b'An Advanced Industries Accelerator Grant gave CEO Steven Roy and VetDC critical early funding to develop Tanovea-CA1.VETDC(FORT COLLINS)Founded in 2010, VetDC is leading the fightIndeed, in 2016, TANOVEA-CA1 was the first- THE FUNDING against cancer in pets. Thanks in part toever drug to receive conditional approval from the Advanced Industries Accelerator Grantthe FDA for the treatment of canine lymphoma. WAS SUPER Program, it is winning. VetDC got a second funding infusion in 2017, It all started in 2011, when VetDC licensedwhen partner Colorado State University wasCRITICAL a novel lymphoma treatment from Gileadawarded a $140,000 Proof-of-Concept grant Sciences. While originally intended only forto develop VDC-597, a small-molecule drugFOR US. IT humans, in trials it was tested on dogs, withacquired from another biopharma company. positive results. Armed with that funding, VetDC and CSUALSO HELPED The task that we had ahead of us was to getresearchers have started trials. The results this drug approved through the animal versionare helping the company, which now countsUS RAISE of the FDA, but we needed to raise money toseven employees, understand the utility of get there, says VetDC Founder & CEO Steventhis drug in different cancers, Roy says. ADDITIONAL Roy, M.B.A. As with human drugs, gaining FDAOverall, the two grants offered funding approval for animal drugs is an incrediblyopportunities at key moments and validatedCAPITAL WITH time-consuming and extensive process. VetDCs technology. Roy notes that potential Helpcamefroma$250,000Advancedinvestors were understandably wary of theINVESTORS. Industries Early-Stage Capital and Retentionchallenges facing drug manufacturing or regulatory approvals, so having OEDIT grantSTEVEN ROY, M.B.A.Grant from OEDIT, awarded in 2013. TheFOUNDER & CEOfunding was super critical for us. It alsosupport is critical in that way, because itVETDChelped us raise additional capital with inves- shows a backing. Industry experts have tors, Roy says. I look at it as the kickstart.looked at this and said Yes, they can make And it was the support of the state, andthis work and be successful.desire to see companies like ours do bigIn 2021, U.S. Food and Drug Administration things like this, and hopefully be successful.fully approved Tanovea for the treatment of And ultimately we were. lymphoma in dogs. The drug was acquired by Elanco Animal Health. 2021-2022 BIOSCIENCECOLORADO11'