b'EAG LABORATORIES ENCISION, INC. EZALIFE, LLC FOOTBEAT GROESANOAK PRODUCTfocus in the areas of chemical and microbi- Fort Collins Boulder Aurora Grand Junction DEVELOPMENT, INC. ological sciences we support manufacturers www.eag.com www.encision.com www.ezalife.com www.footbeat.com Frederick and researchers throughout the world.Formerly known as Pernicka Corporation,Designs and manufactures innovativeEzalife designs and develops medical devicesFootbeat has fundamentally changedwww.groesanoak.com INFINITY PHOTO-OPTICAL COMPANY this EAG location in Fort Collins, hassurgical devices. Developed AEMthat make life easier for infants, children andmedical and athletic recovery through itsCreates innovative proprietary newCentennialsupported the defense, aerospace andLaparoscopic Instruments to improveadults with complex medical needs. Its firstunique method of circulatory enhancement.medical devices focusing on areas ofwww.infinity-usa.commedical device industries since itselectrosurgery and reduce the chance forproduct, the Button Huggie, is a precision- By applying precise, cyclic pressure to theinjury management, neonatal care, andManufactures long-distance and founding in 1973. The laboratory is apatient injury in minimally invasive surgery. designed, low profile gastrostomy buttonarch of the foot, Footbeat increases bloodperformance monitoring. continuously-focusable microscope leader in internal gas composition analysisCENDOSHAPE, INC. securement device. velocity to alleviate the symptoms ofGUIDED SURGICAL SOLUTIONS technology, macro systems, internal-(frequently denoted as RGA) and CumulativeBoulder FALCON REHABILITATIONcommon medical conditions and enhanceDenver focusing devices and other lenses.Helium Leak Detection (CHLD) services forathletes ability to prepare, repair, and www.endoshape.com PRODUCTS www.guidedsurgicalsolutions.com CINNOVATUS IMAGINGensuring reliability of critical components inManufactures surgical and medicalDenver recover for their sport. Footbeat is easy-to- Guided Surgical Solutions utilizes state ofDenvermilitary and aerospace technology. instruments focusing on shape memorywww.falconrehab.net/products/ use, non-invasive, and ideal for travel. the art software & 3D printing technologywww.innovatusimaging.comEDGEPORT SURGICAL polymer devices for endolumenal application. Designs and builds high-quality, innovativeCFORCAST ORTHOPEDICS to ensure a more safe, accurate, andInnovatus operates an engineering, testing, BoulderENLIGHTENVUE quadriplegic seating systems and accessoriesLongmont efficient surgery. Surgical outcome isregulatory compliance and FDA registered Medical product development andDenver (Falcon Rehabilitation Products, LaBacwww.forcastortho.com more predictable for follow-up treatmentcontract manufacturing site. Design, devel-investment company. www.enlightenvue.com Seating Systems, Gel Ovations). Focused on improving total joint patient care,resulting in the best possible aesthetic andopment and testing of specialty products and EJ BIOMED - A DIVISION OF ELDONSpecializes in bringing micro-endoscopeFIREFLY MEDICAL, INC. ForCast Orthopedics will incorporate antibioticfunctional results for your patient. ultrasound arrays take place in this facility in reservoir and novel infusion system within a JAMES CORPORATION technology to the medical device market byFort Collins total new prosthesis to replicate improved pa- GYROSTIM addition to quality and regulatory activity. Denver innovating low-cost disposable alternatives. www.fireflymedicalinc.com Colorado Springs INSTEC, INC.www.eldonjames.com Designs and develops innovativetient outcomes with simpler pain management. www.gyrostim.com BoulderManufactures, assembles and packagesCEVERGREEN RESEARCH, INC. durable medical equipment for clinicalGALAXY OPHTHALMICS Applying advanced technologies towww.instec.comPVC Free tubing and connectors in a singleGolden healthcare markets. Denver physiological and neurological needs. www.evergreenresearch.com www.galaxyophthalmics.com Maker of GyroStim Manufactures precision temperature cleanroom environment. Your One-Stop-Shop for medical deviceFISCHER IMAGING controllers and microscope hot stage ELECTRONIC MATERIALS, INC. (EMI) designs, approvals & manufacturing.Wheat Ridge Developing technologies related to newHACH COMPANY systems for temperature cycling, food therapies for Glaucoma, Wet and Dry Macular Breckenridge Software, electronics, mechanics, fluidics,http://fischerimaging.com Loveland sciences, materials characterization, www.emiuv.com optics, ultrasound, RF and sterile dispos- Fischer Imaging is focused on improvingDegeneration and Diabetic Retinopathy. www.hach.com forensics, polymers, and liquid crystals Offers a complete line of EMCAST UVables. Products for surgery, ICU, ER, EMS,outcomes for cancer patients with advancedGAUGEWEAR Manufactures and distributes analyticaland microbiology.adhesives, epoxies, sealants, encapsulantsOTS, clinic and home healthcare products.imaging. Our proprietary technologyBoulder instruments and reagents used toAGING Advanced Imaging software, cloud software,doubles the resolution and contrast ofwww.gaugewear.com test the quality of water and other aqueousINTELLIGENT IMand coatings. EMI also offers roomINNOVATIONS (3I)temperature, thermal and visible light cureembedded and Windows 10 systems & smarttodays mammography using less than halfUsing radiometric thermometry, gaugewearsolutions. Denveradhesive systems. device apps. Evergreen Research servicesthe x-ray dose and removes the need foris creating a wearable, non-invasive, coreCHEARTHERO www.intelligent-imaging.comELEMENT include full service engineering, regulatorypainful breast compression. body temperature sensor. Denver Designs and builds systems around the Longmont affairs, quality systems, production, distri- FISCHER MEDICALGENESEE BIOMEDICAL, INC. hearthero.com newest automated fluorescence microscopes www.element.com bution and highly experienced personnelWheat Ridge Denver Developing automated external defibrillator. and the most advanced peripheral devices.Medical device testing laboratoryto make it happen, all the way.Evergreenwww.fischermti.com www.geneseebiomedical.comResearch is FDA registered and ISO 13485HIRSH PRECISION PRODUCTS, INC. KATHAROSspecializing in package testing, acceleratedDesigns, manufactures, and markets cardiacManufactures cardiac surgery instrumentsAuroraaging, photostability, UV, temperature/ and ISO 9001 certified. and otolaryngology devices. and devices. Boulderhumidity, vibration, shock testing services. EVOENDOhirshprecisionproductsinc.com A medical device used in patients during FLASHBACK TECHNOLOGIES GENOVUS BIOTECHNOLOGIES, INC. Manufactures precision-machined and assem- hemodialysis to remove phosphates that lead Aurora ELEVEN P15 evoendo.com Louisville Louisville bled components for the medical industry. to high rates of cardiovascular disease and Aurora Modified a medical endoscopic techniquewww.flashbacktechnologies.com genovusbiotech.com IMPRESSIO, INC. death in this population.elevenp15.com for pediatric and created a new multi-useFast, non-invasive detection of acute bloodDevelops biophysical medicine-basedAurora CKESTREL LABS, INC.Diagnostic biotech company enablingendoscope for use in pediatrics and adults. loss volume and prediction of cardiovasculartreatments for neuromuscular conditions.www.impressio.tech Boulderearly diagnosis and treatment of idiopathiccollapse in emergency situations. Its lead developmental product is a non- Impressio focuses on developing liquid- www.kestrellabs.compulmonary fibrosis. CEXIMIS SURGICAL, INC. FLUONIC invasive, neuromodulating medical devicecrystalline elastomers (LCEs) for use inCombines internal research and ELLAB, INC. Louisville Boulder for the treatment of functional symptoms ofload-bearing orthopedic applications such asdevelopment projects with consulting Denver www.eximissurgical.com www.fluonic.com multiple sclerosis. knee and total disk replacement.and contract development of innovative, www.ellab.com Developing a novel surgical platform for theDevelops infusion therapy systems withGNATHODONTICS, LTD.patient monitoring concepts and other Ellab manufactures wireless, real-time datasafe and fast removal of large specimensdisposable sensors for OEM and proprietaryLakewood INDEVR, INC. medical technologies.through small laparoscopic/robotic incisions. pumping systems. www.gnatho.com Boulderloggers and wired thermocouple validationwww.indevr.com KOKO, LLCsystems with temperature, humidity,EXTREME DIAGNOSTICS Specializes in functional dentistry,Develops and manufactures biomedicalLongmontpressure, vacuum, conductivity, and CO2Boulder advanced implant work, precision partialinstruments including molecular diagnosticwww.kokopft.comsensor options. Ellab also offers on-sitewww.extremediagnostics.com dentures, combination cases and metal-freeassays, virus measurement systems andDevelops, manufactures and markets qualification, validation and calibrationDevelops noninvasive measurementfixed restorations. detection technologies for micro-arrays. respiratory care products and services services for thermal validation processessystems, including optical systems such asCGREEN SUN MEDICAL focused on cardiopulmonary diagnostics, ranging from -196C to 400C. Environmentscustom holographic and interferometricFort Collins INFINITY LABORATORIES respiratory core lab services, and disease often include freezers, incubators, stabilityinstruments. Specializes in structural healthwww.greensunmedical.com Castle Rock management solutions.chambers, autoclaves, and ovens.monitoring, nondestructive testing, andwww.infinitylaboratories.commaterials processing. Develops innovative treatments to addressInfinity Laboratories operates from a 25,000+ Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis (AIS) throughsq ft state-of-the-art facility. With enhanced non-fusion scoliosis solutions.42BIOSCIENCECOLORADO//2020-2021 BIOSCIENCECOLORADO//2020-202143'