b'R O O T S B Y J E A N N E M C A D A R A , P H. D .Creating Next-Generation Cancerfrom Array, is working to develop small-molecule,WE WANT TO Treatments with Medicinal Chemistry targeted cancer therapies according to a A common theme among many of this mostparadigm the company calls chemistry-ledTREAT TUMORS recent batch of startups appears to be that ofprecision oncology. Enlivens scientists con-improving on existing technologies to bettercentrate on tumor types for which a geneticEFFECTIVELY realize their true value and utility. Enlivendriver of disease has already been well Therapeutics (Boulder) is pursuing that aimcharacterized. They use medicinal chemistryWHILE MAKING through the creation of optimized cancer ther- techniques to create libraries of small mole-apeutics. According to Enlivens Co-Foundercules, screening for candidates that engageTHE PATIENT & CEO, Sam Kintz, M.B.A., an urgent unmetor inhibit that target with a wider therapeutic need in cancer care is the development ofwindow compared to chemotherapies orFEEL BETTER.treatments that come without the traditionalfirst-generation targeted therapies.trade-off between therapeutic efficacy andInstead of trying to bring novel classes of ther-SAM KINTZ, M.B.A.CO-FOUNDER & CEO tolerability. apies to market, our goal is to create follow-on,ENLIVEN THERAPEUTICSCurrent chemotherapies confer a survivalbest-in-class molecules designed to preserve benefit, says Kintz, but they sicken patientsor improve on efficacy, overcome treatment in other ways, with questionable holistic benefit.resistance, and increase tolerability. We want to treat tumors effectively whileKintz says this is important even for making the patient feel better at the same time. targeted therapies that elicit profound Kintzs team represents renowned medicinalresponses, because as patients liveSam Kintz, M.B.A.longer, they stay on these treatmentsCo-Founder & CEO chemists from venerable biopharmaceuticalEnliven Therapeuticscompanies in the San Francisco Bay Area butfor longer, so the bar for tolerability traces its origins back to Array Biopharmahas to go higher. We want to improve (Boulder), which was acquired by Pfizer (Newthe pharmacokinetics of efficacious ther-York) in 2019. The team, which includes veteransapies to push survival even farther.2021-2022 BIOSCIENCECOLORADO19'