b'BY KAREN BROWNS uccess is often a matter of the right idea at the right time. Colorados Office of Economic Development and International Trade (OEDIT) funds life sciences success through the Advanced Industries Accelerator Grant Program. This critical source of non-dilutive capital allows companies to translate ideas into life-saving products and services, ultimately leading to job creation, new company formation, and follow-on investments. LIGHTDECK DIAGNOSTICS(BOULDER)Thanks to a $250,000 Advanced IndustriesChris Myatt, Ph.D., who founded the company Early-Stage Capital and Retention Grant,and served as its CEO. And they said, Yeah, awarded by OEDIT in 2014, patients may soonlets see if we can push this forward.get answers in minutes from vital medical testsIt paid off. The grant money funded clinical performed in their doctors office. studies. A research paper followed that LightDeck Diagnostics, then known as MBiogenerated commercial interest. Prospective Diagnostics, formed in 2009 and begancustomers realized, Wow. This technology working with University of Colorado Bouldercould do a ton, Myatt says. And sure researchers to develop a test that couldenough, thats where we are today. Were out detect latent versus active forms of tuber- on the market with veterinary, were out on culosis. As part of that project, the companythe market with environmental testing, and developed a simple test device, consisting ofwe are just about to launch into the human plastic test strips impregnated with reactivetesting arena.biological materials. Indeed, the company has grown from a Ultimately, the research could not differen- dozen employees to more than 100, and it tiate between latent and active tuberculosis,has generated about $80 million in revenue. but MBio Diagnostics realized the test stripIn July 2020, MBio Diagnostics acquired device could be used to detect a wide rangeBrava Diagnostics (Boulder) and changed of biomarkers, positioning it as a diagnosticthe company name to LightDeck Diagnostics. game-changer. The company applied for andGetting that funding at the right time is a won a $250,000 Advanced Industries Early- great theme, says Myatt, who now leads Stage Capital and Retention Grant to developLightDeck Diagnostics as Founder and Chief the product. Effectively, Colorado was placingInnovation Officer, adding that the Advanced a big bet on the device concept. Industries Accelerator Grant was a valida-We had some good validation data, but nottion step. This technology has been reviewed a tonand certainly not enough to say weredozens of times and found to be really attrac-ready to be a product on the market, saystive. That catches peoples attention.PROSPECTIVE CUSTOMERS REALIZED, WOW. THIS TECHNOLOGY COULD DO A TON.CHRIS MYATT, PH.D.FOUNDER & CHIEF INNOVATION OFFICERLIGHTDECK DIAGNOSTICS2021-2022 BIOSCIENCECOLORADO9'