b'Darwin BiosciencesdpiX, Inc.Encision, Inc. Boulder Colorado SpringsBoulder darwin.biodpix.comencision.com Darwin Biosciences is developing testingProduces high-resolution amorphous siliconDesigns and manufactures innovative to aid in the infection disease detection(a-Si) sensor arrays for medical X-ray imaging. surgical devices. Developed AEM process. We specialize in identifying peopleLaparoscopic Instruments to improve who are asymptomatic or pre-symptomaticE.I. Medical Imagingelectrosurgery and reduce the chance for for common infectious diseases. Lovelandpatient injury in minimally invasive surgery.eimedical.comdBMEDxManufacturer of highly portable and ruggedized EndoShape, Inc.Littletonultrasound devices for the veterinary industry. Boulder dbmedx.comendoshape.com Developing next-generation, automated,EAG LaboratoriesManufactures surgical and medical instruments wireless 3D ultrasound devices. Fort Collinsfocusing on shape memory polymer eag.comdevices for endolumenal application.Denver Optic CompanyThis EAG location has supported the defense, Englewoodaerospace and medical device industriesenlightenVue eyeprosthetics.comsince its founding in 1973. The laboratory isDenver Specializes in the fitting and fabricationa leader in internal gas composition analysisenlightenvue.com of two types of ocular prosthesis. (frequently denoted as RGA) and CumulativeSpecializes in bringing micro-endoscope Helium Leak Detection (CHLD) services fortechnology to the medical device market by DePuy Synthes, Companies of Johnson &ensuring reliability of critical componentsinnovating low-cost disposable alternatives.Johnsonin military and aerospace technology.Monument Evergreen Research, Inc.synthes.comEdgeport SurgicalGolden Develops, produces and markets instruments,Boulder evergreenresearch.com implants and biomaterials for the surgicalMedical product developmentEvergreen (ERI) is your One-Stop-Shop fixation, correction and regeneration ofand investment company. for medical device design, manufacturing, the human skeleton and its soft tissues. distribution, product service, and regulatory/EJ BioMed - A Division of Eldon Jamesquality support. ERI has experience in Desert Glass WorksCorporationsurgical, ICU, ER, EMS, OTS, clinic, and home Colorado SpringsDenverhealthcare products. Since 1988, ERI has dgw.comeldonjames.comprovided design services in electromechanical Manufactures quartzware for theManufactures, assembles and packagesdesign, advanced imaging software, cloud medical and research industries. PVC Free tubing and connectors in asoftware, embedded and Windows systems, single cleanroom environment. and smart device apps. ERI is FDA registered, Die Cut Technologiesand ISO 13485/ISO 9001 certified.NorthglennElectronic Materials, Inc. (EMI) diecuttech.comBreckenridge EvoEndo Offers precision material conversion,emiuv.comEnglewood skilled assembly and manufacturingOffers a complete line of EMCAST UV adhesives,evoendo.com efficiencies, including cleanroom facilities. epoxies, sealants, encapsulants and coatings.Modified a medical endoscopic technique EMI also offers room temperature, thermalfor pediatric and created a new multi-use Diversatek Healthcareand visible light cure adhesive systems. endoscope for use in pediatrics and adults.Highlands Ranch diversatekhealthcare.comElement Eximis Surgical, Inc.Designs, manufactures andLongmontLouisville distributes diagnostic productselement.comeximissurgical.com focused on gastroenterology. Medical device testing laboratory specializingDeveloping a novel surgical platform for the in package testing, accelerated aging,safe and fast removal of large specimens DNTLworks Equipment Corporationphotostability, UV, temperature/humidity,through small laparoscopic/robotic incisions.Centennialvibration, shock testing services.dntlworks.comExtreme Diagnostics Manufactures portable, mobile andEleven P15Boulder self-contained dental systems. Auroraextremediagnostics.com elevenp15.comDevelops noninvasive measurement Double Black ImagingDiagnostic biotech company enablingsystems, including optical systems such as Westminsterearly diagnosis and treatment ofcustom holographic and interferometric doubleblackimaging.comidiopathic pulmonary fibrosis. instruments. Specializes in structural Manufactures clinical review monitorshealth monitoring, nondestructive that are specially designed for versatile Ellab, Inc.testing, and materials processing. clinical healthcare applications. Denver ellab.comExum Instruments Double HelixEllab manufactures wireless, real-time dataDenver Boulderloggers and wired thermocouple validationexuminstruments.com doublehelixoptics.comsystems with temperature, humidity,Exum builds instruments and software Develops and commercializes computationalpressure, vacuum, conductivity and CO2ecosystems to increase the speed of optical-digital technologies used in rangesensor options. Ellab also offers on-sitedevelopment and discovery, offering easy estimation, super-resolution microscopy andqualification, validation and calibrationaccess to high-performance at a low cost.3D imaging. Double Helixs core technologiesservices for thermal validation processes include the Double Helix-Point Spread Functionranging from -196C to 400C. Environments method for 3D super-resolution imaging. often include freezers, incubators, stability chambers, autoclaves, and ovens. 2021-2022 BIOSCIENCECOLORADO37'