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Link to Learns Realistic Enhanced AugmentedBoulder Learning eXperience (REAL-X) improvesmobileassay.com Etta EpidermisTactical Combat Casualty Care TrainingCreated a lab-on-mobile-device platform Denverthrough hands-on cadaveric skills practicewith customizable smartphone diagnostic etta.iocombined with Augmented Reality in atools for use with any rapid diagnostic Etta is an Artificial Intelligence that usesmobile and interactive learning lab. test or colorimetric assay. Its automated massive datasets of hospital-verified imagesmReader imaging system transforms to provide a data-driven skin insight. TheLogisens Corporationordinary qualitative (positive/negative) tests insight that Etta provides is determined byFort Collinsinto highly sensitive quantitative tests.level of risk (Low, Medium, High). Values forlogisens.com accuracy, precision, recall, sensitivity andDevelops biosensor and software technology,MuscleSound, LLC specificity are used to determine your risk. enabling a significant breakthrough in realtimeDenver measurement and reduction of stress. musclesound.com EverSleepMuscleSound is a software technologyGolden LumenAstrathat automates the analysis of geteversleep.comBouldermusculoskeletal ultrasound images,EverSleep gives hospital-grade measurementslumenastra.iowe are the MuscleHealth company.to you at home without doctors, clinics,LumenAstra is commercializing a or prescriptions. Continuously monitorpatent for a non-invasive, wearablemyStrength blood oxygen, pulse, snoring, motion, andcore body temperature sensor. Denver respiratory function while understandingmystrength.com whats disrupting your sleep and how to fix it.MedAware SystemsCreated a platform to help healthcare Broomfieldpayers and providers extend access gaugewear, Inc.medawaresystems.comto evidence-based resources to help BoulderProvides healthcare professionals, payers,consumers better manage depression, gaugewear.compatients, pharma and medical deviceanxiety and substance abuse disorders.Developing the first wearable, wireless, non- companies with actionable information on invasive core body temperature sensor. the efficacy and safety of medical treatmentsNow Vitals to make the best decisions for each patient. Aurora Global Healthcare Exchange (GHX)nowvitals.com LouisvilleMedecipherPhone case and software that records ghx.comDenvervital signs, teling you when youre off-Help healthcare providers reduce costs bymedeciphersolutions.combaseline or starting to get sick.automating the supply chain and providingMedecipher helps hospitals improve the quality business intelligence tools to help themof care for patients, improve the quality of make smarter and faster decisions. the work environment for staff, and reduce operating costs with a suite of proactive planning and EMR-integrated real-time decision support tools for optimizing clinical operations. 2021-2022 BIOSCIENCECOLORADO53'