b'OVERALL FUNDING TOTALSBY FUNDING TYPE$2 $588.5 $6.7BILLION MILLION MILLIONPUBLIC AND PRIVATE CAPITAL FEDERAL GRANTS STATE GRANTS$2.6 BILLION TOTAL RAISED IN 20202 PEOPLE EVERY SECOND 143 PEOPLE EVERY MINUTE 205,500 PEOPLE EVERY DAYThats how many livesare touched by ourmedical technologies, services, and therapies.In our Mission toalleviate pain, restore health, and extend lives, weve helped millions around the globe each year get back to thelife they love. LEARN MORE ATmedtronic.com/transforminghealthcareUC202202372 EN2021 Medtronic. Minneapolis, MN.All Rights Reserved. Printed in USA. UC202202372 EN - CBSA 221 Half Page Ad_v2.indd 1 7/12/21 5:36 PM2021-2022 BIOSCIENCECOLORADO31'