b'Funding from BARDA and the NIH supports CSUs work to develop the SolaVAX vaccine.of viral immunogens rather than a single,testing, characterized the immune responsethe mRNA and adenovirus vaccines at the isolated protein fragment, giving the bodyto the virus and to various candidate vaccines,forefront of the COVID-19 effort didnt appear more options for response. investigated the nature of the modificationsout of nowhere; the methods behind them Just before COVID-19 began sweeping thebeing generated, and tracked responseshad been developed in response to earlier globe, Goodrichs team at CSU was pur- to viral variants. Results to date have beenthreats, such as Ebola, Dengue fever, and suing international collaborations to studyencouraging. Zika virus. Groundwork there enabled their the utility of SolaVAX for creating a vaccineWeve been very fortunate to receive gen- rapid deployment against COVID-19.against African swine fever. This livestockerous funding from BARDA and the NIH, saysWe live in a world in which the dynamics for disease wreaks havoc on the nutritional andGoodrich. We have reached key preclinicalagriculture, food distribution, travel, migration, economic wellbeing of the developing worldsmilestones and are now working toward anand population growth make it ever easier populations. The collaboration had just pro- IND application and a Phase I clinical trial,for diseases like COVID-19 to emerge and duced its first batch of test vaccines whenusing cGMP material produced at CSUsaffect human populations, says Goodrich. the pandemic changed everything. Given theBioMARC contract development and manu- SolaVAX is the next example of an emerging circumstances, the team pivoted to join thefacturing facility.technology platformdeveloped in response global fight against COVID-19.Goodrich says that there will always be a needto todays threatsthat will help solve new Goodrich and his CSU colleagues developed ato innovate and develop novel approachesones as they emerge in the future.virus-sensitive hamster model for preclinicalto disease prevention. He points out thatWE LIVE IN A WORLD IN WHICH THE DYNAMICS FOR AGRICULTURE, FOOD DISTRIBUTION, TRAVEL,The New Standard in Wound CareMIGRATION, AND POPULATIONWere HiringGROWTH MAKE IT EVER EASIER Help us improve the lives of millions of FOR DISEASES LIKE COVID-19patients living in discomfort or facing amputation. Visit Vaporox.com/careers TO EMERGE AND AFFECTto learn more about the Vaporox team HUMAN POPULATIONS. and our limb-saving technology. Pending 510(k),not available for sale RAYMOND GOODRICH, PH.D.within the United StatesEXECUTIVE DIRECTOR INFECTIOUS DISEASE RESEARCH CENTERCSU 2021-2022 BIOSCIENCECOLORADO7'