b'ADVANCED INDUSTRIES2020 EARLY-STAGE CAPITAL RETENTION GRANT RECIPIENTSACCELERATOR GRANTS Companies receive up to $250,000 to create or manufacture viable products in Colorado to export globally.BIOTECHNOLOGY & Crestone, Inc.STAQ Pharma, Inc. PHARMACEUTICAL Crestone, Inc. is a biopharmaceu- STAQ is a large, highly automated, Allander Biotechnologiestical company focused on inventingcGMP manufacturer that makes and developing antibacterial agentscompounded medications in prefilled Allander Biotechnologies is developingwith a novel mechanism of action tosyringes for hospital procedures.a protein therapeutic to treat patientstreat serious bacterial infections.suffering from inflammatory disordersVitriVax with unmet medical needs. The companysNeurexis Therapeutics, Inc.VitriVax is commercializing a vaccine formu-initial topical therapy will help cancerNeurexis Therapeutics was formedlation platform developed at the University patients suffering from oral mucositis,in 2020 to develop a neuroprotectiveof Colorado Boulder. The technology a debilitating side effect of their cancerdrug for the prevention of neuronalallows virtually any injectable vaccine to therapy that can limit their ability todamage resulting from inadequatebe made thermostable, and to combine receive the most efficacious treatment. oxygen supply to the brain caused bymultiple vaccine doses (prime and boost) AmpVisionstroke, cardiac arrest, or other insults. into a single injection with timed release.AmpVision is a Colorado company inSiVEC BiotechnologiesWatchmaker Genomicsthe business of preventing blindness.SiVEC Biotechnologies core-enabling tech- Watchmaker Genomics specializes in the Every day in the industrialized world,nology is a delivery system for nucleic aciddesign, development and production age-related macular degeneration(NA) drugs. This delivery system uses engi- of DNA- and RNA-modifying enzymes (AMD) patients receive painful eyeneered nonpathogenic bacteria for tissuethat enable high-growth applications in injections to prevent blindness. targeted delivery of large NA payloads.genomics, molecular diagnostics, and Cetya TherapeuticsOur system provides a large therapeuticpersonalized medicine. Watchmaker is window, long-term payload stability anddeveloping novel protein engineering Cetya was formed to develop therapiestissue targeted delivery with a favorableand manufacturing platforms to create based on largazole for the treatmentsafety profile demonstrating no toxicitybest-in-class, proprietary reagents for of cancer and hemoglobinopathies. or immunogenicity concerns to date. the reading, writing, and editing of DNA.DIGITAL HEALTH cliexa Skyland Analytics BioLoomicscliexa is a modular digital intake andSkyland Analytics develops cloud-based BioLoomics is developing an innovativeremote monitoring platform with clinicaldata management software for drug platform to profile pharmaceutical drugassessments, connected device data,manufacturers. Drug companies are effects by combining genetic engineeringpayor claims data, and medicationuniversally reliant on paper records an of fluorescent biosensor-containing humanadherence. cliexas integration servicesspreadsheets for the management of cell lines in culture, cellular imaging,and rules engine connects fully supportscritical data and on third parties for drug and machine learning to rapidly assesbi-directional EMR integration, enablingdevelopment and production. The Skyland the on and off target effects of drugs. custom clinician alerts, patient notificationsPIMS data collaboration platform enables and reminders to engage patients withcustomers to cohere paper, spreadsheet, their treatment plans while providingand digital data throughout the supply clinical and compliance metrics forchain while meeting FDA guidelines for documentation and quality reporting. data integrity, and data visibility between drug owner and their manufacturers.14 BIOSCIENCECOLORADO 2021-2022'