b'to turn its focus to developing and commercial- therapies, with the matched donor tissueWE APPLIED OUR izing a portfolio of internal products.facilitating deep genomic, transcriptomic, epigenomic, proteomic, and ultrastructuralCORE COMPETENCIES.Our goal, says Warnecke, is to leverage precision engineering to create cell therapyanalyses to complement the cell biologyTO SERVE THE FIELD products that are superior from a therapeuticresearch. OF REGENERATIVE standpoint, from a safety perspective, andOur service offerings are flexible to our a cost perspective. There is a huge talentcustomersneeds,saysStone.SomeMEDICINE WHILE pool and a lot of parts and pieces moving injust want cell lines and a master cell bank,PRESERVING OUR Colorado that are putting our state into thewhereas for others we also provide consul-cell therapy space. tative services like research design, processPARENT COMPANYS development,regulatorystrategy,andNONPROFIT MISSION.Sourcing Biologic Raw Materials manufacture of stable lines for clinical trials.for Cellular Therapy R&DCOREY STONE, M.B.A., P.M.P.In fact, Validus was one of Essents earliestEXECUTIVE DIRECTOR, ESSENT BIOLOGICSEssent Biologics (Centennial) is a nonprofitcommercial partnersa mutually beneficiallines from our cadaveric donorsand we biotechnologycompanyspecializingincollaboration that, according to both Mannknew these are critically needed for research sourcing living, human-derived biomaterialsand Stone, has contributed the developmentand clinical applications, says Stone. We to facilitate cell therapy and regenerativeof both organizations.applied our core competencies in tissue medicine research and product development.Essents origins are deeply rooted withinharvest and processing to serve the field of The companys initial product offerings includeColorados life sciences ecosystem. Essentsregenerative medicine while preserving our low-passage, primary, adipose-derived humanparent company, AlloSource (Centennial),parent companys nonprofit mission.MSCs, flash-frozen donor-matched originis a leading nonprofit tissue network that tissue as a companion product to isolatedEssent accomplished a major commercial primary MSCs, and demineralized allograftproduces more than 200 kinds of allograftsmilestone in 2021 by accepting and pro-bone matrix.for orthopedic and burn treatment applica- cessing a donor to produce MSCs using a tions. While there, Stone was instrumentalfully GMP-compliant process. They antici-According to Executive Director Corey Stone,to Essents conception, planning, and 2019pate launching several products validated M.B.A., P.M.P., the multi-lineage plasticitysoft launch. for downstream use in human trials and and unique secretory and anti-inflamma- We had developed so much experience withannouncing additional partnerships. tory profile of MSCs make them an attrac- healthy, viable primary and differentiated cell tive potential tool for developing cellular Corey Stone,M.B.A., P.M.P.Executive DirectorEssent Biologics 2021-2022 BIOSCIENCECOLORADO21'