b'HIBERNA CORPORATION INGENOVAX LAPORTEMENOGENIX CMILE HIGH LABS fluorophores, radioiodination reagents, andBoulder Broomfield IMMUNOTHERAPEUTICS Aurora Broomfield dendritic cores for preparing oligomers.Pursuing the potential clinical applicationwww.ingenovax.com Fort Collins www.menogenix.com milehighlabs.com MONIMMUNE THERAPEUTICSof hibernation in order to slow metabolism,Developing two novel immunotherapies forwww.laporteimmuno.com Clinical stage biotech company developingAt Mile High Labs, we share a collectiveFort Collinsthereby extending survival limits in traumasmedullary thyroid cancer and one prescrip- Topical immunotherapy for prevention andMNGX-100, a therapeutic biologic, as a novel,vision for the longevity of the CBD industry.Developing a pipeline of repurposed that reduce oxygen to certain cells, e.g. in thetion eye-drop for ocular surface neoplasms. control of respiratory and ocular viral andnon-hormonal, non-SSRI/SNRI, alternativeWe aspire to be the CBD supply chain partnercompounds focused on monocyte regulation heart and brain. CINSCRIPTA bacterial infections to treat hot flashes and related vasomotorof choice for the worlds leading CPG brands.as vaccine adjuvants.C HORIZON THERAPEUTICS Boulder LEGACY BIODESIGN, LLC symptoms in women with natural orWe aim to continue setting the standardsCMOSAIC BIOSCIENCESIllinois www.inscripta.com Johnstown surgically-induced menopause. for quality, compliance, traceability andDenver, Aurorawww.horizontherapeutics.com Inscripta is a gene editing technologywww.legacybiodesign.com CMERCK & CO., INC. consistency. Overall, were committed towww.mosaicbio.comHorizon Therapeutics is a biopharmaceuticalcompany dedicated to creating the toolsConducts peptide and protein formulationNew Jersey advancing the industry forward and making www.merck.com CBD accessible to all through scientificFocused on the development of innovative company focused on improving patientsneeded to revolutionize how we feed, fuel,and assay development work for biopharmainnovation and research. materials for tissue regeneration and repair.lives by identifying, developing, acquiring,and heal humanity. This includes developing acompanies. The company also specializes inProduces products that cover a broad rangeCMIRAGEN THERAPEUTICS MOTHERS MILK IS BESTand commercializing differentiated andfamily of CRISPR enzymes (called MADzymes),drug delivery and process development ofof areas, including heart and respiratory accessible medicines that address unmetbespoke nucleases for researchers andbiotechnology-based products. health, infectious diseases, sun care andBoulder Fort Collinsmedical needs. We market 11 medicinescommercial partners, and a full suite of genewomens health. Focusing their research onwww.miragentherapeutics.com www.mothersmilkisbest.comthrough our rare disease, rheumatology andediting tools (software, instruments, andLEVANA BIOLOGICS conditions that affect millions of peopleImproves patients lives by developingDeveloped Human Milk Concentration reagents) that will significantly increase theDenver around the worlddiseases like Alzheimers,innovative microRNA (miRNA) based thera- (HMC)advanced filtration technology primary care business units. speed and efficiency of precision gene editing.www.levanabiologics.com diabetes and cancerwhile buildingpeutics for the treatment of cardiovascularthat produces pure, concentrated mothers CI2 PHARMACEUTICALS, INC. Levana Biologics is a Biotechnologystrengths in new areas like biologics. and muscle disease. miRNAs are a recentlymilk containing the native essential human Boulder INTEGRATED MOLECULARCompany that provides safe, high-quality discovered class of small RNAs encoded inproteins, beneficial nutrients and immune i2pharma.com DIAGNOSTICS PATHOLOGY, INC. bioengineered birth tissues and biomaterialsMI INNOVATIONS the genome, and are short, single-strandedfactors that promote optimal neonate growth Creates tools for pharmaceutical drugAurora to the healthcare community nationally.Aurora RNA molecules. and play a profound role in the survival & discovery and development, in additionwww.imdpath.com These smart metabolically activeProvides affordable chemical andhealth of a newborn.to proprietary medicinal chemistrySolves problems presented by non-targetedbiomaterials supercharge the patientsbiochemical research & developmentMOLECULAR BIOSCIENCES, INC.services for the expansion of intellectualcancer care by providing oncologists andown stem cells to enhance, promote, andservices, custom equipment and equipmentBoulderproperty protection of early- late-stagepathologists with advanced genomic testingstimulate the bodys natural healing process. modification, prototyping, short run/onewww.molbio.compharmaceutical assets. as a means of targeting cancer care based onCA RESEARCH CORPORATION off manufacturing and technical/scale- Manufactures products such as water soluble the detection and identification of abnormal- LOHOCL up/production consultation for startupbiotinylation reagents, vitamin derivatives, CIASO BIOMEDICAL, INC. ities that may be found in cancerous tumors. Aurora companies to large corporations. crosslinking reagents, lipophilic probes, Centennial www.lohocla.comwww.iasobiomedusa.com INVENUX, LLC Lohocla Research Corporation is a small, Developing a drug as an alternative toWindsor Colorado-based biotechnology company currently-available testosterone replacementResearch and development for orphan diseases. that has discovered an innovative medicine therapy by stimulating the bodys ownC INVITRIA for the treatment of chronic pain (DCUK). production of testosterone. Fort Collins DCUK is a patent-protected compound that CIM THERAPEUTICS www.invitria.com has demonstrated positive results in animalsCONTACT:Broomfield Develops, manufactures, and markets afor pain, anxiety and alcohol dependence.Michael Ehrman303.487.4260www.imtherapeutics.com portfolio of high performance and well-de- Lohocla has completed a large number ofmichael.ehrman@mittera.comImmunoMolecular Therapeutics is a privatefined cell culture products and reagents usedpreclinical studies and is currently complet-clinical-stage biotech company developingin bioprocessing, biopharmaceutical formula- ing the toxicology studies, FDA required, prior a therapeutic approach for the treatment oftion, stem cell & regenerative medicine, lifeto approval for testing in humans.Type I Diabetes. sciences research and diagnostics. CMACHAVERT PHARMACEUTICALS Specializing in print communications for the BioScience and IMMUNOAH THERAPEUTICS CKROMATID, INC. AuroraAurora Longmont www.machavert.com Pharmaceutical community, Mittera is one of the countrys www.immunoah.com www.kromatid.com Develops a new class of immunotherapies to help the human body to fight various diseas- leading providers of print, mail and marketing services. Focuses on researching and developingDevelops a method and kit using chromatides, such as cancer or autoimmune disorders.proprietary antibodies in the field of cancerpaints to improve detection of chromosomal immunotherapy. inversions. The improvement is importantCMBC PHARMA, INC.INDEVR, INC. to medical applications such as cancer andAuroraBoulder birth defects. www.mbcpharma.comwww.indevr.com LAB79 TECHNOLOGIES, INC. Biopharmaceutical company focused on Providing progressive analytical technolo- Boulder discovering and developing drugs for bone gies that enhance and accelerate vaccineDeveloping a method to sequence DNA bydiseases such as cancer and osteoporosis.characterization and production. Themonitoring the changes in force as a piece ofWith Mittera, youre guaranteed access to a community of company is also committed to developingsingle-stranded DNA is pulled throughknowledgeable professionals who prioritize cutting-edgenext-generation diagnostic products thatan interface.will enable unprecedented tracking oftechnology, quality and efficiency with every job. With a seasonal and emerging influenza virusesmanufacturing platform of award-winning printingaround the globe. operations across the United States, we can maximizemittera.comany project from short-run market-specificversions to high-volume mailings.MITTERA GROUP COMPANY52BIOSCIENCECOLORADO//2020-2021'