologyCORBIT GENOMICS Manufactures robots, special equipment,PREVIEW MEDICALtechnology based on electrowetting thatfailure. The LightDeck platform is alsotakes the pulse of the bacteria causing aBoulder and turnkey automated systems for a varietyAuroraprecisely manipulates small droplets withincommercialized for veterinary diagnosticsurinary tract infection to quickly determinewww.orbitgenomics.com of industries including: biotech, electronics,PreView focuses on the diagnosis and a sealed disposable cartridge to performand for environmental testing.their phenotypic susceptibility or resistanceOrbit Genomics, Inc. is an early stagemedical, semiconductor, etc. treatment optimization of prostate cancer.complex laboratory protocols. MED-BOTICS to antibiotics. genomics company developing diagnosticPEDDLE MASTER, INC. CPRIMA-TEMP, INC.CLIVANOVA Colorado Springs MICROLIFE MEDICAL HOMEtests and services based on repetitiveJohnstown Bouldersequences in DNA, known as microsatellites.www.peddlemaster.comArvada www.med-botics.com SOLUTIONS, INC. www.prima-temp.comwww.livanova.com Development of medical devices forGolden Microsatellites occur throughout theDesigns and manufactures handicappedInnovative biometric approaches to Global medical device company and a leaderprevention of apnea, hypoxemia, andwww.mimhs.com genome in both coding and non-codingdriving aids. The Peddle Master is totallyearly disease detection and reproductive in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases. overdose from medication causingProprietary hand-held medical devicesregions and they mutate 10,000 timesportable and can be installed and removedmedicine through the application of 21st respiratory depression. and systemic solutions offer healthcaremore rapidly than SNPs and other geneticin a matter of seconds. century thermometry.CLIVE FULLY, INC. providers evidence-based and practice- mutations, representing both inherited andCPHARMAJET, INC.Monument CMEDTRONICacquired risk. The companys first productPRODUCTS GROUP tested methods for accurate assessment,Goldenwww.livefullyinc.com Boulder, Louisville, Minnesota diagnosis, and treatment of cardiovascularwill be a lung cancer risk assessment test. www.pharmajet.comINTERNATIONAL, INC.Live Fully is a medical device design andwww.medtronic.com and metabolic diseases. ORTHOMI, LLC Developer of needle-free jet injection tech- Lyonsmanufacturing company focused on restoringTogether, with our partners in theBoulder nology, optimized for vaccine administration,www.productsgroup.comquality of life to patients with lung diseasehealthcare industry, we are committedCMIGHTY OAK MEDICAL www.jortek.com with two device platforms and regulatoryResearches, develops and engineers ultra-and their caregivers. Our efforts encourageto developing meaningful innovations.Englewood sound medical and veterinary equipment.active lifestyles to restore hope and extendMedtronic has ~ 2,400 employees inwww.mightyoakmedical.com Orthomi develops novel orthopedic devicesclearance for all three tissue depths.lives. We embrace technology in a fieldColorado who develop life-changing medicalDevelops cutting-edge spinal technologiesprimarily in the sports medicine market.SE THREE PRODUCTPROPEL LABS, INC.The primary objective is preservation andPHA Fort Collinsthat has not experienced improvements fortechnologies and solutions such as surgicalfor use in spine surgery. restoration of patients musculoskeletalDEVELOPMENT www.propel-labs.coman extended period. Our products collectrobotics, energy based surgical instruments,MIKRON CORPORATION system through medical, surgical, andFort Collins Designing the next generation of bio-instru-significant real life data as authorized byrespiratory and patient monitoring solutions,Englewood rehabilitative means. www.phasethreedev.com mentation tools. Focused on research tools, the patients to optimize remote patientinterventional lasers, computer-basedwww.mikron.com Technology and product development ofsuch as single cell analyzers and cell sorters.monitoring by their medical support team.diagnostic & surgical visualization tools, andSupplies transfer machining systems forCOSYPKA MEDTEC, INC. microfluidics based devices and systems.LOGISENS CORPORATION surgical imaging technologies. Lets takecomplex parts, cutting tools with highLongmont PHILIPS PROTOMED, INC.Fort Collins healthcare Further, Together. performance standards, self medication andwww.osypka-medtec.com Colorado Springs Denverwww.logisens.com MESA LABORATORIES, INC. diagnostic devices. Works with medical device manufacturerswww.philips.com www.protomed.netDevelops biosensor and software technology,Lakewood and suppliers to manufacture innovative,Develops, manufactures, markets andCreates accurate anatomical models from CT enabling a significant breakthrough in real- www.mesalabs.com MILE HIGH OPHTHALMICS quality product solutions or components fordistributes single-use medical devices usedscans by using the latest imaging software Aurora companies around the United States. and laser driven technology.time measurement and reduction of stress. Provides dialysis meters and related suppliesOphthalmic device for enhanced precision inin minimally invasive procedures within the MAGNELAB, INC. to dialysis clinics world wide. cataract surgery. PARAGON 28 cardiovascular system. PROTOTYPE CASTING, INC.Longmont METAMATRIX, LLC Englewood POINT DESIGNS Denverwww.magnelab.com Boulder NEBA HEALTH, LLC www.paragon28.com Louisville www.protcast.comManufactures custom magnetic componentswww.zorbent.com Boulder Addressing the unmet and under-served needswww.pointdesignsllc.com Manufactures non-ferrous prototype parts www.nebahealth.com of the foot and ankle market segment. for the medical industry, specializes in RPM (transformers/inductors) for the medical field. Manufacturers of ZORBENT, an absorbentDevelops neuropsychiatric medical devices,Point Designs strives to innovate in the field(Rubber Plaster Mold) casting, sand casting MALLINDA, LLC designed to leave no residue, reducing thesuch as Neba, an experimental, smallPAR SOLUTIONS, LLC of upper limb prosthetics. and rapid investment casting.Aurora risk associated with slippery surfaces. It isformat EEG-based device being studied underCentennial PORTA-LUNG, INC.www.mallinda.com completely safe to use and represents noan IDE from the FDA. www.paresurgicalsolutions.com LakewoodAdvancing the state of polymer with thehealth hazard. Develops surgical instruments such as thewww.portalung.comdevelopment of the first hard plastic thatCMFB FERTILITY, INC. NEURO ASSESSMENT SYSTEMS Quik-Stitch endoscopic suturing system. Provides non-invasive ventilator support for can be repeatedly molded and reshaped atBoulder Littleton long-term patients who need more portability.mild temperatures. www.mfbfertility.com Provides an objective brain-based measure Commercializing an in-vitro diagnosticof neurocognitive symptoms associated with allowing couples to track hormone cyclinga wide range of brain health issues including concussion and Alzheimers disease.BIOSCIENCECOLORADO//2020-202145'