b'KBI BiopharmaMachavert PharmaceuticalsNanoly Bioscience, Inc.BoulderAuroraDenver kbibiopharma.commachavert.comnanoly.info KBI Biopharma is an award-winningDevelops a new class of immunotherapies toDeveloping a safe and proprietary polymer biopharmaceutical contract serviceshelp the human body to fight various diseases,encapsulation to stabilize and protect organization providing fully-integrated,such as cancer or autoimmune disorders. therapeutic biological molecules, such as accelerated drug development andvaccines and enzymes, from below freezing biomanufacturing services to pharmaceutical MBC Pharma, Inc.to beyond tropical room temperatures. and biotechnology companies globally. Aurora mbcpharma.comNanoSphere Health SciencesKromaTid, Inc.Biopharmaceutical company focused onGreenwood VillageLongmontdiscovering and developing drugs for bonenanospherehealth.com kromatid.comdiseases such as cancer and osteoporosis. Created an advanced delivery system platform Develops a method and kit usingto change the way people take and benefit from chromatid paints to improve detection ofMenoGeniXnutraceutical supplements and medications.chromosomal inversions. The improvementAurora is important to medical applicationsmenogenix.comNeurexis Therapeutics such as cancer and birth defects. Clinical stage biotech company developingAurora MNGX-100, a therapeutic biologic, as aneurexistherapeutics.com Lab79 Technologies, Inc.novel, non-hormonal, non-SSRI/SNRI,Stroke and cardiac arrest affect millions Boulderalternative to treat hot flashes and relatedof patients each year. Re-establishment Developing a method to sequencevasomotor symptoms in women withof blood flow to the brainalthough life-DNA by monitoring the changes innatural or surgically-induced menopause. savingdoes not address the substantial force as a piece of single-strandedimpact on quality of life and healthcare DNA is pulled through an interface.Merck & Co., Inc.costs associated with the resulting neuronalNew Jerseydeath and cognitive impairment. Neurexis Laporte Immunotherapeuticsmerck.comis directly addressing this unmet need.Fort CollinsProduces products that cover a broad range laporteimmuno.comof areas, including heart and respiratory New Iridium, LLCTopical immunotherapy for preventionhealth, infectious diseases, sun care andBoulderand control of respiratory and ocularwomens health. Focusing their researchnewiridium.com viral and bacterial infections. on conditions that affect millions of peopleOrganic photocatalyst technology around the worlddiseases like Alzheimers,that empowers the next generation of Legacy BioDesign, LLCdiabetes and cancerwhile buildingpharmaceutical and chemical manufacturing.Johnstownstrengths in new areas like biologics.legacybiodesign.com NovartisConducts peptide and protein formulationMolecular BioSciences, Inc.Switzerland and assay development work for biopharmaBouldernovartis.com companies. The company also specializesmolbio.comNovartis is a global healthcare company in drug delivery and process developmentManufactures products such as water solublebased in Switzerland that provides of biotechnology-based products. biotinylation reagents, vitamin derivatives,solutions to address the evolving crosslinking reagents, lipophilic probes,needs of patients worldwide.Levana Biologicsfluorophores, radioiodination reagents, and Denverdendritic cores for preparing oligomers.NovoNordisklevanabiologics.comNew Jersey Levana Biologics is a biotechnology companyMonImmune Therapeuticsnovonordisk.com that provides safe, high-quality bioengineeredFort CollinsA global healthcare company with birth tissues and biomaterials to theDeveloping a pipeline of repurposedmore than 90 years of innovation healthcare community nationally. Thesecompounds focused on monocyteand leadership in diabetes care.smart metabolically active biomaterialsregulation as vaccine adjuvants.supercharge the patients own stem Novus Biologicals, a bio-techne brandcells to enhance, promote, and stimulate Mosaic BiosciencesCentennialthe bodys natural healing process. Bouldernovusbio.com mosaicbio.comDevelops, tests and markets antibodies forLohocla Research CorporationFocused on the development of innovativeresearch of human diseases such as cancer,Auroramaterials for tissue regeneration and repair. cardiovascular and neurological disorders.lohocla.com We work towards one goal: developingMycobateria TherapeuticsNucleic Designs products that improve peoples lives.BoulderBoulder Understanding the challenges of chronic painMycobacteria Therapeutics Corporation isCommercializing a proprietary method and addiction, we focus on transforming theharnessing the potently anti-inflammatoryof gene assembly that uses uniquely lives of patients suffering from these conditions.properties of soil-derived mycobacteriamodified DNA oligonucleotides.We have developed a first-of-its-kind moleculethat have developed over millions of that selectively modulates a discrete set ofyears of evolution. We specialize in the Omix Technologiesreceptors involved in the chronic-pain signalcultivation of novel strains of mycobcateriaAurora pathway in overactive peripheral nerves. and testing of these bacteria for mentalomixtech.com health and stress resilience benefits. Omix Technologies Inc is applying novel, state-of-the-art mass spectrometry towards system biology analyses that support product development in the fields of transfusion medicine and regenerative medicine.2021-2022 BIOSCIENCECOLORADO47'